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12 Jun. 2006
An assassin is besieged in his apartment by an Army of toy soldiers after killing their maker.
12 Jul. 2006
Crouch End
American couple in London gets lost in an abandoned part of the city where terrifying Lovecraftian dimension seeps into our own.
19 Jul. 2006
Umney's Last Case
In 1938 in Los Angeles, Clyde Umney is a divorce private eye successful with women. On the weirdest day of his life, he sees his world turning upside-down when he discovers that he is a character of a series of novels made-up by the writer Sam Landry. Sam is grieving the loss of his son and wants to swap position with Clyde.
19 Jul. 2006
The End of the Whole Mess
On November 25, 2011, documentary filmmaker Howard Fornoy tells the story of his family, and more specifically of his younger brother Robert. Bobby, a genius from birth, was troubled with the human race's violent tendencies. One day he discovers a small town in Texas with a non-existent crime rate, and he attempts to find out the cause. He finds chemicals in the local water supply that have a calming effect. In an effort to bring about world peace, he decides to spread the chemical worldwide using a volcano eruption. But Bobby's plan has effects he did not forsee.
26 Jul. 2006
The Road Virus Heads North
A popular but terminally ill horror author returning to his old stomping grounds with an eerie painting in tow is greeted by agitated dogs at every stop and death follows in his wake.
26 Jul. 2006
The Fifth Quarter
After a long period in prison, Willie Evans is released on probation and promises a straight life to his wife Karen. However, during the night, his former cell mate, Barney, who had lived with Karen for a period appears in their trailer bleeding. He reveals that he had participated in a 3.5 million dollar heist with four other criminals, the leader hid the money and gave one quarter of the map to each hoodlum.
2 Aug. 2006
Autopsy Room Four
While playing golf with his friend Ed Brooks, Howard Cottrell walks on the bush to retrieve his ball. He is bitten by a viper and an old doctor recklessly diagnoses heart attack. Howard is sent to the autopsy room, where Dr. Katie Arlen is training Dr. Peter Jennings. Howard tries to find a way to call the attention of the doctors while he recalls his relationship with his fiancée Angela. When the assistant Rusty takes the elevator with a hospital employee that is bringing Howard's golf club bag, the man is bitten by the snake. Rusty finds what happened to Howard and ...
2 Aug. 2006
You Know They Got a Hell of a Band
While traveling through Oregon, the computer programmer Clark Willingham and his wife Mary almost have a car accident. Clark decides to take a secondary road under the protest of Mary. She tries to convince Clark to return but, out of the blue, they see a welcome plate of Rock and Roll Heaven town and a beautiful road. Clark drives through the road and arrive in the town. Mary feels uncomfortable but Clark forces her to go to a diner to drink a coke. One waitress leaves a napkin on the counter advising them to get out while they still can. Meanwhile, Clark talks to ...


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