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Happy Hunkoween! Here are 13 Horror Hotties for All Hallow's Eve

Aahh! Giant leeches! They're ripping my clothes off!

Halloween is nearly upon us once again, and for some of us it conjures memories we would rather keep suppressed. For instance, the little boy who went out one Halloween wearing a Thundarr mask he got from Woolworth and a fabulous sun sword he made from a whiffle bat.

The night went well until he got home and emptied the contents of his goodie bag and found 2 business cards, 3 mini-bibles, used wax lips, a brown banana, and someone's dentures. Oh, and worst of all - candy corn.

Needless to say, that child was scarred for life from properly celebrating the gayest holiday of them all.

Fortunately, the energy he could have spent trick-or-treating every year was instead spent becoming a horror aficionado, with a special focus on the hot guys that provided eye candy in between the, well, horror.

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Happy 10th Birthday to Rapid Heart Pictures

In our recent chat with director David DeCoteau about his latest Puppet Master film for Full Moon, we discovered that his film production company Rapid Heart Pictures just celebrated it's 10th year. Some of the outfit's movies include The Brotherhood , Leeches! and Beastly Boyz , as well as reworkings of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and The Pit and The Pendulum . Below is the full press release and you can hit up the official website right here . Be on the lookout for our full exclusive Puppet Master interview with DeCoteau later this week. "Launched in November, 1999 by prolific filmmaker David DeCoteau, Rapid Heart Pictures Ltd. has gone on to create over 30 successful, commercially-driven genre feature films for the worldwide market. It has become the...
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