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When does it stop being a movie?
eminges6 February 2006
We're exploring new territory, kids.

Think of all the icons and touchstones of Bad Bad Bad we love and respect: Manos, Plan 9, Eegah! Think of all the big-budget stinkburgers we've forced friends and relatives to sit through, trying to infect them with our disease: Skiddoo, Myra Breckinridge, Showgirls. Think of how we all felt when we realized that MST was only able to scratch the surface of Bad, since they had to track down the perpetrators and get rights, and since they had to stick to movies that COULD be ripped. I mean, how do you make fun of Acid Eaters, Night of Horror, Broadway Jungle? Now, for you lucky ones, you true connoisseurs of cr*p, think about those very special flicks even you couldn't take in one sitting, the absolutely unwatchable: Misery Brothers, Jimmy the Boy Wonder, Microwave Massacre.

This. Is. Worse. This is hallucinatorily bad. This is so much further down the scale than Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare that you'll laugh hysterically rereading all the one-star Comments on IMDb for the original-poor fools! You think this is bad? Wait till the sequel comes out twenty years later, then you'll REALLY see something that'll bring up your lunch!

If you believe, really believe, in the healing power of bad film, this is a can't-miss. No hints, no clues as to what you'll be exposed to-OK, just one: the magic scene in which Jon-Mikl, now pushing three hundred pounds, in floppy rubber armor, is attacked in a park by a SINGLE STRAND of Swedish ivy. Does he defeat it with his mighty broadsword? You'll never know till you see The Original Rock Warrior in...INTERCESSOR!!!!
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What the H-E-Double hockey sticks was that?
a_drugstore_cowboy7 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Oh boy...

Let me say that I am a lover and supporter of independent films and those filmmakers who take their vision and create it for the world to see. So sometimes people are limited by their budget thus creating "low-budget fare". I respect that. What I don't respect are people who would make video projects with their friends and charge people their hard-earned money to purchase and then be tortured by having to watch that video project.

That is exactly what Intercessor is...a video project. When I state video, I mean "let's grab our camcorder, go out in the yard, and sell it as a movie" type of video project. This was advertised as a sequel to a guilty pleasure of mine: "Rock and Roll Nightmare". When I heard about this, I could not wait to see John Triton's continuing battles against the forces of darkness. What I did not expect to see was Thor fighting with hard rubber swords and inaudible dialogue. Thor's battle against the tree branch when he meets up with the witch was just not as cool or fun as...


...when he wrestled the giant rubber 'Bub from Rock and Roll Nightmare. It reminded me of that scene in Ed Wood when Bela Lugosi had to pull the creature's arms onto himself to make it look like he was being attacked because the prop malfunctioned. It looked JUST LIKE THAT!

The lighting, sound, and editing were amateurish. And don't even get me started on the costumes. From the five minute point on, I was trying to get over the budgetary constraints but the film's flaws just got worse and worse. I could barely make it through the film as hard as I tried and I just could not stomach viewing the deleted scenes. I can only imagine how BAD they were in a horrible film like this. I mean Hard Rock Zombies is Citizen Kane compared to this mess. What's worse...


...the ending showed that Harry had become evil and was the new leader of the underworld to set up a sequel. Please, please, sequel.

Do yourself a favor, if you are a fan of Rock and Roll Nightmare and you want to see this sequel, just go back and watch the first one. Hopefully the Triton legacy will not be ruined for you as well.

In conclusion, I will go the Highlander 2 route with this film and just pretend that I didn't see it and that it doesn't exist.

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Red-Barracuda20 March 2013
The original Edge of Hell (a.k.a. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare) was something of a cult movie. It was really quite terrible in many ways of course. But it was a true one off and decidedly ridiculous. Its finale in particular is a sequence that – to quote an old cliché – really has to be seen to be believed. That climatic scene introduced a character called The Intercessor. Well, he was brought back and a sequel was named after him. Is this a good thing? Well, no it isn't. The Intercessor: Another Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare has absolutely none of the charms of the original. The first flick may well have been low budget but this one is like a home movie. It's shot on video. No scratch that, it's badly shot on video. It consistently looks appalling, like a bunch of people mucking about in front of a camera. The sound is terrible too. While the acting can only be described as horrible. The soundtrack has a few choice heavy metal songs, they are abysmal too. There's nothing good about this. It isn't amusingly inept, it's tedious. If you think that a sequel to Edge of Hell has to be at least semi-entertaining then think again. This is a shocker.
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You need to watch this in the right mood for it
icebreaka20 January 2006
There are lots of things you can pick on in this movie to be sure but there are also lots of moments that if you like the campy-ness of the thing are quite amusing. Its a pretty ambitious thing to try to make a sci-fi horror on what looks to be a zero budget and I commend them for that.

Thor is always fun to watch, if you've ever seen him in concert you know what I mean. Anyway its worth a rent for sure I think if you are in the right mood. Its not Oscar material obviously but I've seen less entertaining movies. I have heard that it was actually 2 separate movies that were turned into a single film and after you look at it that way you can kind of see that in it. Tricky work to pull it all into one story. I could see this thing have endless sequels within the characters that it creates.
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