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The ship at the end which houses the killer's lair is the Nindawayma, a passenger vessel of about 6000 gross tons.
In October 2006, it ended Porky's (1982) 24-year reign as the highest grossing Canadian movie at the Canadian box office. In turn, its own reign was later ended by Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010).
According to the DVD commentaries, the Montreal Patriots' mascot is named Falardeau. Pierre Falardeau is a Quebec movie director who is known for his strong separatist opinion.
When Therrien is in the mascot in front of the mirror with the gun, at one point he turns around and yells "Ah-ha!" This is a spoof of a series of Quebec commercials for a local drugstore called Familiprix. In each commercial, someone gets in a situation where he gets hurt or sick, and a pharmacist in a white lab coat appears yelling "Ah-ha! Familiprix!". The pharmacist is played by 'Sylvain Marcel', who plays the role of Luc Therrien.
When Bouchard is on Tom Berry's show and gives out his phone number for the tattoo killer, his lip movement seems different from what he actually says. According to the DVD commentaries, in the take, Patrick Huard actually gave his personal cell phone number. The fake number was dubbed over it.
The phone-in radio show heard (and seen) at the beginning was hosted by Ron Fournier. Fournier hosts a radio show on CKAC 730AM called "Bonsoir les sportifs!" ("Good Evening Sports Fans"). He is well known for his colorful take on the world of sports and hockey in particular, and is also known to be very flamboyant in his comments and responses to callers.
The police Capt's LaBoeuf and Mac Duff are spoofs of American actors Shia LaBeouf and Hilary Duff, for their opposite qualities.
The Harry Buttman character is a parody of real-life NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.
There are many references to real National Hockey League events used in the film, such as the Quebec Nordiques' relocation to Colorado, the Eric Lindros situation and the Pocklington deal. Although fictional names are used, these are obvious in-jokes for hockey fans.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The movie shows Commissioner Harry Buttman trying to sell a Canadian team to a "Texan millionaire" only referred to as Mr. Arbusto. "Arbusto" is the Spanish word for "bush"; and the Bush family is a prominent American family of businessmen and politicians from Texas.

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