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MPAA Rated R for some violent gruesome images, language and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • 3 sex scenes. 2 scenes show Eli having an affair with one of his students (no explicit nudity, but there's moaning, dialogue, and thrusting). Eliza Dushku takes off her dress, standing only in black lace panties(almost a thong).Her ass is almost completely exposed. She moves towards Barkley and we see her bare breast from the side. Barkley and Eliza kiss as he slowly moves his hand along her back, and towards her ass. He strokes a bit before grabbing it and squeezing Eliza's ass. A couple of quick shots of Barkley and Eliza having sex. Eliza is completely naked, but nothing is shown except the side of her breast. Slight thrusting and moaning, with Eliza in various positions. Barkley wakes up naked (you see his bare butt), and carries City Hall back into her room (she's covered by a sheet). Max kisses Sarah. There is some explicit sexual dialogue in a few scenes.

Violence & Gore

  • In the opening credits, a man is knocked out from behind and then has his thumb severed. After a regular knife doesn't quite do it, a meat cleaver is used. The hand is extremely bloody and from a zoomed out point of view, you see a lot of blood around the body. Barkley is knocked out from behind, with tape put around his mouth. Barkley is punched and kicked around (so when he's let free, it won't look like he faked it), with blood on his mouth and nose afterwards. It's implied that George was electrocuted to death in the bathtub, with only the aftermath is shown briefly (made to look like a suicide). Eli is knocked out from behind and kidnapped by Barkley. A car crushes Thaddeus to death (you don't see any blood, but it's obvious that he's dead).


  • Average R-rated language, which means quite a bit. Around 30 F-words, plus close to 20 S-words, and plenty of other lighter obscenities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Beer, champagne, and wine are consumed casually in several scenes, plus Eli smokes in another scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The gruesome sight of a thumb being severed in the opening credits will likely gross out a lot of people. The aftermath of a man being killed by being electrocuted in the bathtub will also frighten some people. There are also some non-lethal beatings which are quite intense.

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