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Played it over the weekend

Author: QuibblerofDoom from United Kingdom
31 October 2005

Well Star Wars Battlefront II is far superior to the original which I loved (still some slowdown in the game at times). Like the original there is "Instant Action" and "Galactic Conquest" modes. I have been mostly playing "Fall of the Old Republic and Rise of the Empire" as the 501st Legion (Vader's Fist). Unlike the original were you had to either capture/destroy all the spawn points or kill all the enemy, you now have mission objectives. You may be ordered to take a bridge or hold a position for 2 minutes until reinforcements arrive, then you will be ordered to capture a "flag" which involves retrieving files or items and taking them back to base. Missions often end with you either assassinating or capturing an enemy leader. You get bonuses such as additional playable characters such as Ki-Adi-Mundi, Boba Fett and Lord Vader (for short times). There are also crossovers were the Stormtroopers fight reactivated CIS Droids on Mustafar and Rebel activated Clone Troopers on Kamino.

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one of the best games ever made.

Author: davies-13 from Wales
25 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this game. I thought the original was awesome and this is even better, with the ability to fight in space which is completely terrific and to finally wield a lightsaber is brilliant. I have this on PSP and it almost seems impossible to carry such a large amount of entertainment in my pocket. I can play with my mates while i'm on the other side of my room and the bonus trials are terrific. I enjoy playing on Episode III environments such as mustafar. You can also ride vehicles such as speeders on Kashyyk and play as characters such as Luke, Yoda, Darth Vader and General Grievous This truly is one of the best games ever made and you can never get bored of it!

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Outer Space and Classic Characters Added.

Author: jerekra from United States
22 February 2009

Battlefront 2 made a few additions to the game from Battlefront 1 to further improve it. I like how in this game you get to play as many classic Star Wars characters. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda, The Emperor, Obi Wan Kenobi(younger version), and many others. My favorite to use is Jango and Boba Fett. The Fetts are awesome. Also new in this game is that there are some outer space battles. There also are new infantry if you just want to play as a certain army. I like this game for the most part but I think the effects are not as detailed as they were in the first one. BUt this is a great star wars game and I recommend it.

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Best Star Wars game.

Author: RenCatReviews from United States
4 November 2014

Star Wars has a lot of spin off games to it's name. But none make you feel more involved in the universe then this. It takes the well known Star wars and doesn't try to throw you into the movies storyline. Rather it creates it's own. But it never really feels like it's something pulled out the air. It's offers plenty of different modes to try out. Choose the one you like and won't be able to put the game down for hours. Although it is starting to show it's age in the graphics department many games model themselves after this. It can be played in First or third person as well. Giving the player just another thing to suit to themselves. Being able to take command of sith lords or Jedi Knights after having a good kill streak is very satisfying as well. Battlefront 2 is the perfect Star Wars game and really deserves its praise.

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Better than the original

Author: quint88 from United States
8 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a really cool game. I really liked the first one, but compared to this, Star Wars Battlefront just doesn't seem as enthralling as it did before. Everything is improved for Star Wars Battlefront II. The graphics are not as choppy, there are tons of episode 3 content, the continuty with the movies has been fixed, and the new features such as hunt mode and space make it worth it just for that. Weaknesses such as pilot's guns have been fixed, and the playable jedi are a cool bonus. The story mode with the 501st ended abruptly, but it was a fun play and was enjoyable. Overall, I'd say this is better than the original, which is something that you don't see often with video game sequels.

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Best Star Wars game to date

Author: landryt from United States
16 June 2007

Star wars battlefront 2 is fantastic, the campaign is fun, yet short, and the multiplayer is what makes this game so great, you can play online with your buddies or go to instant action and play whatever kind of game you want, whenever you want. It has levels from episode 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This is a great game for a party with friends or even by yourself. You can also now play as a Jedi, or Jango fett, Boba Fett, Han solo, and Chewbacca, and Leia! You won't always wanna play as a jedi, but if you just wanna be a Jedi or hero and nothing else, you can go to a mode called assault on Mos Eisley and only play as jedis, nothing else, its a load of fun, play this game.

9 out of 10

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One of the best for the authentic experience

Author: abgkasjlkasjla from Denmark
13 December 2009

It's true. This comes about as close as is possible to recreating the mood of the films. This adds so much of what's in Episode III. You can use just about every vehicle(that makes sense to; also, they and the Droidekas(or Destroyers) can now be fought without explosives or rockets; Speeder Bikes are slowed down, so that you don't instantly crashing them headfirst into something) in any of the six, and play as the well-knowns(including Leia, Han and, for the sake of awesomeness, General Grievous; Darth Maul is also present, though they gave him a facial expression that seems to suggest that those exotic planets smell pur-etty bad), not to mention in numerous really cool locations(16 new ones, according to the cover; mind you, not all of the ones from the first return, and some nifty ones are left out), such as Utapau, Tantive IV("if this is a consular ship, *where* is the ambassador?") and the Death Star(no, only the inside of it). A lot of stuff is fixed and improved(not all changes are positive). Characters can now be killed(and perish in time no matter what, unless they manage to continually off foes, as that sometimes extends their life-bar... uh, yeah, they're apparently vampires, don't ask me), and you get to play as them yourself, the honor going to the greatest player, and once dead, it will come back later. Control of the light-saber is interesting, different than any other that I've played, and quite good... not perfect, but a very noteworthy attempt. As far as Force Powers go, you can use Jump, and all of the Jedis get two of the following: Push, Choke, Lightning, Saber Throw(either not enough are against it, or those of us who are need to speak up about it more; seriously, think about it, would anyone other than a Sith *ever* do it? And even then, they would not use it this often; with that said, without it, there would not be much you could do if you need to stay put and fend off others) and, for those seeking the useless FP's, Pull. You can again play as any of the four groups, who now have no less than 6 different soldiers each. The Rebels get the Bothan Spy, who can cloak himself, and is incredibly effective up close. There are now half a dozen or so rule-sets for playing: Conquest(the one mode that was in BF1; also, now, if you have over half the Command Points, the other side will automatically lose reinforcements), Assault, Hunt(Wampas on Hoth, Ewoks vs. Empire, and one that pits the Heroes against the Villains... all of them, for both), XL(massive armies face off) and CTF(with 1 or 2 flags, and don't expect to know, unless you can literally see, and are near, the carrier, whether he's with you or against you). That last one also goes for the space battles(why did they make so many levels for that? They're not that unique, compared to one another); and the other way to duke it out in orbit is where you destroy the vulnerable systems of the opponent's Cruiser. It is also a marvelous for fun dogfights. The interface(which is in general well-done, informational and helpful without being obnoxious) does come up just a little short; while I know that there is no up and down, uhm, out there, a little aid in that regard, mainly on account of the projectiles that clearly "fall", because if you don't know what direction they'll go in, you'll waste valuable time that needs to be spent dumping bombs on targets. Also, when dealing with weapons that restock(not the ones that can overheat, those already have it), an indicator of when it is ready to fire again(and maybe how many it can currently shoot off) would be golden. Finally, there's really only a few things you can do in that type of game-play; you basically play it the same every single time. The mini-map could could be better, you get lost too easily. You earn bonuses by doing well. There are new strategic opportunities. While the Target Lock is not perfect, it can be an immense support. It's nice that there is a red ring over the head of those you are against, so you can't mistake them for your allies. Single-player has a campaign that grows increasingly challenging, with reasonably varied objectives(on many occasions, you get a yellow arrow or similar that points, to some extent, in their direction; those can confuse you, at times). You are a member of the 501st, the first group of Clones. The obvious problem is that no one member of that team could have survived for that long of a stretch, however, it's undeniably well-done. Missions make sense, before(and sometimes during) them you get a brief clip from one of the movies, and in-between them you also get a well-written(at times bordering on downright philosophical) voice-over playing over well-edited in-engine footage, as the cut-scenes in this tend to be. SP also has improved Galactic Conquest, where the computer is actually trying to take your planets, as you try to take his; movement through the universe is turn-based, and you can buy several fleets(and take on theirs), purchase advantage items and recruit superior units(you start with only the regular one). There is also an excellent training bit, where you get a nice start on it all, and learn a lot of the stuff you need to know. It is of course set in Geonosis. The AI is well-done, albeit they do make stupid mistakes. You can issue orders to them, if you can't do so with more than 4, and it's a little awkward. This does get excessive in the amount of references to SW. The acting ranges, and not everyone sounds entirely right. This takes a bunch of shortcuts, too. Graphics, animation, audio, music, design, all well-done. There is no blood or gore in this. I recommend this to all and any fans of the franchise. 8/10

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Best online play for any PS2 game

Author: austenhaynes from United States
30 May 2008

Many people say that the first Battlefront game was better than the second, they obviously haven't played the second one online. I am one of the top players online now after three years of practice. This game is somewhat limited offline, but when you play online it almost never gets boring. Even though most of the PS2 gamers went over to PS3 to play Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 for the XBox360, there are still thousands and thousands of people who play this game for the PS2 all the time. There are still many clans and battles going on. As for the offline play, people say that this game is inferior to the first one because they took out a few good maps and you can't use as many tanks or tanks in the air. I personally think this game makes up for taking those out by having better control of the units than the first game, award weapons, better maps (Death Star, Jabba's Palace, Mustafar, etc.), and heroes. I think this game was put together very well, and that it is way better than the first one. If you still play PS2 make sure you grab this game and get online because there is always fun happening.

~ Shadow{DD}ELITE06

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Best game so far can't wait for BF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: shuggs3011590 from United States
15 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Battlefront 2 is the best star wars game I've played yet. I like the Jedi and space features. Also, I like that they added the Tantive IV map and Jabba's palace. The versatility of the soldier classes is awesome. The campaign mode is good even though it should have included Endor. Game modes in Instant action is good Hunting Tusken Raiders(Tatooine), Ewoks, Gunguns(Naboo) and Wampas(Hoth) is fun, capture the flag 2 different ways in space and ground maps is fun assault on Mos Eisley which is the all hero level is good and conquest.

Galactic Conquest was fun and realistic you have to recruit classes, build fleets, earn bonuses travel a couple of spaces before you can attack a planet and an important base planet worth a 1000 points is good. Many planets and better end cut-scene for each faction was great. They need to expand on that and the basic space battles very basic space battles.

More units and bigger maps for space and ground. More ships in space and computer boarding parties. Add space maps for Kamino, Coruscant, and Mustafar in Instant action. Bring Bespin carbon freezing, Tatooine Dune Sea with Sarlaac and sand-crawler, and Rhen Vhar citadel back. More weapon options per class like ion, concussion and reg. grenades for basic classes. Armor gets scuffed as battle progresses. More complex saber combat. Make non-Jedi class heroes better for a more even match and to help dominate the basic soldiers.

Sound and battles were terrific. Can't wait to get Battlefront 3 !!!!!!!!

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Inferior to the original

Author: deltagilbert from United Kingdom
3 November 2005

The original Starwars Battlefront rocked. This sequel plays similarly and is graphically just as good but the overall package is inferior.

First off, those cool 3D wire frame 'hologram' menus from the first game are no more and have been replaced by lame DVD-esquire background footage from the movies.

More importantly the Galactic Conquest mode is over complicated and the Galaxy map makes it hard to work out what's going on. You can't just pick any enemy planet to attack as before; now you have to move there in turns like in some lame board game.

You also have to buy unit classes before you can play as them rather than having a full set from the start which really annoyed me. To make me even angrier you could only play as a certain class (that you just bought) once you own a certain amount of command posts! If a battle isn't going your way it's difficulty is compounded by the fact you can't strategically play as a unit that may help you turn the tide because you don't control enough of the map.

The split-screen mode is what destroyed this game for me. I burnt hours playing the first game with friends but now the vertical split down the centre of the screen is gone and has been replaced with the terrible top and bottom split. It's like looking through a letterbox! It looks rubbish! Why they have done this I don't know. They could at least add the option of changing. Very lazy.

All this doesn't make the game totally bad, especially if you haven't played the first game (I have been a tad negative and haven't touched on the good points) but for all the new units and maps this game pales in comparison the original – the king of multi-player games on the Xbox. Lets hope for Battlefront 3 the guys at Lucas Arts and Pandemic remember the old saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'.

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