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119 out of 169 people found the following review useful:

Predictable but enjoyable

Author: TechNoire
26 April 2010

I think people are being too hard on this movie. It's a big shiny explosions movie, with nothing especially new plot wise, to be sure, but who goes to action movies for plot? Not me! Clever repartee, good looking men (Saldana is hot, yes, but I'm female so ... Evans and Morgan, I'm lookin' at you), a villain landing somewhere between James Bond and Austin Powers, helicopter stunts, big guns, and big explosions. Good times.

Some great locations, good editing (also nice marriage of comic book style to live action style in the credits),decent soundtrack.

The Losers doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should you.

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91 out of 127 people found the following review useful:

Just as most reviews are describing...

Author: Kashmirgrey from United States
30 April 2010

Hadn't heard of it and knew even less about it when I saw The Losers and I just had a blast! It was a movie for guys who like movies with its mean action and a constant humorous undertone that stays in stride with the tempo of the film. It was hot chix, cool tricks, and explosives throughout.

I didn't dig the slow-mo too much, though. That John Woo stuff just rubs me the wrong way and I find it so pretentiously distracting! ugh.

But beyond that... if you want an entertaining "don't need to think about it flick", The Losers generously provides. If you're looking for something to stick with you to puzzle upon or stimulate you intellectually, search elsewhere.

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90 out of 132 people found the following review useful:

a guilty Saturday-afternoon pleasure

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
26 April 2010

The Losers isn't a movie I can recommend outright as a really fantastic example of its genre, far from it. It has some logical gaps, especially towards its ending with the character resolutions (or lack thereof), and the use of slow-motion in the action scenes already dates it to an extent by its 'Hipness'. But it's also got just the right attitude, humor and energy to get by as what I might call a 'Saturday afternoon' quickie. This is the kind of flick that a guy would watch when he should be doing something else around the house or something. It's tough and unapologetic and a little too slick to be anything else than what it is. I enjoyed The Losers against my better judgment.

The premise and follow-through is kind of predictable, as it's about a group of elite fighters (think the A-Team) who get double-crossed by a rogue CIA agent and find a possible entry point with a mysterious woman to get back at him and clear their names. We see who will probably betray who, or what twists might occur, and sure the BIG WEAPON (in caps) that is used by Max (played with a cartoon character debonair by Jason Patric) is so preposterous as to be wholly entertaining. But the cast is up for playing these parts with every ounce of fun and excitement in the material, and I liked seeing the camaraderie between Morgan, Evans and Elba (the latter really coming into his own as a star), and Zoe Saldana shows off again how she's becoming a formidable talent in Hollywood films.

It's a hard movie to always defend for its plot inconsistencies, but it works in its own lets-just-play-it-loose logic. And sometimes the actors just cut loose, which is nice; seeing Chris Evans somehow inject life into using 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey in an espionage scene is one of the most brilliant things of the year (if only because, simply, how could you use that song again after the Sopranos). And when it comes time for the BIG action set-piece at the end, it gives a good dose of what action movie fans look for: plausible implausibility, some gritty violence (albeit PG-13, it's still pretty intense), and a few real surprises in the course of events, for better and worse. I can't stress enough that it's not a particularly high achievement in its sort of movie. But for what it sets out to achieve, it does alright, which is enough sometimes.

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45 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

About right

Author: Samiam3 from Canada
24 April 2010

Though slightly juvenile for an action film, (hence the PG-13 rating) The Losers has wit, and that counts for something. The clichés are all there; the distraught hero, the girl with the gun, the dapper villain eager to get his hands on nuclear weapons, the geeky tech nerd, the bad-guy cops. The Losers frequently plays all this for laughs, it has a great sense of humour without which the film would be epically cheesy. There are some familiar faces in the cast, along with some new ones, and everyone seems to be having a good time, which helps us to have a good time.

If I had to guess, I'd say it'd be Zoe Saldana which the studio values most for selling the product, which is kind of degrading. She may well be on the road to the Typecast city, until James Cameron gets Avatar 2 going. At least she can do her own stunts, something Megan Fox is probably incapable of. The best performance in the movie though is turned in by Jason Patric oddly enough, whose take on the clichéd super villain ready to wreak havoc with the push of a button, is perfect. There is no way anyone could take such a character seriously no why not goof it up a bit. The year is young but this guy is the Col. Hans Landa of 2010. Sometimes, the Losers doesn't work so good. At times it is just a little too unbelievable, especially the interplay between Saldana and Morgan, which is just gratuitous.

So for an early blockbuster, The Losers delivers about what you'd expect. Though there is nothing super special about it, the movie has some tricks up its sleeve which might be worth checking out.

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49 out of 78 people found the following review useful:

I give it an "F" for "Fun". Unoriginality doesn't mean it's bad.

Author: dvc5159 from Penang, Malaysia / Chicago, USA
24 April 2010

Well I don't know much to like about this movie. But at the same time there's nothing to hate here. Not even some stilted dialogue or the watered-down violence. The film moves in an almost self-parodying way, as if it was aware that it was what it was, a slick, glossy, action- packed, and fun thrill ride from start to finish.

The film is based on a comic book, and the story seems to prepare us for the upcoming "The A-Team" adaptation (which I'm looking forward to). It's filled with guns, girls, cars, explosions, fists, legs, knives, motorcycles, in fact almost anything but the kitchen sink. The actors seem to be having fun in their roles as the chemistry between the six leads show, but Jason Patric looks like he's having a terrific time, chewing every scene he's in and giving us what may be the funniest (although sometimes annoying) villain in years.

The film has it's action packed moments and plenty of laugh-out loud moments, but that's about what you can expect from a movie like this. Don't expect anything like "Shutter Island" or "Slumdog Millionaire" and you'll do just fine. Having said that, director Sylvain White keeps the pace tight and frenetic, and you can see some of his camera movements are similar to his previous film "Stomp The Yard", also starring Columbus Short.

So in short it's a time waster, but a not bad one. Sure it may be watered down for teens, but at heart it is what it is, big, loud, goofy, hilarious fun.

Overall rating: A solid 6/10.

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38 out of 62 people found the following review useful:

A Loser

Author: Chrysanthepop from Fraggle Rock
30 May 2010

In contrast to what many others have felt towards 'The Losers', it didn't quite work for me. Yes, clichés are expected in action movies but I expect at least some entertainment and some kind of refreshment, either in the form of action sequences, story or humour. At best, 'The Losers' is your average action flick. Aside from being far from memorable, there is nothing that particularly stands out. Even the dialogue is clichéd and the humour fails to work. The actors are stuck with typical action roles. For example. J.D. Morgan is the stereotypical leader, Zoe Saldana the kickass action heroine who will at some point turn against the group and who didn't know that one of the five was a 'double agent'? I must give Saldana some credits for doing her own stunts no matter how skinny she is. Jason Patric's portrayal of Max has got to be one of the worst performances in a villainous roles. I must add that the final sequences are marginally better than the rest of the movie. Overall, 'The Losers' has nothing new to offer and it failed to keep me entertained for its duration.

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27 out of 44 people found the following review useful:

Offensively bad

Author: Eli Brown from Canada
4 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love action movies. And I love comic adaptations. And I hated this steaming pile of clichéd, hackneyed garbage.

From gaping plot holes (Pooch is shot through BOTH legs, but is climbing, running and jumping around a couple scenes later because they were taped up?) to poor type-casting (the funny guy is supposed to be funny - most of Evan's lines were awkward and lame. Even the other characters looked more embarrassed than amused at his quips) to non-existent chemistry (where did that trumped up romance come from? I sure as heck didn't get what foxy Saldana saw in fat, sweaty Morgan), this entire movie felt like a big f^&k you by the producers. 'Sure it was terrible, but we're gonna net a big payday anyway, so suck it viewing audience' was the taste this movie left in my mouth.

I'd leave it at that, but Max the Evil Badguy deserves special mention. What a joke. Very possible the worst bad guy ever. Even his string of random unprovoked violence didn't really make him scary. At least, no more scary than a rambling, crazy bum on the street. How is any reasonable person supposed to believe that this cheese-line-spouting psychopath managed to build an evil empire? Nothing about his character suggests he's capable of orchestrating some sort of diabolical master plan.

I ask 'what were the producers thinking?', but it's clear they got exactly what they wanted; a cash in on the recent comic book adaptation fad at the viewers expense.

So yeah, offensively bad. Thanks Hollywood.

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28 out of 46 people found the following review useful:

utter rubbish

Author: moshun from United Kingdom
6 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

tepid, monotonous and entirely lacking in depth.

given the "not so bad" cast. I expected a whole lot more. this was a straight to DVD movie if ever i saw one.

Everything is so linear and the characters are cardboard cutouts. "oh, lets give the evil guy a glove! ooooh mysterious"

no, it's lazy, poor writing.

And i actually turned off when the bad guys had a JET parked up in a shipping port. I'm not sure of the make, but i am sure that a container laden dock does not provide the minimum take off distance for that kind of plane. unless they are now making them in vtol.

There are things you suspend your disbelief for in movies, in Rambo, or in the transporter or something gleefully unapologetically fun. what this movie does is come across as a lazily produced cliché of the worst bits of every other action movie ever made.


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28 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

Won me over in the end

Author: jakimiku from Tartu, Estonia
13 May 2010

The Losers delivers a great deal of pleasure. It was witty, funny, interesting and a marvelous watch. This comedy is like a parody of hardcore action films, so don't expect any mind-blowing depth. Just go with the flow. It's fun.

I hadn't any significant expectations for this movie, so the enjoyment was even bigger. At times the plot might be a bit predictable but that doesn't disturb the ride at all. It's got fast pace, entertaining action scenes and it's fun. Fun is the word here. The cast was brilliant, as well. Zoe Saldana was great as always. And for the first time i felt that Chris Evans (Push-junk and Fantasticless 4) did a good job. The villain was a bit weak though. But descent acting carried the movie for the whole time. All you need.

As long as you don't take it seriously, it is brilliant and you won't be disappointed. Shoot 'em up!

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19 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

craptastic action film

Author: stormphire1 from United States
12 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK how bad did the losers suck let me count the ways..

1.Whats up with the hyper ethnically diverse team of rouge commandos? it reminds me of those jokes when you were in grade school... "there was a black man a white man and a Mexican man".. yea you know those don't act like you don't! look at any special forces unit in the US military you will find 85% white guys!! not racist just truth.

2.Max has to be the lamest villain in action movie history! when he randomly shot the girl holding the umbrella i actually winced not with shock but with embarrassment. thats when this movie took its first DUMP! plop right on my forehead!!! This guys worse than Doctor Evil!!!

3.Zoe Saldanas character i forget her name.. WTF is she doing, i have no clue what her purpose was at all, one minute shes trying to kill Clay then help them get Max then have random (boobless)sex with Clay then trying to kill him.. then trying to help him do you see a pattern i do and it looks like orange and pink plaid! how you gonna have a gratuitous sex scene with no gratuitous sex!!! Who sleeps with the guy they suspect killed their father? if your answer was NO ONE!! then you are correct! Besides if she wanted him dead why not kill him while they were having lame sex he was bored and his guard should have been way down, no she waits till his four friends enter with guns blazing to make her move... nice job Mc Gruber...

OK OK OK i will shut up now.. i wanted to count at least ten ways this move made me want to vomit but since ten wouldn't even scratch the surface of this turd stopping at 3 serves its purpose just as well..

the losers is a S**t pastry

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