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No Reservations may not be a modern day classic but, despite the relatively small budget, it has more heart than nearly anything currently playing in multiplexes.
Agreeably prepared and attractively presented, this remake of the tasty 2001 German feature "Mostly Martha" bears too many earmarks of Hollywood packaging and emotional button-pushing, but doesn't go far wrong by closely sticking to the original's smart story construction.
Village Voice
The cynic would like to write this off as empty grown-up hooey, "Baby Boom" without an ounce of bang. But you can't do it, because the thing's so charming and frothy and delightful and sentimental and beautifully shot and well-acted and sincere that it takes a good couple of hours before you start craving real nourishment.
It's fun to see the glamorous actress turn down her movie-star flame, but it's a pity she's stuck with so many trite gestures on Kate's journey to fulfillment.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film feels miscast. Neither Zeta-Jones nor Eckhart look the least bit comfortable in a restaurant kitchen. More troubling, they look downright uncomfortable with each other.
No Reservations succeeds as well as it does (kinda sorta) by virtue of Zeta-Jones' performance.
There's already a crazy behind-the-scenes restaurant movie out this summer, and it's got a better story, and it's a cartoon, and it stars a rat.
Chicago Tribune
After seeing No Reservations you'll be hungry for a really top-flight meal. And, to go with it, a better film.
The movie is focused on two kinds of chemistry: of the kitchen, and of the heart. The kitchen works better.
The A.V. Club
No Reservations is pretty much the dramatic equivalent of a burger and fries, however pretty the presentation.

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