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Maybe it helps to not be British (or a Red Dwarf fan)

Author: blackhawk66 from United States
4 March 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The characters were engaging and likable, the situations were amusing, and the sets and effects were fine for what the show was trying to do.

I am interested in how much British viewers dislike it. Their main complaint seems to be that is not Red Dwarf. I have seen Red Dwarf and found it funny enough, but not something I really cared much about one way or the other. Not being a fan of Red Dwarf, I must say I don't see any similarities at all. The situations are very much different, as are the characters. I'd agree with someone here who ventured that Hyperdrive really is more a comedy version of Star Trek. I can understand that dedicated fans of Red Dwarf would like more, but shouldn't this show be judged for what it is, rather than for how it fails to meet your expectations?

I'd watch another season of it if it's made.

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This show ROCKS

Author: nova_saber from United States
4 February 2006

For starters, I don't get what the big deal is comparing this show to Red Dwarf. Aside from both being British sci-fi series set in space, Hyperdrive is hardly a ripoff. If you ask me, it's more like Star Trek than anything else, albeit a twisted, bureaucratic, hilarious Star Trek set in a less-than-perfect-future. Exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new lifeforms and new civilizations, to boldly sell stuff where no man has sold stuff before! :) And even if the concept may not be the most original in the history of scifi, the characters more than make up for that. York is just deliciously evil, Jeffers is perfect as the wannabe-badass, Teal is just plain cheerful and fun, and Sandstrom... well, I just like her because she reminds me of Radical Edward. :D

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Not brilliant but an amusing British sci-fi comedy with elements of that genre amusingly crossed with The Office

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
2 April 2006

The crew of the ship Camden Lock search the stars on behalf of Great Britain to represent it as a country and promote the country as a great place to do business. Promoting places like Tipton and Milton Keynes was never an easy task even on a national level but on a galactic level it is even tougher. To carry out this task a brave crew is assigned led by the Brentish Commander Henderson. He is supported by the warlike and slightly insane First Officer York, the Commander-adoring Teal and the offhand Jeffers with only the remote guidance of Space Commander Clarke.

I'll leave all the comparisons to Red Dwarf to the army of fans that can do it much better than I can but suffice to say that personally I don't bend myself out of shape comparing two things that happen to share a genre. This sci-fi comedy uses the basic frame of the British ship in space to create something that is much closer to the downbeat humour of The Office than it is Red Dwarf. It mixes the British sense of the downbeat with the exaggeration of the sci-fi and I found it quite amusing even if it is a bit inconsistent. The plots are more like a series of ideas cobbled together rather a solid series narrative but it doesn't really matter because I was laughing just about enough to make it worthwhile. The general air of amusement carries it more than anything because I was never rolling with laughter but I did chuckle quite a lot.

The cast are mixed but are mostly good enough to do the job. Frost is funny but at times he is too close to David Brent for my taste at times. That said his was still a good character and I enjoyed the very British sense of bad management that he gave. Eldon may have a similar character but it worked for me and I was amused by him throughout the series. Hart, Antopolski, Evans and Massey are solid enough and Joseph made for quite a famous face in a minor role. Generally the cast all buy into the material and their delivery compliments the material even if it rarely lifts it. The effects are pretty good for a BBC2 comedy and Henderson has a healthy feel for the genre.

Overall this is not a great comedy but I found it consistently amusing. The cross between sci-fi and The Office isn't exactly original or inspiring but it does work for the most part and produces a very British sense of humour. The cast match this and compliment the material without really making it better than it is. Generally though, an amusing British sci-fi comedy.

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Comencify laughing

Author: manwithaplan42 from Somerset UK
11 June 2006

This show shows promise. I think we all hated the first few episodes but for those of us who stuck with it we found out that as the series progressed it started to become genuinely funny. It is a wonderful, detached a quirky comedy with more than a few noticeable flaws. But these are outweighed by other laugh out loud moments the likes of which have only ever been seen on Red Dwarf. The characters, while underdeveloped, are humorous and quirky and add to the hilarity, especially York, the sadistic security officer. I know this show has very definite and profound flaws, but it is these moments of brilliance that make the show worth watching, that make all those cringe worthy flop gags worth cringing for, give this show a chance, you won't regret it.

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In space, no one can see that you're ugly. Thank god the aliens are uglier.

Author: Chris Rattray from Launceston, Tasmania
5 February 2006

On first pass, this sci-fi comedy immediately invites comparisons with Red Dwarf, Star Trek, and even The Office. However, Hyperdrive is really just the everyday working class gone forth, not so much boldly, but just... there.

The commander of the Camden Lock, Henderson, played warmly by Nick Frost, dreams of doing something great for Britain as he commands his ineffectual crew, ineffectually. His intentions overreach his ability, but he's no smarmy David Brent. This is a bloke who shoulders his responsibility, but could easily end up down the pub with the rest of the crew on a Friday afternoon.

This is a good role for Frost, who has previously played second-fiddle to Simon Pegg in such fan-boy classics as Spaced and Shaun of the Dead. Frost proves he is capable of gentle comedic moments, inhabiting his role with subtlety. This may be lost on some of the more rabid sci-fi crowd, who may be irked to find that this is a very different beast than say, the abrasiveness of the Rimmer/Lister relationship from Red Dwarf. It may be a stretch to say that the crew-mates of the Camden Lock enjoy each other's company but they don't actively hate each other.

The rest of the crew is rounded out nicely by Teal, the Alien Liaison officer, who has a crush on Henderson. First Officer York is gleefully homicidal, and Jeffers is note-perfect as the ship's Tech Officer, who displays just the right amount of contempt and long-suffering for his fellow humans. Sandstrom, the ship's "enhanced human" and Pilot (an obvious stab at such pilot roles found in shows like Andromeda or Farscape) provides a little mystery, and curiously, a strange eroticism. Her vacant smile is stunning.

Overall, Hyperdrive is a rewarding comedy, if you're willing to let go of hyper-critical thinking and allow yourself to enter into a far-flung universe that seems more close to home than you may think. Despite some rather average (and rare) script moments, there's enough of a foundation here to build a show that could yet become as revered and loved as a certain crimson miniature.

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Really very funny

Author: Looneyboyo from United Kingdom
12 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a fan of Red Dwarf. I still think Hyperdrive is funny. Isn't that odd? Seriously, though, I liked this series from beginning to end. Sure, some episodes were funnier than others, and it was fairly obvious quite a lot of the time, but who cares? Particularly of note (and it's here that the spoilers come in, so stop reading if you don't want it, well, spoilt) is the episode (I can't remember the name) in which Henderson attempts to make peace between two warring alien species, and does succeed in uniting their quest to destroy The Camden Lock. This is probably the funniest episode of the series, and I actually found this funnier than a lot of Red Dwarf.

Everybody seems to forget that Red Dwarf pretty much sucked in it's first season, only to improve as time went on. If Hyperdrive improves at the same rate there's no reason why it won't last.

All together now: "Kill the humans, and their culture..."

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"Be your best"

Author: Stephen Taylor from United Kingdom
14 August 2006

Saw only the last two episodes of this spoof of Star Wars. Nick Frost leads a strong ensemble, with great support from Kevin Eldon (lovingly enlarging on his obsessive cleaner character from "Black Books") and from Miranda Hart as the supportive and consoling lieutenant. ("Teal, can you take your hand away from there, please.")

HMS Camden Lock (non-London readers please note: Camden Lock is a vaguely hippie crafts and fast food market in north London) is on a mission to protect British interests "in an ever- changing galaxy". And it's crewed by as unlikely a crowd of misfits as you could imagine. When the warship strays into forbidden space and is fired on by automatic defences, there is no one on the bridge: they are all taking psychological tests. (Henderson, hearing gunfire: "I know what you're doing. You're trying to see if I can think under stress.")

The gags and timing are mercilessly exact. It stands up to many viewings; the punchlines have become part of our lives. Can't wait toget hold of a DVD.

"Be your best."

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Nice concept, flawed execution

Author: popinjay760 from United Kingdom
5 February 2006

I really really wanted to like Hyperdrive, no I truly did and this is why I gave it every chance but unfortunately the conclusion that this BBC space-com is a bit of a dog is unavoidable.

Like many things which sound like a good idea and have most of the right ingredients which Hyperdrive does have, it should have worked. But then, the Titanic was a great idea whilst still in dock at Southampton. Sad fact is that the writing simply isn't up to the job. Too dependent on the futuristic setting and the (fairly obvious) gags arising from that. True, nobody does obsessional like Eldon (though for some reason I keep expecting him to go into his role as the cleaner in Black Books - just me that one I suppose...) and Frost is always watchable but the whole enterprise (no tenuous pun intended...) comes across as something a sixth form drama class might write after watching the original Beeb Hitchikers series.

A generous 4/10 from me.

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Missed this great sci-fi comedy in 2007

Author: jacko07 from United Kingdom
26 January 2011

My girlfriend bought the Hyperdrive DVD because she is a big fan of Miranda Hart and this popped up on Amazon when she was looking for Hart stuff. We read the reviews on here and most were positive and the cast was a list of top comedy actors. We both thought it was a good show and felt it deserved more than a couple of series. By the second series we were really into it big time. Unfortunately there were no more.

It used to be the best but the BBC are very half hearted about comedy these days, they seem to have lost their way. The BBC are pretty poor these days, most comedy is farmed out to BBC2 or 3 and just disappears as most of us viewers never hear of it. I cannot recommend Hyperdrive highly enough, it is cool funny and well worth watching.

I have written this because Miranda Hart had a big spread in the Daily Mail yesterday and I thought our enjoyment of Hyperdrive worth a mention on IMDb.

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Better than I expected

Author: Timothy Hughes from United States
6 August 2007

I have long been a fan of Red Dwarf. Compared to the very best of Red Dwarf (3rd and 4th seasons) Hyperdrive does not measure up. But there are not a lot of comedy writers out there who could follow the team of Grant & Naylor and expect to compare favorably.

As many here have already observed Hyperdrive does not attempt to be the same sort of comedy as Red Dwarf. I find it to be a send up of the pomposity found in the Star Trek universe. If you come to the show looking for that kind of satire then Hyperdrive will prove to be very very entertaining. At least watch it long enough to see the Cadet Ball scene. You'll see what I mean.

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