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The Hollywood Reporter
A spare, creepily atmospheric psychological thriller with a death grip on the psychological aspect.
Chicago Tribune
Bertino's taut, spare thriller is plenty scary without relying on pseudo-historical context. Anchored by convincing performances from Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler, both of whom elevate their roles above the standard horror-movie caricature, this is an enormously unsettling movie.
There's nothing more to it than meets the eye, but Bertino understands the mechanics of suspense and knows how to use them.
This is one of those rare horror movies that concentrates on suspense and terror rather than on gore and a high body count.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Both Speedman and Tyler deliver solid, nuanced performances as a couple caught at the most fragile moment in their relationship.
Bryan Bertino, stages The Strangers' early scenes with spooky panache...But then comes the blood, the shrieking midnight chase scenes, the anything-goes over-the-top-ness. In other words, everything that we liked the movie for not being.
Bertino does an excellent job building dread, especially during the first half of the movie. Every silence, pause and sudden noise startles - and the results, frankly, are more frightening than the graphic torture scenes in movies like "Hostel" and "Saw."
Miami Herald
You can only string an audience along for so long with scary masks and sudden appearances at the window, and after a while, the suspense starts seeping out of The Strangers, because you realize that's all there's going to be to the movie.
What possessed Liv Tyler to take a role in this sadistic, unmotivated home-invasion flick.
Here's the tricky thing about The Strangers. Sure, it uses cinema to ends that are objectionable and vile ... but it does it well, with more than usual skill.
No one is getting at anything in The Strangers, except the cheapest, ugliest kind of sadistic titillation.

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