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40 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

Dumbed-down, Egotistical, Slow-moving, Boring Movie

Author: bruce-129 from United States
14 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having gone out last night at 11:59pm to see this movie on its debut in my local area I was excited and positive of mind in sitting down to view it. I love end of the world disaster type movies, when they are good or interesting and was looking forward to losing myself in a well thought out fantasy world.

Sadly "I Am Legend" was so preoccupied with doing every cliché thing one could think of in this kind of movie that it missed on every count any possibility of being interesting or even tense, and instead was trite, boring, egotistical cliché, and just plain stupid.

I loved Will Smith in "Enemy of the State" which is one of my all-time favorite movies, but Will Smith has a tendency to overact and with the dumbed down corny script this movie was not even bad enough to be funny.

The premise of the story is only lightly explained, and that could have been an interesting plot twist, but apparently they thought the audience for this movie would be morons, so it is was all about Will Smith talking to the dog, and hanging out, trying to look like a world renowned scientist ... hahahaha. Yet he could have pulled it off with a better script and a deeper story.

The scenes of the empty dead city were great, but often ruined with the bad computer graphic effects which were overused and poor. Also, the bad guys, the zombies, whatever you wanted to call them were supercharged hyped up remakes of the robots in I-Robot, it was so obvious I almost laughed, and they did the most stupid things. They were not believable at all ...

Go see the "Omega Man" with Charleton Heston, that is an absorbing movie that will not turn your stomach or put you to sleep. Even "28 Days Later" is good, but avoid like the plague the new "28 Months Later". What is with Hollywood, who cares if the writers go on strike when they write garbage like this?

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45 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

What is wrong with directors these days... ?

Author: kevacho from United States
28 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"I am Legend" is one of the most depressing movies ever made. I'm torn between reviews. Part of me wants to give a RICE CAKE review, and another part of me wants to give it a BIRTHDAY CAKE review.

Why? You may ask, is "I am Legend" depressing? Well, funny you should ask. I'll tell you why. Because "I am Legend" could have been one of the most entertaining, most fun Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi movies to come along since "Batman Begins".

It could have been great. I might have adored the movie. But it wasn't, and I didn't, because of one simple thing- an acronym- three insignificant letters separately, but together they are: C.G.I.; which means- Computer Generated Image.

Will Smith is wonderful. His depiction of loneliness scratching the very fabric of madness, his love, and fear for his only friend, his dog Samantha, his realism and believability, were palpable. The scenes of desolation were good. The fright was well done. The whole movie was fabulous; up until the point some dunderhead (I put the blame directly on the director's shoulders) decided to make the monsters (in the book they're vampires, in the movie they're infected humans) C.-FREAKIN'-G.I.!

Now, not only did the director take the cheap, easy, lazy way out, but he seemed to have employed the worst effects shop in the history of all movie making. I mean, the monsters may as well have been Scooby and Scrappy Doo they looked so Damn "cartoony". All the realism that had been adroitly built up in the first half of the movie, all the terror, danger, and tension, had been instantly destroyed when these bumbling cartoon creatures stepped into frame.

I think back on some of my favorite movies; movies like "Blade Runner", "Alien" and "Aliens", "The Thing"; think back on how incredible those films were, and still are. Imagine "Aliens" if it had been done today. I guarantee they would make the Queen a bloody C.G.I. monster, and movie history would never have such a wonderfully crafted, beautiful really, Alien Queen. I will never understand how a director can make such a monumentally stupid decision, as Francis Lawrence did in "I am Legend", and make his human monsters C.G.I. For Christ's sake, they're infected humans! Not dragons or dinosaurs the size of a 747! Prosthetic's, and monster making, are better than they ever have been; just look at the two "Under World" movies, "Hell Boy", all the "Lord of the Rings" movies.

For shame, Francis Lawrence. You could have had a film that would be a timeless testament to your artistry and craft. Instead, you come off as a cheap hack.

"I am Legend" gets my worst review, a RICE CAKE review. For more reviews, rantings, my own rating system, and poetically written prose visit my website-

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41 out of 64 people found the following review useful:

Has its share of thrills and poignancy

Author: Electrified_Voltage from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
7 November 2008

I am aware of the fact that this 2007 blockbuster is a remake of a remake. It's a remake of "The Omega Man", which is a remake of "The Last Man on Earth". All three films are adaptations of the novel, "I Am Legend", by Richard Matheson. I haven't seen the previous two versions, but definitely intend to. However, for now, since I've just seen this 2007 version of "I Am Legend", and haven't seen the rest, I'll just have to judge it strictly as a movie, not how it compares to the previous two, or the book. So, while this particular version of the story seems to be polarizing, I was definitely impressed.

In 2012, three years after a genetically modified virus which was supposed to cure cancer ended up wiping out most of the world's population, a scientist named Robert Neville, immune to this virus, appears to be the only uninfected human left in New York City, maybe even the world, and his only companion is his dog, Sam! Neville does research in his basement laboratory to try and find a cure for the virus, and regularly sends out radio messages, calling for other survivors to come and meet him, if there are any out there, but so far, this has not worked. Eventually, the scientist discovers people in New York who have not been killed by the virus, but have been mutated by it, and as a result, they have become dangerous monsters! Worse still, there are many of them in the city, and Neville is still waiting to see another uninfected human, so he is grossly outnumbered!

This film is slow-paced around the beginning, but this works well, starting with the introduction to the virus which was yet to fail, and going from there to views of a deserted New York, which are reasonably intriguing. Some scenes may be a bit tedious, such as Robert Neville looking through the dark building before finding the mutants, and the camera is sometimes a bit unsteady, but to make up for the flaws, there's quite a bit of tension (which includes scenes with the mutated, zombie-like humans and they're chases and attacks, even though I'm sure we've seen scenes like that before in movies), as well as some poignant moments, with Neville and his loneliness. Also, for Bob Marley fans, the main character is a big fan of his, and at one point, he talks about Marley and his philosophies. As someone who listens to his music and has read a lot about his short life, this part definitely touched me, and it obviously isn't featured in the previous two adaptations, as they were both made before Marley became an international superstar.

Yes, this film has its flaws, and seems to have gotten a lot of positive feedback as well as negative, but personally, I have to give it a positive review. While not quite a masterpiece, I still found it to be a memorable sci-fi/horror film, with a fair amount of suspense, action, and poignancy. Once again, I don't know how it compares to the book or the previous two adaptations of it, and clearly, it seems to be widely considered inferior to those, but while that may be true, I cannot join the naysayers on this one. If you see this version of "I Am Legend", I guess you could easily end up on either side, but if you want to see a combination of sci-fi, horror, and drama, and you're a Will Smith fan, I think it's worth a try, and yes, it just MIGHT help a BIT if you're a Bob Marley fan.

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31 out of 45 people found the following review useful:

If only I hadn't read the book

Author: drman321 from United States
15 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie could have been perfectly enjoyable in its entirety if I had never read the book. As long as I live I will never understand why certain scenes which only add to the suspense and overall feel of a story, are changed or cut out entirely when a book is made into a movie. In the case of "I am Legend" the entire third act is changed dramatically. The end of the book offers us a bitterly introspective look at good and evil, what it means to be the good guy, the bad guy, and the last guy, and even a twisted glimmer of hope for society. It has its action moments too, there is a midnight raid on Neville's house, a close companion betrays him, he has a last stand with the vampires. It is just as action packed as any summer blockbuster. In the movie we are given a mindless orgy of explosions and overly CG'd creatures smashing things. The entire reason the title of the story is fitting is found at the end of the book. Neville realizes he is a legend to the vampire society which has sprung up from the ashes of humanity. He realizes he is a story used to frighten the vampires because he comes in the day and kills them while they sleep. In the movie we are told he is a legend because he finds a cure. The two explanations just don't stack up. I can understand when some things need to be changed to make a movie appealing to the masses or because a certain shot would be very difficult to perform while in a book it can just be written, but the things changed and cut out of "I am Legend" were unnecessary and took away from the quality of one of the most poignant stories in American literature. If you have not read the book, do yourself a favor and hold off until after watching the movie, you will enjoy both much more.

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33 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

Very good until the dumbed down ending

Author: sarri_chelsea from United States
14 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So, first off, for all those supposed horror movie/book, zombie or vampire fans: this is not a knock off of 28 days later. It's based off I Am Legend, a FANTASTIC book by Richard Matheson, written in 1954... a very LONG time before 28 days later. And, in case you don't know, it very clearly inspired Night of the Living dead, which has influenced most zombie movies since. But anyway, this movie is very good-AT FIRST. It has a fantastic opening, sets the tone AMAZINGLY well, and the effects of NYC that everyone is raving about are in fact worth the praise. The use of sound or lack of it creates such a great effect, and it even adds some subtle nuances from the book that I wouldn't expect the movie to have (such as implying that the vampires were smart, and in my opinion, though it could just be the fact I read the book, it seemed as if it was implying that they were in fact forming the society they did in the book, or at least some organization, though it never followed through with it...). The CGI while, not convincing, is done at such appropriate times that the way the scenes were done makes up for it. However, the only complaint I really have to make is the pathetic excuse of an ending. For those who have read the book they know why it is called "I am Legend." the movie tried to follow through with that, only they changed it to some pathetic excuse of an ending. Rather then giving it the intelligence of the book, they ended it with some dumbed down ending for the masses, and no one who sees it could be satisfied by such a cheesy, pathetic attempt at something deep. My advice for people who see it: Watch until the girl shows up, then read the last few chapters of the book, you'll be much the better for it.

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56 out of 95 people found the following review useful:

One of the Worst Movies I have ever seen

Author: choltan40 from United States
16 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I have to say that I was so excited to see this movie. The previews for it kept everyone guessing, and made people wonder "what in the world is this movie about?". If I would have known it was just another zombie movie, I would have saved myself the time and money. I have lost over 2 hours of my life to watch this awful, horrible movie. We did not get attached to Will Smith's wife or daughter, but yet they kept showing pictures of them, like we were supposed to feel sorry for him. WE ONLY SEE THEM FOR A TOTAL OF ABOUT 2 MINUTES!!! The best part of the movie was when he was quoting Shrek. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! For a movie with basically only one character, there was no character development at all! I went to this movie with 7 other people, and we all hated it. If you do go to see this movie, please do not have high expectations. They will not be met.

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29 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

It's like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets if there hadn't been a Chamber of Secrets

Author: nindustrial7 from Oregon
17 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was sadly disappointed by this movie. Back when I first heard about it, I picked up the book since it sounded interesting. It was immediately a favorite, but the movie was a travesty.

It seemed to have hope for the first half. I can deal with minor story variations, but by the end of the movie, they have completely changed the ending so as to destroy the entire build-up/meaning behind the title. Sure, they try to tie it in, but it's ultimately not satisfying. The sad part is that I could really see it succeeding if they had not strayed so far. I thought Will Smith gave a great performance, and they did an excellent job building the atmosphere of the film. If you have not read the book, you may be able to enjoy it. But if you have read the book, I would go so far as to say don't even bother, because it is so loosely "based on" the book that they should not have even used the title.

If you haven't read the book and do see it, I highly suggest reading the book! It's great. My hope is that the movie may at least spur some to pick up the book, in which case they're in for a treat.

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20 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

First half good, second half embarrassing.

Author: john_sinbad from United Kingdom
28 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having seen some promising trailers I today decided to go and see I Am Legend. The film kicks off with a newscaster interviewing a scientist about what is thought to be a cure for cancer. The scientist's amateurish method of helping the layman understand how the cure actually works - using the simile of a car and its driver - made me wonder whether the film would persist with this kind of dumbing down.

We are then taken instantly to the post-apocalyptic New York in which Robert Neville (Will Smith) lives. Just about everyone has either died or contracted some sort of zombie-ism because of KV, a virus originating from the genetically-modified measles virus which was used to try and cure cancer. This part having been brought in so soon you are hoping that the director will be able to quickly establish the sense of complete human absence, and at first the broken skyscrapers and the overgrown grass make you think that yes this is will make a nice backdrop for Will Smith to do his thing. But then come the zoo animals, the first of many CGI cock ups that this film will probably become famous for one day. We have deers, lions and, well, a distracting, generic looking computer-generated animal that looks like a cross between a bear and a liger.

Will Smith's interaction with his dog companion Sam is probably the best thing about the film, and it all happens within the first half hour or so. Will Smith does a very good job of conveying Neville's dependence on Sam for interaction and companionship, especially in an amusing scene involving Neville giving Sam a dog bath while listening to Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' (every little thing's gonna be alright).

During the first half of the film we are every now and then treated to a few emotionally charged flash backs that detail the evacuation of Manhattan and the separation of Neville from his family. A particularly touching scene involves a woman and her child frantically trying to beat the checkpoint despite the fact that she is infected.

The first interaction with a zombie occurs when Sam takes a detour through a dark area of town and into some building. Neville enters the building himself to rescue his friend and soon comes face to face with a horde of horrifically tame looking CGI zombies. An unflattering close-up of one the zombie's faces reveals every last computer-generated flaw, from their ridiculously fast animation frame rate to their laboured and drawn out facial expressions. Every time a zombie appears in this film you can't help but think you're playing a first-generation Xbox 360 game.

The final decent scene of the film has Neville hanging upside from a trap, and he and Sam have to escape from a tactical ambush that the zombies had planned out. Sam gets bitten by one of the zombie dogs while protecting his master and contracts KV, thus marking the end of a decent first half of the film.

Neville takes a mortally wounded Sam back to his home and holds him in his arms. A few moments of silence occurs and I thought to myself right there and then "I bet any second now, Will Smith will start singing Three Little Birds," and just as if by magic Will Smith read my mind and decided to give a broken, 'emotional' performance of that very song. If you had to state an exact point in the film at which the quality suddenly took a turn for the worse, this was it. A whole scene exhibiting a cringe-worthy caricature of the relationship that carried the first portion of the film. Neville then strangles his zombie-infected dog to death, but instead of seeing this scene we are treated to a two minutes mini-film of Will Smith's gurning face.

More fights with zombies in the dark ensue, and then out of nowhere Neville is saved by a woman called Anna who had responded to a radio message that Will had sent out. Her plan is to reach Vermont to live in a survivor's refuge community. Anna takes Neville back to his place and makes him a Sunday morning fry up. The film's director suddenly decides to remove all of the social skills and optimism that Neville had evidentially maintained in his interactions with his dog and have him turn into an unsympathetic and hopeless loser.

The film's biggest 'sin' is the utterly blunt pro-Christian subtext that is introduced after Sam's death. When Neville is saved, we see his rescuer's cross necklace dangle before his eyes. Later, we see some of Neville's wounds: punctures on his wrists. Then a chat between Anna and Neville reveals that Anna believes that God sent her there and that God will save them. In the second to last scene, Neville hands Anna a gourde containing the antidote to KV that he created in his laboratory, sends her out into the world and then becomes a martyr by hurling himself into a mob of computer-generated zombies, a scene that draws allegorical parallels with Jesus in the bible sacrificing himself to save mankind. Anna's journey from Brazil through the east coast of the America's locating survivors represents the Christian preaching work, and her eventual arrival at Vermont represents the ascendancy to heaven: the first building we see behind the huge gates is a Christian church.

Now I'm not saying that Christianity is a bad thing, or even that pro-Christian subtext in a film is a bad thing. What's bad is the fact that the subtext is so unsubtle that even Christians would take offence. The soliloquy that closes the film might as well say, "Christianity is the only answer to all of life's problems".

Too long; didn't read? First half is good, second half is an embarrassing glurge fest, and both halves are virtually ruined by laughable CGI.

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18 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

Oh dear.....

Author: si_walters from United Kingdom
14 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this is probably the worst film of 2007 (obviously I haven't seen them all but with source material like this it would hard to be beaten). It's so completely depressing that there still hasn't been an authentic realisation of an absolutely classic book. It's only 160 pages long! How hard can that be to put on film in two and a half hours. The book is full of imagery and about a million different ideas that could be told brilliantly on film with a little bit of thought, a considerably smaller budget and a decent screenwriter. The worst thing about rubbish like this is that now no one will be able to raise the money to take the source material and make something mind blowing with it. The whole thing leaves me feeling like I've opened a Christmas present, it's a puppy.....and it's dead.

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23 out of 34 people found the following review useful:


Author: Ostrakosmos from Ulm, Germany
13 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After having seen this movie, I wonder which hardline-evangelical pressure-group sponsored it.

This is no longer to be called a Hollywood-movie. It really is a blunt, plain fundamental-Christian, evangelical propaganda-piece of the worst kind.

What does this movie want to tell us? The Apocalypse is close! It is, of course, depicted as divine judgement of a wrathful and revenging god. The survivors are, of course, lost unless they take resolve in faith. And, in the end, the heavenly Jerusalem where the survivors find refuge, of course looks remarkably like a 19th-century Amish village - with a picturesque wooden chapel in the middle and surrounded by a concrete wall like the one which the Israelis built to confine the Palestinians. So, this is what the future looks like, according to the makers of this film?!?

It's such a pity!

Additional flaws: The opening is the most pathetic, most overdone product-placement sequence in recent years. And, finally, the man-eating human mutants - pathetic, once again. Having superhuman physical power, but unable to talk, their only feature is their constant, unarticulated yells at the audience. What's the point, there?!?

A total disgrace, altogether.

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