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This is one of the funniest and positive cartoons. ever.

Author: coroner34
4 February 2006

There were very few episodes so I seen most twice and they are funny intelligent and very positive. Fred doesn't know the meaning of word panic, fear etc. and he thinks any of those responses are games. He exhibits innocence and a beginners mind with hilarious consequences.

The cast of character spans all age-groups and the characters are well developed and unique. Unlike everyone else, the Bunga berry has four feet. The cartoon is inspired.

As of Feb. 2006, WB stopped showing it, which is a terrible pity. I hope it will be available again.

Maybe amazon will carry the video.

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A Very Unique Cartoon!

Author: Joe101 from United States
13 October 2005

This show is one of the best shows ever! It is a rarity that Kids WB put a comedy cartoon on instead of an action cartoon. The show is about a bunch of fruits living on an island and they Coconut Fred, the main character, causes a lot of commotion. The cartoon is done in a very unique way. The animation also involves some live action pictures. The character are also very well drawn. Many people feel like it resembles Spongebob Squarepants. Coconut Fred is sort of the trouble maker on the island and he does in a very funny way. The show consists of 2 10-minute episodes for one 30-minute time period. Kids everywhere can enjoy this wonderful show if they will open their minds to it.

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(short negative review)

Author: toonzofficial from Indianapolis, IN
16 November 2015

What can I say about this fourth insult cartoon. Kids' WB Should have not aired this cartoon on the same day Loonatics Unleashed and Johnny Test premiered. The animation looks ugly and I cannot sum any message in four words. But this was the main character's voice actor's least favorite role Fred is acting like SpongeBob but not very good like his shenanigans .The Banana Twins are clones of Patrick. And Bingo is acting probably like Gary. Yeah... I don't like this show. But it is not the worst Kids' WB show ever but I still don't like this show. Writing is bland. Don't know about the intro and music. I give this show a 2 out of 10.

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Author: Mhjm6 from United States
19 June 2006

"Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island!" is a hilarious show that is on Saturday mornings on WB. It stars Coconut Fred and all of his friends on the island, and every episode is a very funny misadventure of theirs. Most of the time, it is because of Coconut Fred's trouble making antics which makes it funny, and other stuff going on on the island at the same time. The humor is great and nobody on the island is very bright at all, which adds it being as amusing as it is. I don't think this could be funnier. The voice talents of the characters are magnificently superior and are exaggerated, which adds to the show's hilarity. If this is ever on DVD, I'm getting it A.S.A.P!

Strongly recommended for a good laugh.

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Biggest ripoff ever.

Author: Michelle E from United States
10 January 2006

Oh man...This show is the biggest ripoff of Spongebob I have ever seen! Even the name sounds the same! Coconut Fred...Spongebob... Fred acts almost exactly like Sponge, and Fred's banana buddies Slip and Slide act as a joint Patrick, Mr. Greenrind is a sort of Squidward...

I'll admit that the show can be funny, but only because it is so much like SB.

I give it 0/10 for originality, 4/10 for voice acting, 3/10 for animation, and 4/10 for music and sound effects. All in all, 3/10. Definitely not one of my favorites. I recommend Invader Zim or Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends if you're looking for a good cartoon to watch.

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If Stephen Hillenburg saw this poor excuse of a flash cartoon, he'd hate it

Author: asaloverboy7 from United States
14 July 2014

Stephen Hillenburg should slap whoever made this show! It's a SpongeBob rip-off! Terrible art, terrible plot, terrible acting, terrible animation, and a beyond terrible theme song! It should have been renamed into "Coconut Dread's Cruddy Island".

Here's why this show copies off SpongeBob.

1. Fred is basically SpongeBob, but extremely annoying.

2. The banana brothers are clones of Patrick.

3. The watermelon is just Mr. Krabs.

4. And lastly there's a lemon who is very similar to Squidward.

All in one, this is the worst flash cartoon of all time. You'd be far better off with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Total Drama series which are 10 billion times better than this garbage.

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Bring it Back

Author: tommypezmaster from United States
29 April 2007

Fred was such a great show.It was simple but somehow very addicting.I can still remember the days when I'd watch this on Kids WB Saturdays ,but then Kids WB did the unforgivable.Kids WB became like that older relative that tries to act "hip" and "funky fresh".*shudder*They became like that relative who tries to act all cool ,but the attempt is a cheesy disaster.They pulled Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Inland and all the other good shows to put on some of the most pointless shows I've ever seen In my life(Will and DeWitt).The only thing that keeps me watching KWB anymore is the occasional bits of the old shows and the anime on 4kids.It was such a huge mistake to pull this show off of the schedule.This brings me back to my first point... BRING IT BACK!!!

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