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Too painful to watch

Author: marduk from United States
6 May 2007

I tried hard to watch this movie. After about 15 minutes I wanted to give up but struggled to watch on. Then 30 minutes into the film I threw in the towel. It just wasn't worth it.

As if the poor acting and editing weren't enough, the whole premise of the film leaves much to be desired. We find that the protagonist kidnaps babies in order to fool the man that she had a fling with a year earlier that he had fathered her child so she can swindle money out of him. We're supposed to empathize with her, but the whole premise makes it virtually impossible. Add to this comedic elements that are just not funny, dialog that is just unbelievable, and the aforementioned poor acting and you pretty much have a film that you can't wait to end. But after a half hour I could only see it getting worse, so I didn't even bother to finish the film.

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Bad bad movie has no redeeming features!

Author: bruce-611 from South Africa
20 August 2007

It was evident 10 minutes into this movie that it was probably the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen. I have watched plenty of boring "kids'" movies because I have a 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son, so we are subjected to some really bad "kiddies'" stuff. Even my 9 year old daughter commented that it was so bad - she wanted to stop watching. The story line is feeble, the acting is totally atrocious, the filming is bad - it's like watching a really bad foreign movie having been dubbed into English. There is no redeeming feature to this movie - we suggested to the shop that they have a special section made especially for this movie entitled, "Positively the worst movie I have ever seen".

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truly atrocious

Author: melissa-502 from South Africa
20 August 2007

I was so incredibly disappointed in this movie. The DVD cover looked like it would be a good lighthearted choice for a Friday evening's viewing. Oh boy, was I wrong. At times I felt like I was watching a dubbed movie because the dialogue delivery was so stilted and fake. The storyline was just too ridiculous (and I believe totally in suspension of disbelief when it comes to movies - this didn't require suspension, it required complete annihilation), the script was appalling, the acting was wooden (worse than watching a school play), and the filming was extremely weak. Were the actors doing an experimental workshop production? I really cannot find one saving grace in this movie. It is truly the worst thing I have ever seen.

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Maybe if this was improv?

Author: fmilder from Boston, MA
27 June 2007

Our female star has a very PG-looking one night stand (both parties are completely dressed when they wake up the next morning), but then (a year later) she appears at the office of our male star, baby in tow, and seeking $100,000 to keep it quiet. But is she "for real"? Is his response for real? Is anyone in this movie for real? In fact, almost no one is real other than the preacher, and we know that because his earnest assertions are juxtaposed with everyone else's denials.

Everything about this movie is so bad that it becomes strangely irresistible (in a very odd way) on account of its awful-ness. The premise is preposterous, but it gets even more amazing thanks to the completely goofy plot twists.

It only makes sense if you make believe that Drew Carey is on the sidelines telling the actors that there's a scene changes every five minutes (a la "Whose Line is it Anyway?"). Then, even if each scene makes just about no sense when compared to the previous one, and even though it sounds like the actors are making up their lines as they go along, it (sort of) works.

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Totally implausible, but, like junk food, it is hard to pass over, especially when the stars are so good looking

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
8 March 2008

Rylee (Rene Ashton) was quite in love with a man who shattered her world when he finally confessed to being married to another. Yet, through the experience, an unexpected windfall of money came her way, born out of an elaborate misunderstanding. Now, a few years later, she is still holding on to her "scorned woman" persona, and using her wiles on other men, extracting even more money when she places them in an uncomfortable position. Yet, she longs for marriage and a family. When she meets Max (Brody Hutzler) at a social gathering, her hard heart begins to thaw. That is, until she finds a wedding ring in his wallet. Suddenly, he is the new target of her scorn and she is going to make him pay dearly for his lies. However, she may have found her match, as Max has some tricks up his sleeve, too. Will it be a fight to the finish or will Rylee or Max admit that there is an undenial attraction between the two of them? This is totally implausible film that still musters some attention, like junk food. Hutzler, after all, is gorgeous and his smile is infectious while Ashton looks pretty, also. The other cast members, including Julia Duffy and Lacey Chabert, perform nicely, too. Although the film has the look of a movie made for television, the costumes and sets are fairly nice, to be sure. The plot is unbelievable, yes, but does move along. My advice? Deposit your brain in the deep freeze and plop this film in the home theater machine, all fans of romantic comedy. It is a diverting piece of fluff that will fill an otherwise empty evening at home.

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Not worth seeing

Author: dramagart55 from United States
3 June 2007

This movie was a tiny bit funny at times but the rest was a dry mass of bad plot. Do not waste your time. Acting was also not very good and seemed like a very low-budget film. The story goes that a woman meets a man at a convention, they have a good time until she thinks he's married. The ring that she finds is actually his friends. So she leaves in the morning (they don't have sex) and thats that until she shows up at his office with a baby and demands money. We learn she does this with married guys who cheat to show them a lesson. The guy realizes that she is lying and the rest of the movie is the two trying to get each other to confess. Again, the ending is happy (I guess) but still does not even help the movie succeed.

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lower budget, but well done

Author: splambo100 from South Texas
9 August 2013

Cute cast, cute film, and well done especially considering the low budget. Rene Ashton-beautiful, the camera loves her. Makes me want to see what else she has done. The packaging makes one think that Lacey Chabert (Party of Five)is the star, but she has a supporting role in this. The writing could (maybe should) have been streamlined a bit and possibly a couple of scenes removed, and others added. Charming "make believe" type comedy. The good looking cast really make this film. You get the feeling that they had a blast making this. Kudos to Julia Duffy, expert Comedienne. There are several scenes that are actually hilarious...the action happens and the actors leave it up to the viewer to get the sly humor. They were humorous to me. . .I would watch this again. If you can get over the few shortcomings, it is an enjoyable romp.

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Too enjoyable to sit still

Author: lebovskis from Lithuania
14 November 2010

Wow, I thought this movie was SO great. Even if it had poor editing and you just can't help smiling. Storyline is something new, like you've never seen before, it sort of chick seducing then blackmailing men with a twist, ha ha. And jokes were so classy that you just think "Wow... This is so clever...". This is an example of a really good movie with a low budget. And for people that cannot appreciate it because the picture had no effects and doesn't look like anything from 2010 - **** you loll. I've really appreciated this movie as well as an idea it brings and it made time fly by. I know that people gave this movie one star out of ten because "geez, editing is poor" or "she's abducting babies, oh my god..." that just shows that these people decide about the book by it's cover, and this movie had a lot more depth in it than these guys might think. So, if you're tolerant, and you think that movie is good not by an effects but by its message (like me) you should really enjoy it, or at least, have a good laugh about it :) And for people that say this is worst movie they've seen - you've barely seen any movies ;)

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Great story and I laugh so much very enjoyable movie

Author: shackelfordapril from United States
29 September 2007

I loved this movie! The story was so interesting and entertaining. All the actors especially Rene Ashton superb. She is so natural and so funny. I recommend this movie to anyone its a feel good movie and I could see it again and again. I have never heard a story like this and that is what made it so wonderful because it was different. The kids and babies in this movie all so cute and adorable. Who ever wrote this a pure genius. I hope there are more of these stories from the writer soon. The ending was just perfect, sometimes you want movies to end like this one and it usually doesn't happen and you leave the movie feeling like "why did they mess this up" and then you are like that was a waste of time.

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Outstanding romantic comedy with a twist ... or two

Author: kgb32007 from United States
12 August 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed "Be My Baby" and recommend it to anyone who has a whimsical sense of humor. It was cleverly written, hilarious and has an original/off-beat story line. The lead character, Rene Ashton, "borrows" babies in a scheme to bilk money from unsuspecting married men she has had one-night affairs with - or so they are led to believe - until one man, Brody Hutzler, suspects something is amiss. What follows is a comedic array of schemes cleverly devised by the two - a sham marriage, a phony baby book, a babysitter paid to babysit no baby - to get the other to throw in the white flag and admit the truth. Neither caves until they are on the altar. On the whole, the movie offers good acting, well written dialogue and a creative flair. While their on-screen relationship is convoluted at best (which is the way it is meant to be) the two leads develop very good chemistry and you're left pulling for them to end up together in the end. For my money, Rene Ashton is a star in the making. She is beautiful, charming, funny and makes her character come to life. Her eyes draw you in and her smile is enchanting. She is not only a talented actress, but obviously an extremely talented writer as well (she is listed along with Chris Kennedy as the writer for "Be My Baby"). Not so sure she is a good dancer though. What were those moves in the club scene with Hutzler? My only regret is that I would have loved to have seen what this cast and film could have done with a more substantial budget. Even still, this movie succeeds on so many levels it does not seem low-budget in the end. 9 out of 10 stars...

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