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Hellboy Reboot Gets Hemlock Grove Star Penelope Mitchell

Hellboy Reboot Gets Hemlock Grove Star Penelope Mitchell
Just days after actor Ed Skrein exited Lionsgate's Hellboy reboot, due to concerns over "whitewashing," the project has added yet another member to its cast. Penelope Mitchell (Hemlock Grove) has just signed on to play a witch named Ganeida. It remains unclear if the studio is actively seeking actors to replace Ed Skrein, who backed out of the Major Ben Daimio role upon learning that the original character in the comics is a Japanese-American man.

Deadline reports that Ganeida is an elder witch who decides that the reign of terror caused by Nimue the Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich) has gone on long enough and tries to stop her. It's unclear if Ganeida ultimately joins forces with Hellboy (David Harbour) and his team of paranormal investigators to take down this medieval sorceress, but it seems likely. The Ganeida character had a similar arc in the 2011 comic Hellboy: The Fury, so
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Hellboy Reboot Gets Deadpool Star Ed Skrein

Hellboy Reboot Gets Deadpool Star Ed Skrein
A report surfaced last week that revealed a number of Hellboy characters from the comics will be featured in the new Hellboy reboot, such as Abe Sapien, Alice Monaghan, played by the most recent casting addition, Sasha Lane, and Ben Daimio. Today we have word that Ed Skrein, who is coming off his villainous role as Ajax in last year's Deadpool, will play Major Ben Daimio, who is described as a "rugged military member" of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.). It's possible that Abe Sapien's casting will be just around the corner, as we get closer to a September production start.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that this B.P.R.D. character Ben Daimio can transform himself into a jaguar, when he's angered or when he's in pain. While Abe Sapien was featured in the original Hellboy movies, starring Ron Perlman and directed by Guillermo del Toro,
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Milla Jovovich joins cast of Hellboy reboot, Hellboy Rise of The Blood Queen

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Zehra Phelan

Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich has been confirmed as the newest addition to the cast of the Neil Marshall helmed Hellboy reboot, Hellboy Rise of the Blood Queen.

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Jovovich will play the role of the leading villainess The Blood Queen in the film which is titled Hellboy Rise of the Blood Queen, this news follows on from the announcement that Game of Thrones star, Ian McShane, will take on the role of Hellboy’s adoptive father Professor Broom. Stranger Things David Harbour will play Hellboy who was made famous by Ron Perlman.

In recent interviews, Marshall has been open in why he has decided to change up the tone on the reboot for a more adult themed movie.

“We can make the movie we want to make,” he said. “It’s not like I’m going to force it to be R-rated,
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Neil Marshall on Going R-Rated With ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’

Neil Marshall on Going R-Rated With ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’
Neil Marshall is not one to ever let an R-rating go to waste. From Dog Soldiers to The Descent to Doomsday, the filmmaker knows how to get bloody. He usually works with good old-fashioned practical effects for his blood and carnage – which is his plan for the Hellboy reboot. Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, which […]

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Neil Marshall to Direct Hellboy Reboot Starring David Harbour?

In news that is sure to surprise fans of Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman's Hellboy movies (especially following del Toro's announcement back in February that a third Hellboy movie would not be moving forward with him at the helm), it's been revealed that a Hellboy reboot is in the works with Neil Marshall potentially directing and David Harbour in talks to star.

According to THR, a Hellboy reboot is in the works at Millennium and discussions are underway with producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin in an effort to move the project forward.

Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones, Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Doomsday) is in discussions to direct and David Harbour (Stranger Things, Suicide Squad) is in talks to play Hellboy, the character brought to life by Ron Perlman in 2004's Hellboy and 2008's Hellboy II: The Golden Army—both of which were directed by del Toro.

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Vancouver Film: "Ollie" (aka "The Predator"), "Arrow", "Supergirl"

Thanks to VancouverFilm.Net, here is the Vancouver Film Production Update for March 2017, including "Ollie" (aka "The Predator"), "Arrow", "Supergirl" and a whole lot more:  

Game Over, Man


Local Production Company: Lumberjackson Productions Inc.

Director: Kyle Newcheck

Producer: Seth Rogan, Scott Rudin

Mar 30/17 - May 12/17



Local Production Company: Hardpowder Canada Inc

Director: Hans Petter Moland

Exec. Producer(s): Ameet Shukla, Michael Dreyer

Mar 20/17 - May 24/17

Light Of My Life


Local Production Company: Light of My Life Film Inc.

Director: Casey Affleck

Producer: Geoffrey Quan

Feb 08/17 - Mar 30/17

Meditation Park


Local Production Company: Meditation Park Film Ltd.

Director: Mina Shum

Producer: Stephen Hegyes, Raymond Massey

Feb 27/17 - Mar 23/17

Ollie (aka "The Predator")


Local Production Company: Tcf Vancouver Productions Ltd.

Director: Shane Black

Exec. Producer(s): John Davis, Bill Bannerman

Sep 30/16 - May 15/17


TV Pilot

Local Production Company: Pico Productions Ltd

Director: Joachim Ronning

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‘Pandorica’ Review

Stars: Luke D’Silva, Jade Hobday, Marc Zammit, Adam Bond, Bentley Kalu, Amed Hashimi, Laura Marie Howard, Adam Ford, Macaulay Callard | Written and Directed by Tom Paton

I had no real expectations going into Pandorica and I came out of it very pleasantly surprised by Tom Paton’s genre busting futuristic dystopian, sci-fi horror, suspense, action-filled tale of what happens when humanity is devolved into its most basic instincts. Well I did say this film was genre busting! One of the best things about Pandorica is that you really can’t put it in any bracket (no matter how hard you try for the purpose a review).

Set somewhere in the future we meet a small group of Natives from the Varosha tribe. Tribe leader Nus (Luke D’Silva) has brought his three bravest and best to take part in a Violent trial to determine who should be leader of the Tribe when Nus expires.
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Neil Marshall Discusses the ‘Doomsday’ Sequel We’ll Never See

Neil Marshall Discusses the ‘Doomsday’ Sequel We’ll Never See
Doomsday is the only movie director Neil Marshall has made with a sequel in mind. Unfortunately, we’re never going to see that sequel. We’ve known that since the film underperformed at the box office in 2008. The Descent and Game of Thrones director thankfully got to stuff a lot of ideas in the first Doomsday, a movie that proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, […]

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The 'Trollhunter' Remake Is Probably Never Happening

Back in 2011 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone director Chris Columbus optioned the rights to the fantastic fantasy movie Trollhunter. Columbus wanted to produce an English language remake of the Norwegian movie about a guy whose secret government job sees him protecting his nation from trolls, big and small. At one point Neil Marshall (The Descent, Doomsday) was even attached to direct it. Things were looking up. And then radio silence until today's news, which is a bummer for anyone looking forward to an English language version. It's not happening. Original Trollhunter director Andre Øvredal broke the news to Birth.Movies.Death.. Columbus' original option on the film ended, with the rights going back to the original filmmakers. And...

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The Real Ghostbusters' 20 spookiest episodes

Stephen Harber Jul 14, 2016

Low on nightmare fuel? Fill up your tank by reliving your scariest memories from The Real Ghostbusters, a truly twisted 80s cartoon...

The Real Ghostbusters was a pretty messed-up cartoon sometimes. I think that’s one of life’s universal truths. I’m not quite sure why the world needed an unholy amalgam of anime, cheesy 80s synth music, and mind-bending eldritch horror with a chiselled version of Bill Murray on top. But it did, and it still feels so right to this day.

Video of The Real Ghostbusters: Intro and Closing (without credits) [HD]

Ah, Dic Enterprises. What would my childhood have been without you? Well, for starters, I suppose I wouldn't have been terrified of the cartoon demons you dreamt up in your Real Ghostbusters cartoon, you sadistic monsters!

Ahem. Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. It’s just… Rgb (as the hardcore fans
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Neil Marshall to direct NBC pilot Time

Neil Marshall is set to direct Time, an action-adventure pilot at NBC, which has been created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield).

Deadline reports that Time is described as “Back to the Future meets Mission: Impossible” and is “a high-octane drama following an unlikely trio who travel through time to battle a master criminal intent on altering the fabric of human history with potentially catastrophic results.”

Marshall, whose film credits include Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Doomsday, has been very active on the small screen as of late, helming episodes of Game of Thrones, Constantine and Hannibal, along with the pilot for Black Sails.
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Lost In Space reboot: Raza Jaffrey joins the cast

Rob Leane Apr 3, 2017

Irwin Allen’s Lost In Space will be rebooted on Netflix. Raza Jaffrey is playing a politician named Victor...

Netflix is working on a remake of Irwin Allen's 1965 cult classic family sci-fi series Lost In Space. Collider confirmed last year that a full series of 10 episodes is on the way.

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Today, we're hearing that Homeland, Elementary and Code Black alum Raza Jaffrey (pictured above) has joined the cast.

He'll play Victor, who's been described by Deadline Hollywood as "a career builder and politician from a young age. There is arrogance and impatience about him. All this masks the underlying fear that he’ll one day be found out — that he isn’t quite good enough."

Victor seems to be a
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Lost In Space: Netflix backing a remake




Irwin Allen’s classic sci-fi series Lost In Space is getting the reboot treatment over at Netflix…

Over a year since we first heard whispers about a Lost In Space remake, the project has now made a giant leap forward – Netflix has stepped in to provide a home for the new take on Irwin Allen’s classic family-focused sci-fi series.

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless – the writers behind Dracula Untold, The Last Witch Hunter and Gods Of Egypt – are executive producing the new take alongside Kevin Burns of Synthesis Entertainment, Marc Helwig from Legendary Television, and director Neil Marshall.

Marshall – who’s believed to be directing the pilot episode, at least – has an impressive CV to back him up. He’s directed episodes of Game Of Thrones, Constantine, Hannibal and Black Sails in recent years, and also helmed the feature films Centurion, Doomsday and The Descent.

Deadline broke the news,
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Thn talk Tales of Halloween and more with director Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall interview

Neil Marshall is a British director who burst onto the horror scene with the fantastic Dog Soldiers. His brilliant début saw a group of soldiers on a weekend training expedition confronted with a band of werewolves. Marshall followed this with The Descent, a film which is easily one of the most claustrophobic and terrifying movies of the this millennium. He then took a side step and created Doomsday, a science-fiction, post apocalyptic action film in the vein of Mad Max. Marshall’s last feature film was Centurion all the way back in 2010 and starred a then unknown Michael Fassbender.

Since then Neil has been working hard within the world of television and has directed episodes of shows such as Constantine, Hannibal and Game of Thrones. He’s currently promoting anthology film Tales of Halloween, a film that unites several well-known names in the horror circuits and celebrates everything Halloween.
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Film Review: ‘Tales of Halloween’

Horror omnibuses are frequently a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re not even a bag of tricks, let alone treats, but more like a box of inedible rocks. That, unfortunately, is pretty much the story with “Tales of Halloween,” a collection of 10 macabre miniatures that are disposably diverting at best and execrable at worst, despite the participation of some familiar genre faces and directors. Opened on 12 screens around the country Oct. 16, simultaneous with a VOD/iTunes release, the pic will no doubt make a more lasting impact as junk food for buffs in home formats.

Thinly connected by audio input from Adrienne Barbeau as a sexy-voiced radio DJ, the tales here all take place on All Hallow’s Eve, presumably in the same town. Many unimaginatively revolve around a folk tale that turns out to be horribly true, as the characters discover to their mortal peril. In “Sweet Tooth,” it’s
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Interview with Tales Of Halloween’s Neil Marshall

  • DailyDead
To celebrate the October 16th release of the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, Daily Dead spoke to the filmmakers behind the movie to discuss the project, their individual contributions and more.

With his first feature, 2002’s Dog Soldiers, writer/director Neil Marshall established himself as one of the premiere voices in horror cinema. His 2005 follow-up, The Descent, is widely considered to be among the best—if not the best—horror movies of the 2000s. Marshall closes out Tales of Halloween with his segment, “The Bad Seed,” which pays tribute to ’80s horror and buddy cop movies with a good deal of comedy. It’s a blast.

Can you offer a little background context for how your segment came to be?

Neil Marshall: I can't even remember when I had the idea. Maybe I was cutting vegetables one day and it clicked. All I know is that I was originally
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'Tales of Halloween's' Axelle Carolyn has discovered the formula for a perfect jump scare

  • Hitfix
'Tales of Halloween's' Axelle Carolyn has discovered the formula for a perfect jump scare
Axelle Carolyn was a horror fanatic long before she was a horror filmmaker, beginning her career as a journalist for Fangoria magazine before directing a number of horror shorts and picking up small roles in films including two of husband Neil Marshall's films: 2008 post-apocalyptic actioner "Doomsday" and the historical war film "Centurion" starring Michael Fassbender. In 2013, she made her feature directorial debut with the supernatural horror film "Soulmate," which premiered at that year's Sitges Film Festival.  No doubt Carolyn's biggest effort to date is the upcoming horror anthology "Tales of Halloween," for which she rounded up a number of fellow filmmakers including Lucky McKee ("May, "The Woman"), Darren Lynn Bousman ("Saw II-IV") and Marshall -- who directs the film's final segment "The Bad Seed" -- for ten tales of All Hallows Eve-themed terror. Not only did she create and produce the film, Carolyn also directed one of the segments -- "Grim Grinning Ghost,
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Interview: Director Neil Marshall talks Tales Of Halloween

British horror and fantasy filmmaker Neil Marshall talks to Shock about Tales Of Halloween. Neil Marshall needs no elaborate introduction to Shock readers, seeing as his dark visions have birthed such contemporary horror masterpieces as Dog Soldiers and The Descent as well as go-for-broke action scrappers like Doomsday and Centurion, not to mention his efforts quickening…

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‘Dog Soldiers’ is a horror-action mashup made in heaven

Dog Soldiers

Written and directed by Neil Marshall

U.K., 2002

English writer-director Neil Marshall’s value as a commodity in the filmmaking business as cooled off somewhat in the wake of an extraordinary first few years of the new millennium. He mostly concentrates on television now (which, in his defence, is where a lot of incredibly talented people opt to work nowadays), but from 2002 to around 2008, his name was synonymous with terrifically high-octane, bone chilling horror-action films. Things took a turn with Doomsday (2008), which received significant studio backing but flopped at the box office, followed by 2010’s Centurion, which received an extremely quiet theatrical release. Say what one will of his latter theatrical efforts, nothing will quench the lustre of his 2002 debut, the insanely amusing Dog Soldiers.

Set in the Scottish Highlands, Private Lawrence Cooper (Kevin McKidd) is one of a few soldiers assigned to an important drill, the purpose
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The Quietcast: Neil Marshall Talks Tales of Halloween, Mad Max and Why he Passed on V/H/S

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Without a doubt, Neil Marshall has made some of the boldest genre films of the past fifteen years. Dog Soldiers was like Predator meets a Werewolf flick, Doomsday was like a crazed mashup of The Road Warrior and Escape from New York and The Descent is just one of the scariest, most claustrophobic horror films of the new millennium.

After his last feature film, the brut [Continued ...]
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