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So Falls Full Moon
fulcigore1 May 2007
Through out the early 90's, Charles Band's Full Moon Pictures churned out many classics like "Puppet Master", "Trancers", "Doctor Mordrid", "Subspecies", etc. The company has changed names and faces a few times over the last decade or two, but usually put a mentionable quantity of decent films. But I have to say, with DOLL GRAVEYARD and many other recent short bores, Full Moon has fallen dead.

Charles Band recycles his killer doll formula with this and a few other recent crapfests, making 70 min features with characters made to be easily manufactured as toys. The story bores on through horrible acting and even worse story, with less doll carnage than promised. One of the few redeeming qualities of this film is the design of the dolls themselves. The Samurai and stoned looking tribesman were cool characters.

Overall, I caution Full Moon fans to turn away from Charles bands newest abominations, and save themselves.
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Doll Saveyard
barnthebarn2 April 2009
Tame but amusing further foray in to killer puppets for Charles Band and Full Moon. Short on action and on death scenes (though those included are fairly gory) this is watchable mainly because of the cast of hammy young actors and the barely over an hour length. Story begins with 12-year old Sophia (a bewitching Hannah Marks) playing with her only friends, some ugly dolls. Her father shouts at her about everything and anything (more extreme abuse is suggested but never shown) and demands she dig a shallow grave for her puppet friends as he is fed up with them cluttering up her life. She digs the hole and then as he helps her out she falls and breaks her neck. Thus Sophia and her friends are buried 'alive' together.

Fast forward a few decades and another lonely child, this time a boy called Guy (Jared Kusnitz) moves in with his single dad and brat induced older sister. Dad pops out for a date and sister is forced to stay home and watch Guy. However she invites her two friends around (one a blonde slut, the other a very sensible, studious girl). Two dumb lads invade the house to play sex with the girls. They bully Guy and make their moves on the girls. Nice friend Terri is not impressed and joins Guy upstairs admitting that her heart melts when he strolls by. They both have a passion for puppet models and meanwhile Guy has dug up some dolls from the shallow grave out back. The dolls talk to him and take revenge on his tormentors. Can Guy break free from his new friends to save the girl who loves him? Shot on digital video the movie looks good, dolls are superb and well animated. Music is heavily criticised in other reviews but it never intrudes on the story and therefore merely acts as a backdrop to what is going on rather than - as with certain Puppet Master films - being vital to create tension. The closing song sounds very much like Charles Band's musician son Alex (from band 'The Calling') though apparently it is not him...but then writer August White is not Charles Band either ;-0
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Simply Hilarious
gthb1 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed harder at this movie than I have had at the past 20 comedies released, including all-star movies such as, The Wedding Crashers, 40 Year Old Virgin, and The Benchwarmers. Although I doubt the director of this movie intended for it to be humorous. There were very few times in this movie when I was scared... however at the end of the movie my gut was so sore from laughing so hard I had to forgive Doll Graveyard. First I must say that this movies comedic approach is present even from early... whether it was the bad acting, or the scene in which the little girl falls into a 2 foot deep and breaks her neck. Then the movie tries way to hard to incorporate a teenager factor. Some lines in the movie said between the male and female teenage actors should be taken out and put into a book entitled "Things NOT To Say On A Date". I'm giving this a 10 because... its simply a comedic classic. If you watch this movie with the intent of it being scary you will not enjoy the movie. If you watch it with the intent of it being funny... you will laugh the hardest you've had in a long time.
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The only scary thing about this movie is how bad it is
xenogears_19829 October 2005
I thought they stopped making movies like this in the 80's, but apparently not. Imagine the worst of the Chucky movies, and then imagine something even worse, then you're getting close to this one.

The movie starts in 1911 with a girl playing with dolls, then she accidentally breaks a vase. Her evil and angry father comes down the stairs and yells at her. She is then forced to bury her beloved dolls, and then she accidentally falls down in the grave on the samurai doll's katana(sword) and she dies... Then we are brought to present time and the horror unravels! Sounds bad? Believe me, it is!

The production gives me this "made for TV movie" feel, with cheesy music, bad direction, etc. The dolls aren't even close to being scary, more humorous than anything.

Avoid this movie.
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Michael28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
this is one of those low budget movies its really short it but good i loved it i bet a lot of people didn't this was different from what i thought it was gonna be the dolls in this movie is the 12 year old boy friends that kill whoever pick on him only two people die those are the two girls boyfriend's they have a party then the dolls get revenge when they see guy getting picked on by them but in one scene where they get out of the house on of the girls say she forgot her purse did you notice when she says Purus it was really a phone and it also takes a while for her to get the purse she grabs it slowly you should grad it fast and run but good movie.not rated but contains violence gore drug use and some language
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all the nights you lay awake
bdonnlis4 March 2013
To be made in 2005 this seemed hauntigly similar to a 90s American pie to movie full of raunchy teenagers enjoying alcohol drugs and sex. The dolls reminded me of something that would have been in a nicklelodian movie and looked like it was made in someone's backyard. I compared it to the movie "teeth" when the young man's penis was jabbed by one of the dolls and a ridiculous amount of blood spilt everywhere. Might as well have been a 90s comedy with the bad puns and boyz to men soundtrack. The characters in this movie at often times made me feel uncomfortable with their over sexual behavior and stupidity I particularly hated the stupid jock. This movie was also over the top bloody for each situation. However it was entertaining

Bdon & lis
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Entertaining cheesefest
Woodyanders12 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Weirdo teen loner Guy Fillbrook (a solid performance by Jared Kusnitz) discovers a set of handmade dolls buried in his backyard. Said dolls come to life to protect Guy from the harassment of local bullies. Director Charles Band, working from a hopelessly inane script by August White, fails to generate much in the way of either tension or spooky atmosphere, but does take the silly premise seriously, maintains a snappy pace throughout, and stages the gory doll attack set pieces with considerable flair (one dude gets stabbed right where it hurts most while another fellow has one of his eyes gouged out). The competent cast struggle gamely with the asinine material: Gabrielle Lynn as Guy's bitchy sister Deedee, Kristyn Green as the foxy, but catty Olivia, Anna Alicia Brock as the cute and sweet Terri, Brian Lloyd as the mean and obnoxious Rich, and Scott Seymour as amiable hunk Tom. The dolls are pretty nifty and creepy. District 78's alternately melodic and pulsating shuddery score does the shivery trick. Tom Calloway's sharp cinematography gives the picture an impressive polished look. The tight 71 minute running time ensures that this movie never gets dull or overstays its welcome. Best of all, this flick is so damn goofy and ridiculous that it supplies a wealth of major unintentional belly laughs. A real tacky riot.
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Dull Graveyard
ghoulieguru12 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Charles Band invites you into his Dull Graveyard...

This movie starts with a little girl playing with a bunch of dolls. She mistakenly bumps into a table and breaks a vase. Her father comes downstairs and decides to punish her by forcing her to bury her little buddies in a grave outside. She somehow trips and falls into the grave, killing herself. Dad buries the daughter with her beloved toys. Flash forward to thirty years later, a new family has moved into the house. The youngest son is a nerdy geek who likes to collect action figures. Imagine his joy at discovering a whole gaggle of antique dolls buried in his back yard! These dolls come to life and start protecting their new owner by killing everyone that ever picked on him. There are no spoilers here, I'm not giving away anything that isn't on the back of the DVD case.

Charles Band returns to what he knows best, making evil puppet horror movies. But just because this is what he knows best, doesn't mean he's any good at it. This is really just a reboot of Puppet Master and Demonic Toys with a new set of evil dolls. The production is shoddy, shot on a cheap DV camera with horrible lighting and a soundtrack that someone did on a Casio keyboard from 1982. Not to mention the fact that the puppets are the best actors in the movie.

Ever since Charles Band came out of retirement or hiding, the Blockbuster shelves have been graced with horrible Full Moon movies that are a few pegs below what they used to be. Even in his prime, Charles Band was nobody's genius, but time has definitely taken its toll. Titles like DECADENT EVIL, DOLL GRAVEYARD and THE GINGERDEAD MAN prove that you can't keep a hack director down. Band is back, folks.
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Could This Movie Get Any Better?
TotalRockerChick20 April 2006
Oh my god... From the moment this "movie" started I knew it was going to be bad. First of all the acting was just HORRIBLE! I mean come on "No daddy, I didn't mean to daddy!". If you think about the time period back then there would be many, many women figures around to take care of the girl. A nanny, or a step-mother, an aunt, or even her real mother would have been there to get her into shape. Then for the father to make the girl dig?! What was that?! And I mean when she fell she fell like what? A foot? That wouldn't kill anyone! And then for the father not to check to even see if she was alive?! Okay, now for the other lovely actors. ALL of the teenagers should have died! They deserved to. "AHHH What are we going to do?" I can tell you what to do... GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND RUN FOR IT!!! GOD!!! HOW STUPID COULD YOU BE?! YOU JUST SAW YOUR BOYFRIEND GET KILLED (by being attacked in the crotch) AND YOUR JUST GONNA STAND THERE?! COME ON!!! And the blonde! Can you say stupid blonde?! "Where is my phone? I can't find it!" When she finally finds the dang thing she moved so slowly... YOUR SUPPOSE TO GRAB IT REALLY FAST! And you think she would learn! She did that the first time and then she got bit... You think she would say hey let me get it really fast and maybe I won't get bit again. OH! And did anyone notice that before she was bit there was blood already on her face? HOW DO YOU MAKE A MOVIE AND NOT NOTICE THAT? That and the bottle of alcohol that magically refilled itself over and over again. This was seriously bad excuse for a movie. I could go on and on about the sister, the friend who was hitting on the younger brother and don't even get me started on the doll loving boy... "I got the new Hydroman action figure" "Oh isn't that the one that turns into water?" "You know who Hydroman is too" *cough* Hydro means water honey... Anyone 9 and up knows that... GET A LIFE! And the ending?! There are three people dead in the house, the people who were just attacked by the dolls are standing over them lovingly and the doll lover turns into a dead rotting chick?! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT RENT THIS "MOVIE" IF YOU DO... I CAN'T HELP YOU ANYMORE... ITS TRULY A WASTE OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU CAN NEVER GET BACK!
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Grave fun
lordzedd-323 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, let's start with they did wrong in this movie. 1, it's too short at around 1 hour and 11 minutes. I think more could have been done with the neighbors or something like that. 2, I'm not a fan of the bully character, I think he should have stomped a few feet and locked himself in a room and called the cops and 3, the climax falls a little flat, without giving it away. That's what he did wrong, what he did right. I love the new doll monster characters, the Guy character reminds me of me in some ways. The effects are great, it's good to see Charles Band back in the director's chair where he belongs. The story works for the most part, just short. All and all 8 STARS.
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