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The first pleasant surprise of spring, a gorgeous kids' cartoon with heart and wit, if not exactly a firm grasp of paleontology.
Familiar family dynamics are amusingly exaggerated in the Paleolithic setting, where the most basic necessities require everyone's full-time attention.
Considering the fact that a young girl is picking her nose on the movie poster, The Croods is surprisingly evolved.
As family viewing, it's pleasant enough: primitive, yes, but in a digitally sophisticated way that's boisterous, funny and will no doubt sell a lot of toys.
The movie is well-edited and lean, a fast-paced, action-filled bit of froth that manages to be diverting and surprisingly fun.
More than anything, the striking spectacle of primordial flora and one-of-a-kind fauna makes it easy for audiences to get pleasantly lost in the adventure.
At least there's Cage, who has become an astute voice actor, finding some odd, clever, energetic line readings consistently fresher than The Croods itself.
Some of the exotic landscape the group trailblazes looks imported from “Avatar” - happily, bringing that immersively dimensionalized, eye-catching quality along with it.
The Croods are not meant to be beauties - they are, after all, a family of Neanderthals. But is the animation meant to be ugly, too?
A handful of adrenalizing sequences of animated anarchy can't save this story from feeling overly primitive.
Sanders and DeMicco's script doesn't have the robust plotting, consistent wit or flavorful character development of the best family animation. And some of the voice actors have too little to work with.

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