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  • Catherine and Duo meet on an overcast day in a city park. Two years later she departs for Oxford University leaving Duo in a state of exhaustive bemusement. In a frenzied grab at purchase from the tempest of heartbreak he boxes everything he owns and ships it to himself. Somewhere between "Point A," and "Point A," the parcels, of course, get lost. This is where Travis finds Duo: on the floor of an apartment as stripped as its tenet and, perhaps, as desperate. Travis and a host of well meaning characters including the attractive friend, Bru, and the delivery guy try their best to get Duo back to good. Despite social disorders, romantic uncertainty and a hydra of good intentions, Duo manages to find his way back to the path of the essentially sane. Just as he does, however, Catherine returns from England tossing Duo back into uncompromising melancholy. Somehow, though, she also finally helps to answer the seminal questions, "Where do we go from here?" and "Does losing the lover mean losing the love?"

  • After a two year courtship Catherine's departure for Oxford University sends Duo completely 'round the bend leaving his friends to try and pick up the sad, silly pieces.


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  • Catherine and Duo's relationship, which begins as a satirical look at the Hollywood romantic comedy paradigm, comes to an abrupt Anglican halt when Catherine leaves to study at Oxford University. Left behind like so many zealots before him, Duo finds a somewhat psychotic comfort in shipping everything he owns...to himself. Somewhere between point A and point A, however, the parcels get lost. This is where Travis finds Duo, on the floor of an apartment as stripped as its tenet and, perhaps, as desperate.

    Now, Travis and a host of friends, including the enigmatic delivery guy, will help Duo reclaim his life along with his belongings.

    With more laughs than indie film has offered in years, more heart than all of Hollywood and fewer people speaking German than in German films, For Catherine is a must-see for anyone who loves movies and anyone who has ever been in love.

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