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Hmm...oddly, the version I saw had a slightly different title.
MartinHafer3 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film but noticed that the title I saw was "Lion and Ox"--a slightly different translation of the Russian into English. I am not sure which title is more correct but either way it's a very good animated film.

The film is about an ox (or bull) that is left for dead by its owner. However, the ox recovers and lives at peace in the African savanna. Eventually, the lone lion notices the ox but instead of fighting, they seem to have an amicable truce--respecting the others' strength and greatness. However, a small creature that appears to be a Fennec Fox feels the need to create strife between them. Ultimately, the lion and ox fight and nobody wins--not even the wily fox.

This story is told using very unusual and artistic animation. While it was made by Russians, the story looks almost Chinese or Japanese with the way the animals are painted as well as the minimalist backgrounds. It's really very lovely and simple at the same time.

As far as the story goes, I wonder if there is some metaphor intended here concerning the super-powers. Could the ox and lion be the US and USSR? But, if this IS so, what about the fox? France? Afghanistan? Who knows. Regardless, it's a heck of a well done film.
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