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Season 4

20 May 2005
Turning Over a New Leaf, Part 1
6 weeks have passed since the overdose and Sifiso is in rehab, though he's not very cooperative with his drugs counselor. Khethiwe is graduating from her class and drops off an invitation for Kim, only to discover that she's dead. She seeks out Sifiso to find out what his role was in her friend's death. Meanwhile, Thuli finds herself more submissive with Monde to avoid incurring his wrath.
27 May 2005
Turning Over a New Leaf, Part 2
As Sifiso prepares to leave rehab, he starts experiencing strange visions in his dreams. Khethiwe's parents come to Jo'burg for her upcoming graduation but they have some concern about their daughter's newfound religious path. Portia visits home after a prolonged absence and there is great expectations for their child's future, professionally and personally. When Coltrane catches Msizi smoking, he uses the opportunity to reach out to Thuli.
3 Jun. 2005
The Graduate
Sifiso learns the outside world isn't as easy as he thought it would be when Thuli and Menzo refuse to let him stay with them and Coltrane won't give him a job. After Khethiwe's graduation ceremony, her father says it's time for his daughter to come home. With her health not improving, Portia grows increasingly isolated from her colleagues at work and her friends at home.
10 Jun. 2005
Humbled by his experiences, Sifiso turns to Menzo, who lets Sifiso move in. The visions continue and Sifiso begins to think he must start making amends for the past. Khethiwe's growing role in the church leads to a developing relationship with her pastor. After quitting her job, Portia slides into a deeper depression, prompting Khethiwe to ask Thuli to keep an eye on her before anything bad happens.
17 Jun. 2005
Redemption, Part 1
After her suicide attempt, Portia wakes up in hospital with Thuli at her side. The two friends are given a chance to reconnect which leads Thuli to finds herself opening up about her own difficult situation with Monde. Sifiso gets an unexpected phone call from Kim's family which leads to an unusual request: he must help bring her spirit back home. When Khetiwe invites her pastor to dinner, he makes a very unexpected proposal. And Thuli finally resolves to finally break up with Monde, but the question is, will he let her go?
24 Jun. 2005
Redemption, Part 2
Sifiso begins to believe he may have the calling as a result of his visions. After the pastor encourages Khethiwe to make peace with her past, she seeks out Sifiso to invite him to church. Sifiso agrees but realizes that his answers may lie someplace else. Meanwhile, Portia encourages Thuli to seek a restraining order against Monde, but Thuli is reluctant, insisting she ends things with Monde her way. She finds herself turning to Coltrane for help which leads to a confrontation between the two men.
1 Jul. 2005
Broken Promises
When an angry Monde shows up at Thuli's door, Thuli is finally forced to the police take action against her abusive former boyfriend. Coltrane continues to be supportive, which leads to an unexpected turn in their relationship. Sifiso consults a sangoma about his dreams which reveal many surprises. He finds himself forced to confront Khethiwe about their past.
8 Jul. 2005
Shaken by her blow-out with Sifiso, Khethiwe turns to the pastor for support but finds herself growing more disillusioned with his words of advice. Meanwhile, Sifiso, Thuli and the crew head to KZN for the unveiling of Welile's tombstone, but Sifiso discovers some surprises from his past. A startling truth comes out which brings Sifiso dangerously close to relapsing on drugs.
22 Jul. 2005
New Beginnings
As Sifiso and Khethiwe begin to rekindle their friendship, Sifiso decides to cook a traditional dinner for her. Portia meets a new man, Muzi, in a bookshop and must decide whether or not to disclose her status. As the "big date" between Sifiso and Khethiwe approaches, Sifiso receives some very unexpected guests from home who come with a startling revelation.
29 Jul. 2005
After missing a date with Khethiwe, Sifiso wrestles with the choice of whether to stay in Jo'burg or return home to follow the calling of his ancestors and become chief of his people. He struggles to tell Khethiwe his true feelings for her. Following a bad date in which her HIV status became an issue for Muzi, Portia realizes it's time that she discloses to her family.
5 Aug. 2005
The Chosen One, Part 1
Time has passed and Sifiso has returned to KZN, learning the ways of his forefathers in preparation to be anointed chief; however, there is growing concern that the boy from Jozi is not fit to be chief amongst some. When the elders choose a bride for Sifiso, he is faced with the challenge of proving himself worthy by yielding to their wishes, sacrificing his love for Khethiwe forever. Meanwhile, Khethiwe must choose if she can come to KZN for Sifiso's wedding.
5 Aug. 2005
The Chosen One, Part 2
Everyone arrives in KZN as Sifiso prepares for his wedding day. But Khetiwe's absence from the group of friends prompts Sifiso to go digging up the past, literally. Back in Jo'burg, Khetiwe realizes she may have made a mistake and rushes down to KZN. But the question is: will she be too late?

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