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It Ain't Over 'til It's Over - Third favorite best Rocky movie for me!
ivo-cobra84 November 2015
Rocky Balboa (2006) is truly the best Rocky Movie since Rocky III and IV, maybe the best of all time!! Still the first movie is the best, Rocky Balboa is close to the first film, the best movie in the series of all time! It is my second favorite best film In the series. I love this movie to death the same as I love Rocky I,III and IV to death! in my opinion it is better than new movie Creed! For me Rocky IV will be the best in the series. This movie brings closure to the ultimate sports movie. This movie showed the true essence of who Rocky was and what he was all about. The film has a heart unlike Rocky V who did not had a heart. The most that I love In this film is, the training sequence. The film is fast paced, entraining, not boring or over too long. It truly follows the roots from the first Rocky film, it is a 30.year anniversary after the success of the first Rocky film from the 70's. I love how Rocky meets little Marie (Geraldine Hughes) after 30.years and everything what Rocky predicted in the first film, really happened to her. Tony Duke (Tony Burton) did return in this film. There is no Adrian (Talia Shire) in this film, I am happy she wasn't in here. I heard something that Stallone did not cast her in the film, because she wanted much more money.

Rocky, helped Marie and her son. He adopted little puppy and he run the stairs of his former statue. Running with his dog on the stairs was one the most touching sequences, I have ever saw! The speech he gives his son is probably one of the most inspiring speeches I've ever heard. This movie is Stallone's masterpiece, moving, touching, not boring unlike (II & V), Sylvester Stallone gave his best performance after the first film , I ever seen. The fighting sequences are realistic like in the first film! Antonio Tarver (Mason 'The Line' Dixon) wanted more money before he would agree to star in this film, so Sylvester Stallone gave half of his salary so that he did started in this film.

Rocky Balboa (2006) was a huge impressive improvement over Rocky V. The fifth movie was the most sad film to the series I have ever saw. Even Sylvester Stallone him self was very disappointed with the flick, how it ended. I even heard they originally wanted to kill the Character Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone did not allowed that to happened with his character he invented. I am glad that he did come back after 16.years of disappointment to redeem him self and the most beloved character of the history! I have singly enjoyed this film, more than I did Rocky II, IV and V.

People keeps saying Rocky V goes back to his roots well that would be Rocky Balboa not Rocky V. Rocky Balboa is going once back they way he was in Rocky I we see Little Marie after 30.years and everything what he predicted really happened to her. Rocky Balboa in this movie he has a heart we also see Spider Rico. Thank god there was no Adrian in this movie she annoyed the hell out of me. Sylvester Stallone made in my opinion one of the best movies and wonderful performance in my opinion. Rocky III, Rocky I and Rocky Balboa are in my top three best movies of Rocky that I absolutely love. After the huge disappointment in Rocky 5, Stallone has come back with a vengeance to complete this historic franchise. And he does it in style. The story is simple, but the characters are beautifully portrayed. I also heard that Stallone was planning to make this film in 2004 after a failure of Rocky V (1990) and he executed perfectly!

"It Ain't Over 'til It's Over"

Thirty years after the ring of the first bell, Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement and dons his gloves for his final fight; against the reigning heavyweight champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon. That is your basic plot.

I love this film to death, It is my second favorite best film of the series that I just love and Enjoy. I am giving it a 10/10, because the film deserves it.

Rocky Balboa (also known as Rocky VI) is the sixth installment in the Rocky franchise, written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone, who reprises his role as the title character. The 2006 film in the Rocky series that began with the Academy Award-winning Rocky thirty years earlier in 1976.
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Surprise and relief! Rocky Balboa is a winner
EnriqueH14 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers

Stallone did it.

I went in cringing and walked out impressed.

The tone was closer to the first two Rocky movies, but it did it in a way that the fifth movie wasn't able to grasp. One key ingredient: verisimilitude.

They treated the boxing in the film the way boxing is in real life. I know, because I covered and followed the sport very closely for about three years.

Real life boxing personalities pepper the film's cast. For the fight scene, they got the current HBO announcing team of Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Max Kellerman.

They treated the build-up to the fight not unlike movie audiences are treating Rocky Balboa the movie: What, another Rocky movie/fight? There is some reminiscing of the past like in Rocky 5, but it's handled much better. It flows naturally from Rocky the character. It's not nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia the way some of Rocky V played out. In fact, I got choked up quite a few times throughout the film.

The writing is excellent. The monologue from the first Rocky teaser, that some people criticized, shows up in this movie. It plays WAAAAAAAAAAAY better, more powerfully, with more emotional resonance in the context of the movie. The teaser didn't do it justice. The movie does.

If you're a Rocky fan, you have to see it. If your girlfriend/boyfriend aren't Rocky fans or have never seen a Rocky movie, you have to take them.

My 19-year-old girlfriend thinks she has seen Rocky but only as a little girl, so she had a vague, if any, recollection of the series. So vague, in fact, that she even told me that Stallone the actor looked "familiar". And she loved the movie. She cheered, and when the fight started, she told me, "I'm so nervous!" In the end, she also loved the character of Rocky, proving to me that the character's appeal--despite his age and several decades removed from his debut---is still undeniable.

Stallone was great in the role, of course. This is obviously the part he was born to play.

Burt Young is great as Paulie. He gave a nice supporting performance with the right touch of humor.

I was impressed with Antonio Tarver as Mason Dixon. Tarver, as some of you might know, is a real fighter. In fact, I saw him fight once in Miami. He turned in a good performance, which I wasn't expecting since he's an athlete, not an actor. So Tarver deserves a nod.

The movie is inspiring---the winning quality in all Rocky movies.

Now don't get me wrong: I'm not claiming this is Rocky I all over again. This is the sixth movie in what was a tired series when we last saw it, but Stallone breathed new life into it and it's definitely a deserving addition to the Rocky series.

Lastly, there's a moment in the theater that I really, really want to share with you guys. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with the end.

The movie audience was pretty quiet throughout the first half. But when Rocky starts training to the Rocky theme, the crowd came alive and began cheering and clapping. I saw one guy throwing punches during the fight. Another guy was stomping on the ground from what I imagined was excitement of the fight, and nervousness.

I'm not sure Stallone could've made a better part 6 than this.
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"Rocky Balboa" does not disappoint!!
Robin Winters4 December 2006
I recently attended a pre-screening for "Rocky Balboa" in Denver. This movie was so powerful, that I went through every emotion imaginable while watching it. There are some very humorous parts in the movie, there are some sad parts of the movie. However, the message of the film is moving. This particular "Rocky" movie focuses on Rocky's life after boxing. It really develops his character in ways that the other movies have not. The trailer that is out does not do this movie justice. If you want to see a movie with a deep message and a whole lot of heart, you will not be disappointed. Don't think "Another 'Rocky' movie" and brush it off. This movie is well written, the acting is great, the characters seem like real people. Even though I have already seen it, I will be back on opening day to see it again. It is an instant classic. So keep an open mind and give this movie a chance, you will be glad that you did!
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Balboa shocks the World
tonystalloney14 December 2006
Balboa is gonna hit so many people in different ways.

I suppose you can look at any great film and see a message in there, but the Rocky franchise is so inspirational, even the 5th one.

This new film has had me thinking, and though some reviews have said it's a trip down memory lane and a rehash of the 1st, well the point is, as reflected in the film, that Rocky IS living in the past, like so many of us do for one reason or another.

The message as stated in the film "you gotta keep moving forward", I don't know if its me or just pure genius, but if you LOOK you will find something that touches your soul throughout the franchise ..

So i wont drag this out...........

I left the theatre kind of stunned. Its been a long while since Rocko got back in the ring, and I, like everyone else, wanted a better film than Rocky V. Sly has wised up a lot over the years, and all I can say is....


The fact that its the 6th one, and to be honest, its no sci-fi film where you can really go to town on the plot, there is only so much you can do, and Sly has done it. Yeah, you could say that the plot mirrors Sly's life over the last few years, but all the Rocky's have done that in one way or another. This is Rocky back to his sweet and charming self, stunned with what life has thrown at him, and just going through the motions of, well, growing old, but still having that ambition to kick life in the balls and say "it ain't over til it's over". He looks great for 60, and doesn't over train for the final bout, he's kept it very realistic, and the fight itself is handled very well, and looks different to the recent wars we have been used to. The film isn't just about boxing, it's a drama, which will inspire you, if you can put your ego to one side and let it.

Paulie is fab, he calms things down and stops certain moments turning into what some people may call cheesy. Unfortunately people with no emotions call things cheesy, but they are the ones who have yet to learn what life can throw at you.

This film is up there with I & II, and I need to see it again!!!!!!!!


A perfect ending to the saga, and an amazing turn around for the franchise.
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An incredible film....
yzzman16 December 2006
I just attended an advance screening of Rocky Balboa. This film is a truly beautiful character piece that deserves tremendous praise. For those of you who have written off Sylvester Stallone as an actor - you are in for a re-awakening of his talent. The writing is phenomenal as is the truly inspirational feeling you will get watching this - much like the first Rocky movie. Stallone wore three hats during the filming as screenwriter, director and star. Burt Young makes a terrific return as Paulie. Another highlight is Geraldine Hughes as Marie. Personally, I couldn't have hoped for a better conclusion to this legacy Sylvester Stallone has left for American culture known as "Rocky Balboa."
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Best one since the original
justiceryan25 October 2006
Had the opportunity last night to see the World Premier of Rocky Balboa two months before it will be released. A great movie. I was impressed with it, in fact the storyline is something we will all appreciate. I am looking all over the internet right now to see if I can find the two speeches Rocky gives in the movie, that gave me chills. One was to the commission, when he tries to get his boxing license, and the other to his son. The acting is great, the storyline as stated before is great, the cast is well put together as well. This is Stallone's best acting ever. The only downfall, I thought was the soundtrack, as Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) entrance music to the fight is great, and of course the theme to Rocky is great, but other than that the soundtrack was not good at all. However as we all know we cannot judge a movie by its soundtrack. This is a must see!
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Just As Good As The First
Prophet7972 December 2006
I saw this film at a test screening a few months ago. While I am a fan of all the films I think this one is the most on par with the first one. While two thru five were good films they had more to do with Rocky as a public figure and his fame. In this film he is not that distanced from the guy he was in the first, maybe just a little wiser. The film doesn't focus so much on boxing as it does on the actual character of Rocky and the trials he faces having one day been on top of the world and now he leads a simple life and thrives on his memories.

I am a huge Stallone fan but I realize his career has been in a slump lately, but this film would be a perfect resurrection for him. The acting is great and it has some of the best writing I've seen in years. Two very powerful scenes are when Rocky tries to get his license back and probably the best scene of the film is when he confronts his son.

Any Stallone or Rocky fan will love this film. And I'm sure a lot of people who had doubts about this film 30 years later or even Stallone being 60 years old will be very surprised and pleased. And it does not hurt that Sylvester Stallone is in better shape at 60 then half of Hollywood under 30.

I've already seen the movie but I plan to be there opening day to see it again.
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A quick review of the Rocky Series
tieman643 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you permanently there if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not point fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!" - Rocky Balboa.

For a guy with a single digit IQ and a chronic speech impediment, Rocky sure does speak a lot of sense. Part of the appeal of the first film was Rocky's "never give up" attitude. We loved watching an underdog succeed. The ring became a metaphor for life, and The Rock a metaphor for the unmovable human spirit. He weathered blow after blow, but kept on standing.

Rocky Balboa, the last film in the series, is likewise a tale of triumph against the odds. It's a small story, akin to a gritty 1950's B movie, but it's filled with pathos, some nice character interactions and a couple memorable speeches. Though the final boxing match is pretty unmemorable and badly shot, the entire film has a sense of maturity which I found neat.

What's great is that Stallone doesn't pander to audiences with unearned sentiment. He honestly believes in his story. He honestly believes in the inspirational element. As such, it's a fitting coda to the series, and a worthy re-translation of the first film.

Of course Rocky 1 remains the best in the series. It's a low key Cinderella story filled with lots of iconic moments and a cute romance. Yes, it's an absolute rip off of Robert Wise's "Somebody up there likes me", but it's appealing (and John G. Avildsen's direction was in some ways innovative) and clicks with the audience. Especially young males.

Rocky 2 is likewise very good, but suffers from a pointless story. It's essentially the same film on a bigger budget.

From here on, the series would go down hill. Rocky 3 sees a complacent Rocky challenged by Clubber Lang, a hungry fighter. Thematically the film logically progresses from the first two. The Rock has weathered the beatings and risen to the top. But once there, he grows complacent. When the hits resume, he's not ready. He's lost his edge and his cracks are exploited by Lang. It's an entertaining film, but with Rocky 3 the series gradually begins to lose its realism.

Rocky 4 degenerates further, taking things firmly into popcorn territory. It's basically a 90 minute music video in which The Rock has to fight Russians. All realism is gone and it's now all a silly cartoon. Still, I like the film in a guilty sort of way. The soundtrack, all those cheesy muscle shots, the's dumb fun.

Rocky 5, however, is totally worthless. It's an embarrassment and the whole subplot with Rocky's son is pathetic. The film is a waste of time and it's incompetence is largely why Sly decided to revisit and salvage the series.

Luckily with Rocky Balboa he does just that.


Rocky 1- 9/10

Rocky 2- 7.5/10

Rocky 3- 7.5/10

Rocky 4- 7/10

Rocky 5- 6/10

Rocky Balboa- 8/10


The Rocky series has taken a lot of critical flak, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be. The first and last films in the series play like low-key B movies from the 1950's (ie "Somebody Up There Likes Me", also about a boxer called Rocky), and have a nice sense of realism. The dialogue is witty and well written and Sly, despite his goofiness, is quite endearing. One can imagine a Robert Rossen or a young Robert Wise directing these 2 films in black and white.
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Fantastic finale to the Rocky saga
sonicdynamite4 December 2006
I had the opportunity to see a screening of this movie. Having been thoroughly disappointed with Rocky five, I didn't have high hopes for this movie. I am very happy to say this movie brings the Rocky series to the rightful close that the fifth left so empty. This movie isn't so much about the boxing itself, but getting back to the roots of the Rocky story...that determination and courage with the love and help of others makes Rocky a winner no matter what.

This movie is rated PG, and parents will be happy to see that the graphic nature of boxing has been toned down quite a bit in this movie compared to others in the series. If you're looking for a touching family movie with a powerful message, Rocky Balboa is definitely a movie to see. I think adults and children over the age of 10 will throughly enjoy this movie.
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a heart-felt and meaningful end to the Rocky series
bpreyss15 December 2006
Now this is how you put to bed the greatest underdog story ever told.

Rocky Balboa deserves to be taken seriously because it really is a well-made film. Powerful acting, an uplifting message, and of course, some classic Rocky boxing fireworks make this film one my favorites of the entire year. GO SEE IT - YOU WILL NOT BE Disappointed!

(I saw an advanced screening in Chicago - Sly introduced it - He came off as a real humble, decent guy. He said he wasn't happy how Rocky V turned out. Well, he wasn't the only one. I tell you what though - He definitely made amends with this one because it may be the best, even better than the first. )
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"Maybe not a knockout - - - - - - - but on points, - - - I'd give it the thumbs up!"
Graham Watson5 December 2006
I've been able to see this before it's release date so I'll avoid giving too much away in this review. To start with when I heard that they were going to make a sixth Rocky movie you didn't have to be a die hard fan to wonder what were they thinking about, particularly 15 years after the last horrible outing! After 30 years since the original ROCKY was released one could only wonder what else they could conjure up after such a long hiatus? Yet this movie was not bad and it's important to stress that on a number of levels. This rendition of Rocky is true to the previous ones as again he is the underdog, a former champ who is encouraged to come out of obscurity and take on the current champ despite having been retired for 20 years.

Just to recap to the earlier movies for the moment, in the original ROCKY, in some sort of bizarre publicity stunt Rocky Balboa was plucked up from a short list of "bum of the month contenders" to leap frog genuine challengers for a crack at the undisputed heavy weight title. Although he falls short, because of the effort and the show that he puts on, the public demand a rematch and consequently sequel to ROCKY is made and so on. It's important to remember that in the 1970's the American public craved for there to be white heavyweight boxing champion so when the original ROCKY was released not only was it contemporary but captured the imagination of the public at the time. Apollo Creed as the champion was obviously modeled on the brash, cocky Muhammad Ali who you either loved or hated.

Also it's worth noting that in the 1970's and 80's boxing enthusiasts often wondered who would win in a fictional fight between the 1950's champion Rocky Marciano and the 1970's champ Muhammad Ali. Therefore it was no coincidence the name 'Rocky'was used in the 70's, but now today in ROCKY BALBOA we are now asking who would win in 2006, Rocky from the 70's and 80's or Mason Dixon from the 2000's? The question in this movie is actually more like a Rocky Marciano v's Ali now than it was in the 70's!

Another point worth mentioning is that in the original the conceited Apollo Creed was a flashy, arrogant, publicity seeking showman, but more importantly he was human. By the time of Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago in ROCKY'S III and IV respectively the Italian Stallion was up against fighters that did not seem to be human. They were void of feelings had no family and their physical prowess and abilities were so advanced that they seemed more like comic book or video game characters. In this movie Mason Dixon to a large extent returns the heavyweight champion to a more believable human role, although contemporary for 2006 i.e. athletic, brash and mean! I give credit to the writers here and to a large extent this is where the movie worked!

I don't know if it was a coincidence or if it was part of the thinking but ROCKY BALBOA was fortunate enough to be released at a time when the heavyweight boxing scene itself is in a shambles and resembles a three ring circus. From blown up middleweights to an alphabet soup of nobodies in their late 30's right up to a 7 foot Neanderthal lookalike that is totally useless,--- heavyweight boxing has never been more of a joke! In a time when top athletes in their respective sports are stronger, faster or bigger and more powerful than there peers from earlier decades, heavyweight boxing is about the only sport to have regressed. The skill levels and talent are so much poorer than their counter parts in the 1970's and 80's that none of them could even carry Muhammad Ali or Larry Holmes jock strap's when they were at their best! The International powers that be have in there zeal for money have butchered the world heavy weight boxing scene so badly that its turned into a freak show. Thus the idea of a former champion 25 years past his best challenging for a world title is not as far fetched as it once might have been!

This movie will have it's critics and while it is certainly not flawless I see no reason why this movie should be lambasted as it no doubt will be. At the very least it stands out from being better than 90% of the movies that are released today, many which are simply dreadful. If old 1960's,70's and 80's TV shows are revived on the big screen for the movie industries indulgence or else the public are fed an endless list of remakes why not another Rocky movie! The dialogue and writing while not great was no worse anything else I've seen recently and the production and camera angles were good. It's slow in certain areas particularly at the beginning but over all a nostalgic effort which tried to capture the theme of the earlier rocky movies. Apparently Sylvester Stallone was never happy about ROCKY V and for years the memory of it tormented him, well I think this one will have exorcised that demon ,a much better effort overall. Check it out!
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A Movie for all Ages
tylerdorais15 December 2006
This movie was worth waiting for! It is full of life lessons - all worthwhile for people of all ages. This movie touches your every sense. It made me feel as good as I did after watching the 1st Rocky years ago - hopeful, grateful - it made me believe in myself & others!

Kudos to Sylvester Stallone for fighting like a Lion to get this film made the way he wanted. He fought hard to make sure the last chapter on Rocky, his Rocky, was presented the way he wanted! Rocky is a real live man..not an inaccurate Hollywood plastic ... but a character we all can relate to.

This movie was written and presented the way Mr. Stallone wanted ... thank God!! Its a movie to see with your kids ... your dad....your mom .... those you love...its the kind of movie this country needs more of.

Thank you Mr. Stallone
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Movies like this are why I became a filmmaker
muaddib921 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't normally go out of my way to send out reviews of movies...but I have to say if you haven't seen Rocky Balboa MUST! First of all, it is rated PG...and it actually was....I mean, I didn't have to worry about hiding my children's eyes because of a gratuitous...whatever...ya know? Okay---so, It was THE BEST film I've seen in a long time...since...geez...maybe since...I don't know...maybe since Braveheart! If Stallone is ignored or doesn't win an Oscar for this movie, I'll never watch, vote for or speak of the awards again. The film harkened back to the original with a great script and character development...I can't say enough about the writing. Do you remember how the first one made you feel? Like you were in the life of the characters in Philadelphia? The simple wisdoms and UNscripted feeling you got...that which was lost in the later films...just great language. Stallone's acting was fantastic...yes...that's right...Stallone can act! In fact, Stallone wasn't there...just Rocky. This character has lived in Stallone so long, there wasn't anything or way in which Sly didn't know exactly how Rocky would feel or move or character. Burt Young who plays "Paulie" was great as well, showing how all the crap he's dealt out over the years has haunted the character in very deep ways...along with quirky character habits and some surprises that are presented in such a tertiary way that you walk away from the film and only later giggle about them because you didn't realize it at a relative in your own, "eh--that's just Pualie..." only realizing later, "Wait, I'm not related to one is!" lol. Old characters are integrated into this film so smoothly and without pomp as to crate a fluidity between the first and last film that seems effortless for the audience. For example, does anyone remember the references in the first film to "Spider Rico" or who said, "Screw you, Creepo!" ??? These little things are tugged out of our memory like a childhood pal and brought to the fore of this film in way in which the familiarity brings a smile to your face. The clothes are great. Just pay attention to Rocky's suit coat. This is not an action those of you that want to see the Stallone blowing stuff up, should rent Rambo III (A great social commentary in its own way). But for those of you who like STORY and CHARACTER, you will love this film. And here is how broad the films appeal was, I went to see it with my 4 year old, Meadhbh, and she loved it. We've both been humming the theme song since we saw it. It took me all night, thinking about the script to realize the deep social commentary that Stallone has made with this film. There is much on how each one of us can affect changes that reach our far beyond our own lives, how we've lost that which made us great as a nation when we would connect with each other by making the most of what we can in our own little part of the world. Like, buying from local merchants and grocers, restaurateurs and retailers, instead of Mega stores, employing people from character rather than qualification (showing them the ropes and mentoring, instead of always hiring ready made employees), the inter-dependence we have on foreign workers and the GOOD balance that can create... the need for a man (in the case of the film) or a woman to work for self-esteem, pride for what you can do with your own hand, not taking the easy way or accepting handouts because you feel like the world owes you having love is so, so precious and ...and how we should express and acknowledge that fact every day to those whom we love and who love we cannot live by mere existence, that we MUST be challenged and if we are not, we must make challenges for ourselves that may seem unattainable...I'm not talking about conflict, rather, the defiance of complacency...There is an overall theme about how we should, and can, conduct ourselves in the world, everyday, in every way that is so gently presented as to not offend or feel forced. Rather it is given as a gift, a reminder of our better selves...even for those that are living that better path, it is a confirmation and reassurance that those actions, though never easy, are righteous. The movie is so good to look at and conversations so great to listen to, you almost forget that the movie has to end with the big fight. But then the music comes in...but then that trumpet comes in and when THE music kicks in, the whole audience was yelling, "Yeah! Go Rock! Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" When was the last time you heard the audience engaged with a film at all? I sometimes feel like I'm in a theatre with the walking dead, where nothing goes on between the screen and the seats, no one leaves the theatre talking about the film. People left this movie smiling, crying, punching the air, doing the Rocky, victory at the top of the stairs was awesome!
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Stallone Makes Us Believers -- Again
ReelCheese31 March 2007
Admit it. The first time you heard this movie was being made, you either laughed or cringed. On the surface, the concept of a sixth ROCKY film is one of the most ludicrous in recent memory. A brain-damaged boxer who hasn't fought in two decades comes out of retirement in his 50s? To take on the Heavyweight champ? Come on.

But just as The Italian Stallion has one fight left in him, it turns out that writer-director-star Sylvestor Stallone still has the talent to produce top-quality entertainment. We pick up with Rocky in contemporary times, now running a quaint little restaurant called Adrian's, named after his beloved late wife. His relationship with uptight son Robert is awkward, and his life is filled with reflections on years gone by. After a computer-simulated boxing match suggests a young Rocky would defeat current boxing champ Mason "The Line" Dixon, the 50-something decides to climb into the ring again. He plans to headline small-time local fights for thrills, but Dixon's managers soon propose an exhibition charity match of "Will Vs Skill" between the two men. And so the stage is set for the final (and most unlikely) match of Rock's career.

What's most amazing about ROCKY BALBOA is that again Stallone makes us believers. Just as we believed that at wash-up from the streets of Philly could take the boxing crown from Apollo Creed all those years ago, we believe he can stand toe-to-toe with Dixon. Stallone doesn't gloss over the unlikeliness of the storyline. The boxing commission initially rejects his application, for seemingly obvious reasons. Reporters chide the fight as a sort of circus-like event that hurts boxing. Dixon's champion status is watered down by the fact he has been spoon-fed weak opponents his whole career, didn't seem to take the Balboa match seriously, and injures his hand early in the fight. It all gives the film a very real feel, as unlikely as it may sound.

ROCKY BALBOA is also a very fresh take on a character we've grown to love. The film has a very gritty, contemporary look. Rocky's old neighborhood isn't quite the same place where men used to sing in perfect harmony around a barrel fire. Now it's filled with decrepit buildings and obnoxious young people who remind you of the guests who go on Jerry Springer and swear at the audience. The Rocky here is a man out of his time who can hardly be blamed for his desire to seek out past glories. At the same time, ROCKY BALBOA has high nostalgia value. Whether you like the film or not, it's a real treat to see Rocky, still with his pork pie hat, back when we were sure we'd never see him again. Paulie's back, too, still drunk most of the time, and former Creed trainer Duke once again gets the most out of his man in the ring.

ROCKY BALBOA is first class entertainment. Like the original entry, it's not really a boxing movie, but a film about the human condition and following our dreams. It's fantastic.
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A sixth sequel to the Academy award winning film Rocky. A story about one who can and will prove himself to the world.
nnpietro18 January 2007
I highly recommend seeing this movie if you liked the first Rocky. I went and saw it Christmas Day 2006 with my father and sister. My father had seen the first Rocky back in 1976 and loved it. The new Rocky had that same emotion like the first one. People were in the theater making fun of Rocky saying, "Oh, so when is Rocky XIX coming out?!" "Come on you old man!" But I think anybody who liked the story and could relate to it would actually walk out of the theater and say, " That was a darn good movie" It had a lot of the silent sort of scenes where that early morning Philadelphia song would come in. GO SEE IT! RENT IT! YOU WILL LIKE IT!

If you don't, you probably never seen the first one, put down movies a lot, or are just insane. Enjoy!
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A Perfect End For the Rocky Saga.
Mnemic_owns12 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In Rocky V Mr. Balboa moves back to his home town, Phillydelphia because of lack of money. Now he lives in a small house for himself. In 2002 Adrian died, which, of course broke Rocky's heart. He runs an restaurant called Adrian's. His son, Robert Rocky Balboa Jr kinda lives in the shadow of his father, he is not doing so well in the business. And he only get jobs because he is the son of Rocky.

When Rocky sees an animated fight between him and the World Champion, where Rocky actually wins, the spirit and passion for boxing gets brought back. He decides to fight again. He gets mocked and laughed at, so Rocky decides he wants to prove that he is still capable of boxing, and fights Mason "The Line" Dixon,which is the world champion in a Exhibition fight.

This movie was very inspirational, Sly probably made the best movie of 2006. When you you've done something you love almost all your life, and decides to retire, the passion still wont go away, rocky carried a passioned beast inside him and the animated fight woke that beast to life. He felt he had no other choice than fight Mason.

So what I think this movie was about is that you can't just give up something you've done all your life. You just have to do it, and you don't give a damn if your getting mocked at for doing an bad job, you will still do what you love.

-Do what you love, and never quit.

9.5 out of 10.

Ulrik. Mnemic owns and peace out...
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Fantastic JOB... Thanks you Mr. Stallone
Syed Ali Faheem Naqvi11 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
WoW... Just saw this movie and it was Awesome...

I've only seen Rocky series till Rocky-3. and liked the first part very much as despite of fact the lead character becomes American Hero but his rise and enthusiasm is what we people in third world country sees a lot..

It was not about some DREAM come true it was all about RESPECT and thats what excellent in it.. see He was a fighter with some abilities and was alone so his life was passing-by, I didn't see any ambition in the first movie for Rocky to become World Champion all I see that he wanted to Get Respect , get people seeing his point of views etc etc Now just leave what happen after wards in this film.. the Old Rocky is again the same Man,.. Glory days over .. wife died of cancer.. Son grown up and Life of his own... pretty much just going through with life .. than again the RESPECT thing just comes up and he got determined to go to ring in his late 50's and face new heavy weight champion...

The movie is great struggle for RESPECT of elderly hero and is motivating enough to neglect that line "Come-one 60 year old in SHORTS taking over young champ..." recommended to everyone who wanted to Prove themselves After a long time I've seen Stallone doing some real acting... and no nomination in golden globe , Oscar for acting, writing or direction is surprise for me as this movie is much much greater than Borat.. is in line with Departed and The Queen... Come-one guys you gave Capote Oscar last year.. didn't this movie is better than that one.. i term of forbidden choices and struggle etc etc etc

from many things I learned from this and earlier movies one line to sum-up "If you want something badly just release your inner demon and get it....there's nothing impossible.."
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A fitting and heartwarming conclusion
GodfatherCW1 December 2006
Sylvester Stallone completes his Rocky Epic with a stirring conclusion. I saw a special sneak preview in Detroit at a Kronk Boxing Gym benefit. Although the first 45 minutes kind of dragged, and at times the dialog made me cringe, its at least as worthy of Rocky II or the original Rocky. A lot of flashbacks, but it definitely wraps up the series a lot better than Rocky V did. It won't win best picture, or any great acting awards, but the cinematography was better than I've seen in a lot of the previous 5. As far as the big question in the blogs, does Rocky die in this one, you'll have to wait till Christmas and see for yourself. The music was great, the final scenes were great, and Paulie was great! It was also interesting to reintroduce the characters of Little Marie and Spider Rico from the first movie.
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A Shock: This Is One Classy Film!
ccthemovieman-14 April 2007
Wow, this was not what I was expecting!

The story was a lot slower than any Rocky film since the first one in the mid '70s, but I'm not complaining. When it was all over, I thought this was probably the best-made Rocky film of them all. I never thought I would describe a Rocky movie as "classy," but this one deserves that adjective. It may be the least entertaining, as far as a lot of action goes, but it is the most classy.

I say this mainly for the wonderful, sweet tone to this story: a story of aging boxer who is long past his glory and is still mourning the loss of his wife. (Apparently "Adrian" died some time after the last Rocky film.) His wife's death is haunting him, which makes this a very sad film in the first 45 minutes. However, interspersed in Rocky's reflective period is the still the same upbeat, look-at-the-positive side-of-people attitude.

Rocky now acts as host of his Philadelphia restaurant and he regales the customers with stories of his past ring successes and seems to enjoy doing it. He still has his old friend "Paulie" (Burt Young) dropping by daily. Rocky's now-grown-up son seems to be sullen and resentful of trying to fill Rocky's hometown-hero shoes but dad is ever-encouraging. It's obvious Rock still loves people. With that attitude, it's impossible to dislike the man.

One of the turning points of the film is when the old fighter gives his son a what's-what speech about life. The veteran pugilist may not be Phi Beta Kappa but he comes up with some very profound statements. His son soon "sees the light" about his dad.

For those who might be leery about watching yet another Rocky movie filled with over-the- top villains and way overdone ring action, rest easy: you won't see that here. Balboa's training scenes last only a few minutes and the fight doesn't begin until the last 15-20 minutes of the movie. Preceding that are melodramatic moments with Rocky's friends, family, and new female friend and her son.....all handled with dignity and class.

The cinematography is just beautiful in parts and if you're a student of photography, you'll enjoy viewing this.

Sad, nostalgic, yet inspiring and optimistic, I can't recall ever being so impressed with a "Rocky" film. Highly recommended.
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Stallone has written and performed a minor miracle here!!
bobm550821 December 2006
This new ROCKY is a truly fitting finale to the saga of Rocky Balboa. Always likable, usually stirring and entertaining (of course, I'm not acknowledging there was a Rocky V), this version has replaced macho with heart. In a glorious, pitch perfect performance of a revered Champ in the twilight of a now lonely, unfulfilled life, Stallone is actually amazing. I didn't think he still had this kind of heartfelt performance in him. He has written, directed and performed this work with the insight of a person who has endured all the ups and downs that a career can experience.

The setting is familiar, the characters have been thinned down to only the dependably irritating Paulie, the haunting memory of his beloved Adrian, his withdrawn and overshadowed son and a struggling acquaintance from his past. All the performances are fine, but this is about Stallone in full on Rocky mode. He exudes the melancholy of a life that has lost meaning, while not unpleasant, just not connected. His revelation that he wants to "like fight" doesn't seem weird or unnatural.

Some of the film's conventions to get him back in the ring, with the current undefeated champ no less, are achieved quickly and stretch our believability, but once that "Rocky Theme" (and as I sit here, I'm getting a goose bump or two) blares out of the sound system, you are getting "READY TO RUMBLE!!!!" The fight sequences, which have always been cartoonishly brutal, mock the limits of human endurance and insanely exciting, deliver once again. But its the insight that Stallone brings to this script, his heartfelt "speeches" to the Licensing board, his son and of course, Paulie, that are the real knockouts in the film.

I am so glad this turned out to be the fitting farewell that an icon like Rocky and Sylvester both deserve.
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Not what expected...
steve-337718 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
From the Start of this film i knew Rocky Balboa was going to be a great film, this film continues his life with the loss of Rocky's wife and his son all grow up, Rocky Balboa is a drama and mainly about his life as he gets older.

My personal favourite parts of Rocky Balboa is not the fight (which is edge of the seat stuff i don't want to give away if he wins or not) but the feeling of the film, been a massive fan of all Rocky films and this finishes the series very well... well done to Sly.

Me personally enjoyed this movie and deserves 9-10.

Steve Heyworth
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Incredible full stop of the Rocky series <- Applause from all over the World.
flymoon217 January 2007
(before I logged in here)I had never commented a movie on an overseas website (since I'm a Chinese in HK) (before I watched this movie)I was no Rocky fans; but what? what drives me here? by now, I don't know, the movie may no longer be available in cinemas in U.S. or Europe. But I still want to show my support (thumbsup from this overseas connection).

didn't expect Rocky VI could be such a fascinating and encouraging movie. It is not perfect. But at least it has excellent tone, excellent spirit & above all, excellent Rocky the star! highly recommend all to watch this in cinema, if not buy the DVD when available (i'm no agent either).

no more pirated least, some of us have been educated, ultimately.
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There's a little bit of Paulie in all of us.
PWNYCNY17 January 2007
Amazingly, this is a very good movie. Rocky comes out of retirement to fight one more time. But more importantly, the movie is about dealing with change, with loss, with the irretrievable passing of time and how life goes on, no matter what happens. Rocky is more than a fighter, he is now a philosopher who observes life and the people in it. The young girl from the past is now a grown woman. The young boy who was his son is now a grown man. But despite the passage of time, Rocky is still Rocky. He is the Tevya the Milkman of Philadelphia. This movie is about not giving up, always moving forward and never looking back. And let's not forget Paulie played by Burt Young. Mr. Young offers a fabulous performance as Rocky's suffering yet indefatigable brother-in-law Paulie. Paulie is the every-man, the average Joe, the guy in the crowd who in this movie is heard. In a way, this movie is about you and me because there's a little bit of Paulie in all of us.
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ROCKY BALBOA...ROCKS....Loved It, please check it.
trjordan00714 January 2007
I had the privilege recently to see a very inspiring picture. It not only kept me in suspense. It kept me laughing. It had me tearing. It was what a movie is supposed to do. It moved me. I wanted to take my daughters however, they didn't want to see it. Mind you we have the previous movies but this might be the last time we can enjoy something as movie as this. I receive no money for this, but since we all need something to encourage us sometimes. We are all having trials and tribulations to overcome. I believe this is the best movie of all time that starred Sylvester Stallone. Yes I said it. It is ROCKY BALBOA. If you haven't seen it, it is worth seeing. I am 34, the first was shown in 1976. OK I admit I grew up watching him in all of the Rocky movies. And I admit I am a fan for life. But this movie in my book was all of that and a bag of chips. It is something the whole family should enjoy.

I love all of the Rocky collection but this was the cherry on top. Definitely worth going to see. You will laugh, cry, cheer and be inspired as I was all over again as a child. Rocky inspired me back then and I am sure he will do the same.

I have gotten into debate about this movie with coworkers, but trust me, you will feel like it was worth every penny spent. ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY I was sad to see it end.

I loved it and I am sure you will too. Some people think once you reach a certain age you lose that zeal or passion for life. In this movie, Sylvester Stallone, was young Rocky all over again, he had that passion, the eye of the tiger and that love for the game. I guess if you love football or basketball you might be able to relate to what I am saying. That passion was there. I was rooting for him throughout the movie, especially in the end. I am so glad he brought it back. I love his work, always have always will. I am just glad to have seen it one last time before he rests those gloves for ever. I want some ROCKY gear. Just like you have Tupac gear everywhere. When will they sale ROCKY gear. I would buy it and I am sure so many other people would too.

I loved that move!!!!
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That's him...
trinitylovesneo-113 January 2007
He must have heard everything, he must have been warned, mocked.. And yet he did it. He did it because he knew it wasn't over, because he felt he had something to prove. Because he wanted Rocky's curtain falls to be as true as his birth had been. We welcomed it as it deserved to be welcomed, with applause, with tears. This is what he wanted, and this is what we wanted. But the only thing I can regret now, is that it's truly over. Whatever people say, or may have said in the past, I think I'll always consider the Rocky Movies as a major achievement in the History of Cinema. First because it arrived at a time where people needed to believe in their dreams, and because it gave to a wonderful person, his revenge on life. Now wiser, stronger... He gave us the opportunity to read his mind again, to share his fears and aspirations, to share a real piece of life, sweat, blood and tears. This is what is Rocky to me, what is Sly. True, complex, and beautiful.
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