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Sex & Nudity

  • In S1E4 a brief shot of a woman handcuffing a man to a bed and having sex with him is shown. Her bare breasts are visible for a couple of seconds. In another scene a woman describes a threat by two men to rape and then murder her.
  • In S1E4 a man is moaning while having sex with another man. No genitals are shown and the act lasts for about 3 seconds before they are interrupted by two police detectives.
  • In S1E8, there is discussion of the production of pornographic films and three brief, rather indistinct shots of some of these pornos are shown, including a brief shot of bare breasts, and a shot of a naked man above a naked woman. No genitalia can be clearly seen.
  • Throughout the series there is some mild to moderate sexual innuendo and references, e.g. discussions about breasts, pornography and rape, and sexist dialogue.
  • In S2E6 there is a very brief sideways glimpse of a woman's buttocks as she leaves a bed with a sheet obscuring her front.

Violence & Gore

  • In most episodes, the police characters are shown fighting, punching and beating up criminals. Nothing too strong, mainly moderate violence.
  • Some moderate references to sexual violence.
  • Some police officers shoot at other people and blood sometimes sprays.
  • Dead bodies in crime scenes are sometimes shown with injury details, such as cut throats.


  • Some mild language is used, such as 'dingalong' (penis) and 'idiot'.
  • Only moderate language is used throughout the series, including multiple uses of "prick" "bastard" "piss" "shit" "bloody", infrequent use of "arse" "bitch" and "cock". Including some racial terms "paki".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Most characters smoke and drink often in the majority of scenes and episodes.
  • Some fairly infrequent hard drug references, e.g. mentioning of cocaine usage.
  • An audio tape is played which reveals that someone was forced to ingest a hard drug. This sounds fairly disturbing but no images are shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode there are scenes showing a man's moderately disturbing dead body with scars intact on his skin.
  • Some other dead bodies, ranging from mild (e.g. a bullet to the head) to moderate/high (e.g. a man with a hammer blow to the head).
  • One scene of an autopsy with a man's internal organs exposed on the examining table.
  • Some disturbing sequences when the main character is shown very distressed and has occasional flashbacks, with the character losing his mind in a fit of rage.

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