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NZ show about kids ruling the future fate of the world
atomius7 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This show concerns a number of small tribes of kids who have had to live in a semi-primitive fashion due to the death of all the adults, and apparently most other kids by the size of the tribes, by a virus. The tribes are all managing quite well, but the smaller issues seem to be breaking up the stability. The Privs, the empire of sorts, are raising an army against the Ants to try and use the Ants, who are agricultural to an extent, as food sources, whilst trying to stop the Barbs at the same time. The tribes people wear makeup to show what caste/tribe they belong to, and also have complex and colourful clothing. Not much remains from the past (an odd fact is why, after the death of the adults, the kids chose to live in rough mountainous terrain rather than the coastal areas or farmlands)but a few remnants, the Privs appear to live in a old concrete structure. One remnant is a odd phenomenon of 'monsters', construction site machines and loaders that breathe fire and are adorned with lights. This phenomenon appears to be one of the creators of the myths of gods, leading to new religions. However the phrase 'old times' is used, meaning there must be some knowledge of the past that remains.
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