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Tough to watch, but an excellent short film
MartinHafer22 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very unpleasant film that is perhaps too intense for many viewers. Parents should DEFINITELY exercise caution, but it also is a good film to watch with your teens and kids in spite of the language and brutality, as there is a lot here that would be good for discussion. Physical abuse, intimidation and drug abuse are all dealt with in this story.

The film is about a young teen who lives with her parents and older brother. Whether the drugs have made the brother violent, made it more pronounced or he was just a violent thug before he began using, it's obvious that there is a serious problem in the home. However, the parents seem to be ignoring the fact that the boy is bullying his sister and making everyone's life pretty miserable. It all comes to a head when the father learns that the boy has been stealing from them. Like a bully or drug addict, the boy responds at first with lies, then extreme violence towards the dad. Eventually, the youngest is forced to react to stop the violence one way or another.

This film is a pretty good film as it clearly illustrates how violence and drugs can destroy lives--yet it does not come off as preachy or fake. Very good film making.
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