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Season 2

1 Jan. 2002
Battlin' Bolivar
When Stitch and Mo lapse into despair after failing to win a first place prize, they are mustered into the rebel force of Simon Bolivar, the great liberator of South America. Our heroes get a memorable lesson in taking pride in one's accomplishments.
8 Jan. 2002
Amazing Aussies
A stint after school in detention leaves our heroes feeling forever tainted, until a visit to early Australia's penal colony assures them that duly serving a sentence honorably entitles them to have all of their rights -- and reputation -- restored.
15 Jan. 2002
Challenging China
Suspecting that Dongle is moving in next door, Stitch and Mo decide to build a wall, only to learn that the Great Wall of ancient China didn't always keep the enemy out, and sometimes kept good things from getting in.
22 Jan. 2002
Magnificent Mounties
The lasting impression of the Royal Canadian Mounties as a just and honorable force that "always gets their man," proves to Stitch and Mo that holding doggedly to a good cause is worth it -- even if it's only cleaning up garbage at the local park.
29 Jan. 2002
Rockin' Renaissance
Stitch and Mo wisely reject Dongle's insistence that art is a waste of time after they visit with Michelangelo and discover that art is a wonderful form of self-expression and always worth the effort.
7 Feb. 2002
Awesome Egyptians
A trip to the era of King Tut and the amazing temples, pyramids, and civilization of ancient Egypt gives Stitch and Mo -- true disciples of the 21st century with all its modern technology -- a lesson in the value of manpower and human ingenuity.
14 Feb. 2002
Perilous Plagues
After injuring his rear end, Stitch is afraid to go to the school nurse for a tetanus shot. However, a visit to Italy during the Black Plague and a dose of primitive medical procedures lead Stitch to overcome his fear in the interest of preserving his health and his hide.
21 Feb. 2002
Stormin' Scots
Stitch and Mo fear all is lost when their basketball team mascot is missing, but joining the crusade to recapture Scotland's "Stone of Destiny" helps them realize that talismans and mascots are only symbols for the spirit they truly represent -- and one's spirit can never be stolen.
28 Feb. 2002
Surprising Samurai
Respect for one's elders and other surprises such as tea ceremonies, poetry recitations, and a contest for breaking wind (yes, you read that right) await Stitch and Mo when they train to become Samurai.
4 Mar. 2002
Gnarly North Pole
Fast-becoming frozen dinners, Stitch and Mo appreciate the wisdom of, "Never mess with Mother Nature" when they join Robert Peary's death-defying expedition in the Arctic. They learn that it's best to work with nature -- not try to dominate it
11 Mar. 2002
Highly Hawaiian
After Stitch and Mo grumble about an outdated rule at school, they travel to ancient Hawaii to see how others were able to overthrow rules and procedures that have outlived their usefulness.
18 Mar. 2002
Extraordinary Explorers
Lewis and Clark with the help of Sacagawea search for a north west passage.
25 Mar. 2002
Captivating Columbus
As "Student Teacher for a Day," Dongle sets out to embarrass Stitch and Mo by quizzing them to see if they can distinguish between historical fact and fiction about Christopher Columbus.

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