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Chicago Reader
Not only delightfully funny but unaffectedly romantic.
Works its way under your skin, and then into your heart.
Chicago Tribune
The film may be slight, but it is not stupid, and director Robert Cary keeps both stickiness and shtickiness at bay.
Isn't as sharply directed as "Jessica Stein," but it's still a formidable crowd-pleaser.
A similar blend of comedy and a grumbling skepticism about the essential goodness of human beings makes Ira & Abby feel, at times, like one of those great stage comedies of yesteryear transferred to the screen.
Westfeldt's screenplay and Cary's direction combine to make it the best Manhattan love story since "When Harry Met Sally."
This round-robin of marital malaise has a lot more integrity than one might anticipate from its meet-cute beginnings.
To do rough justice to this special treat in not much space, let me first stipulate that it evokes any number of Woody Allen films, thanks to its therapy-centric characters and its Upper West Side milieu.
Miami Herald
Neurotic New Yorkers, messed up relationships, inept analysts, infidelity -- Ira & Abby has them all, and it's anything but refreshing to trudge through this well-worn territory again.
A stale rehash of Woody Allen-style "he's a neurotic Jew, she's a flaky shiksa" gags.

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