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Vulgar, Sure, But Certainly Not Stupid.
RabidED99022 October 2007
I've noticed a lot of the negative comments about this title tend to focus on this movie's vulgar, 'stupid' humor. Now let's get one thing straight. Knocked Up is vulgar, absolutely it is, but is is not stupid. Stupid humor is crap like "Mr. Woodcock" and "Good Luck Chuck," movies with no real craft to any of their jokes.

"Jessica Alba fell down!!! Ahahahahahaha!"

"He yelled 'sex' really loud!!! Pssshhahahahahaaheheheheeee!"

No. Die.

Knocked Up, on the other hand, is actually pretty clever most of the time. And even the movie's vulgarity isn't done in an over-the-top, simply-for-gross-out way (cite the fat bitch from Good Luck Chuck). It's what I guess you could call 'relevant vulgarity.' Anyway, the movie is extremely funny. Every joke is naturalistic, but not expected. The movie's characters are all convincing and multi-dimensional, and above all likable. Seth Rogan really does make the movie, though. He is hilarious, but he comes off more like a real nice, frank, down-to-Earth guy. Just the kind of guy you'd like to sit down and have a beer with. The kind of guy you'd more than like to get smashed with. The kind of guy you'd really like to have ill advised unprotected sex with. The kind of guy you'd love to raise a bastard child with. Needless to say, he's the reason the movie works.
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Clever Writing ....
vram2221 December 2008
Although the subject matter wasn't really appealing to me, the critics and general audience reviews are right: this is a very well made movie. The acting is great, the plot fast-paced, the characters believable and the dialog witty and clever. It reminds me of Superbad - another movie that I would never normally see, but one which wins you over by it's sheer (albeit crude) brilliance.

The basic premise is simple: a young TV reporter celebrates a promotion by getting drunk and inadvertently pregnant. The father-to-be is a good natured, pot-head slacker who has no money. When she decides to have the baby, she's not sure what her relationship with the father should be... and the movie progresses from there.

It's a simple plot but the dialog is what makes this movie shine. No matter the scene, it was always fun to hear what the characters were going to say. Even though most of them were one-dimensional, the dialog made them seem human and easy to relate to. A fast-movie plot also kept the movie moving along - something was always happening and there was never a dull moment.

While there is a certain level of crudity throughout, the movie is generally lighthearted and innocent. It's a fun movie to see.
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Gutless and Moronic and Intellectually Insulting
Warning: Spoilers
What would you do if you became pregnant by an oversexed bong-snorting gross pig of a human being after one drunken night of bar-hopping debauchery? Such is the question proposed in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up (2007) a mindlessly indoctrinating and strained, weak-premised regurgitation of that 'what if' and 'day after' scenario. The film is populated by thoughtless/clueless individuals who wouldn't be able to discover their own navels with two hands and a compass. This is a movie as primary and obvious in its effects as any clap-trap about twenty-somethings who should never become parents.

Apatow's screenplay bombards the audience with an endless line up of 'go for the crotch' jokes with the inevitable and largely predictable 'happy ending' tacked on for good measure. The script is not only simplistic in its one theme premise, but ultimately as much in bad taste as it left a bad taste with this critic. One vagina joke can be funny. Two is 'oh, please' and move the humor above the equator. After all, we're not all five years old and just discovered what our hoo-hoos and pee shooters can be used for.

However, after the tenth or eleventh kick in the nuts, Apatow's pedestrian screenplay simply degenerates into an anemic backdrop used to insert the word 'fuck' into every second or third line of otherwise boring dialogue and genuinely 'bad' writing. Advice to future script writers: if you can't make an audience laugh without employing obscenities then your lines are not funny to begin with and Knocked Up is about as unfunny as movies can get.

The story opens with attractive Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), a reporter for E!, throwing caution – and the good sense God gave a lemon – into the wind when she decides to hook up with horn-dog off his leash, Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) inside a popular L.A. night spot. Aside: there's a reason why managers of nightclubs universally ascribe a design strategy of loud music and dim strobe lighting to their establishments: both – in conjunction with liquored libations dull and numb the senses. As the audience, we witness by how much Alison gets dulled down when the plot moves from a rather censored sex romp between she and Ben to an overly long close-up on Ben's exposed bottom the morning after.

From here, the plot is utterly pointless and predictable – especially given the film's obvious title. Alison discovers she's pregnant, decides to tell Ben, have the baby and hope for the best. Of course, nothing proves quite as easy as the first night's indiscretion. Ben, a druggy dropout with no future and no hope of one, isn't father material. He's just a sperm donor with a potty-mouth and devil-may-care attitude about everything.

Yet the film cannot even be honest about his character. Anyone smoking as much pot as Ben does would hardly be able to rattle off his own name, much less provide the uninterrupted angry litany of 'crotch' humor that philosophizes procreation into pornographic terminology - as raw, unfunny and unappealing as his own butt crack.

Obscenity in general is not a spruce up or supplement to quality writing. Clearly, Apatow's screenplay has no other purpose than to shock and repulse its audience with angry gross out humor, and such a shame too, since in the final analysis Knocked Up does not even fulfill that basic function - having overplayed its hand in the first five minutes. Lest we forget, that funny and crude do not go hand in glove - and implied comments are always more memorable than obvious ones.

Therefore, Knocked Up gets an 'F' in this critic's not so humble opinion - a lettered signifier that does not stand for 'fantastic' or that other aforementioned 'F-word' popularized to death in the script. Herein, the 'F' stands for 'flat.' This movie is a Frisbee. Toss it with the trash because that's exactly where it belongs! After seeing it once I hope never to see it again. I am trying to forget it now.
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A simple story is made into a very entertaining comedy
Jeff Beachnau15 April 2007
Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) meets Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) at a bar, they get drunk and have a little fun afterward, then they part ways. That is, until a few weeks later, Alison discovers she's pregnant and Ben is the father. This simple story makes up the hilarious film Knocked Up. I really enjoyed this, it has a lot of great laughs and it also has a lot of heart spread throughout.

Seth Rogen does an excellent job, I'm glad he's been given the chance to be the lead in such a big film. And Katherine Heigl is equally entertaining. The two of them are so great together, they're just so much fun to watch on screen. The supporting actors are also wonderful. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd are perfect together. And I think Kristen Wiig steals the show with her small yet hysterical role as one of the workers at E!.

When people go to see this they'll want to compare it with 40 Year Old Virgin. Though I'm not a big fan of comparing movies to other movies, I guess I'll have to go through with it. For me, 40 Year Old Virgin is a funnier movie, but Knocked Up is a better written film and it has more heart to it. Both films based their story on a simple premise (a nerdy 40 year old hasn't had sex, a guy has a one night stand and gets the woman pregnant), but it seems like 40 Year Old Virgin used its idea to just get laughs. Knocked Up, on the other hand, uses its set up and continues the story throughout the film, developing its characters.

So, Knocked Up is a very enjoyable film, it has some big laughs (I particularly love the side story with the bearded roommate) but its also very sweet at times. I'm sure people will love it. See the movie and you'll get more than just laughs.
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Surprisingly Funny
Kristen Kallahan23 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
From the title I expected an idiot-teen comedy, but it was quite a grown-up comedy. I envision teen boys liking the first 10 minutes (a chubby slacker gets to nail a hot chick after meeting her in a bar), then fleeing when the movie gets into REAL "adult themes". Uh-oh. She's pregnant. Now what happens?

This movie kept the audience laughing throughout. Most comedies tend to fall apart part-way through, but this one kept the laughs going. It constantly surprises and never settles for the clichéd joke.

There's more sex and nudity in this movie than you usually see in comedies, but it just makes the comedy more real. It's real -- so it's real funny. We've all found ourselves in awkward, yet hilarious, sexual situations like this. (Well, if you're lucky!)

All the actors are comedy experts -- many of them from Judd Apatow's other ventures: "Undeclared" and "Freaks and Geeks". Steve Carell, star of Judd's "40 Year Old Virgin" has a cameo. As does Ryan Seacrest who plays himself as a total asshole. (Makes you wonder why he agreed to do this.) Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader from SNL are great in their small roles.

Seth Rogan at first glance seems an unlikely leading man. But as the movie goes on, you grow to like him more. We see what the girl comes to see in him: he's funny and supportive and has a loving heart.

She's a 10 and he's a 5, so at first you don't think they could make it as a couple, but looks can be deceiving.

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan at Cirque d'Soleil in an altered state is a hilarious scene. (That's how Cirque makes me feel when I see it anyway! Like a bad trip.)
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Decent, but I don't see what all of the fuss is about.
B_D12 June 2007
I went into the theater not knowing what to expect, not having seen the trailer, and two hours later I felt I had seen a decent movie, quite funny at times, but I couldn't figure out what everyone was making such a big deal about. Compared to a lot of what passes for comedy in the cinema these days, Knocked Up is great, but it's hardly the "instant classic" that I've seen it called in many professional and IMDb reviews. It's certainly worth seeing, but maybe at a discount matinée instead of a full-price evening show.

Much of what is wrong with Knocked Up is simply an over-reliance on Seth Rogen to deliver the laughs. To be sure, Rogen is a funny guy - he handled the jump from second-tier supporting actor (a la 40 Year Old Virgin) to leading man surprisingly well, appearing confident and charismatic. The problem is that as the film goes on, he just doesn't get a whole lot to work with from his supporting cast. Rogen doesn't have enough in him at this point to carry an entire film on his shoulders, but often he is forced into that role, providing the only humor in many scenes (especially in the second half of the movie). At times it almost seems as if Rogen has landed in the wrong film, delivering clever quips and laughs while the barely-likable characters around him remain too serious. Paul Rudd manages to break this up, taking some of the burden off Rogen, but Katherine Heigl and Leslie Mann's unfunny and quasi-sympathetic characters drag them down.

To be sure, the first half of Knocked Up is great, but by the second half the script becomes mired in slow, cliché drama. Marital dissatisfaction and the loss of youth are interesting themes to explore, but in doing so, Knocked Up fails to establish a consistent tone. As the film trudges past the 90-minute mark, it is sometimes humorous, sometimes dour, often clichéd, all resulting in an awkward mix of styles.

Overall, Knocked Up was a good effort, but a little more editing of the script would have helped a lot. I don't mind long movies at all, but 20 minutes could have been trimmed from this film to good effect.
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Just remember you can't get these hour back
lauch6 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
An all around awful movie. The dialog was awful. The story was awful. The acting was awful. There was no redeeming factor. When tempted to watch this movie just remember you will never be able to get the hours wasted back.

I didn't have high expectations of the movie from the outset but even my rock bottom low expectations were shattered in to oblivion by how terrible the movie is.

The only reason I am writing this much is that IMDb requires a minimum of 10 lines. I really don't know what else to say. I guess that is why

there are so many positive reviews and so few negative ones. This movies is so bad that it is painful just writing about it.
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Did not live up to the previews
mummy993 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My 17 year old daughter and I had been looking forward to the release of this movie for quite some time and we went on opening day. Both of us like Katherine Hiegl and we were looking forward to a witty, funny film. Instead, we both thought that there was a negative edge to all of the humor that relentlessly followed the cast of characters from scene to scene. The main male and his friends were all unkempt slackers and it was hard to find something to like about them. The drug use was annoying and excessive - are there adults out there who really behave like this? Every negative stereotype about pregnant women and women not accepting their aging gracefully had to be dragged into the plot. The one nice male seemed to love his spouse but was unable to communicate his interests or feelings toward her and seemed like such a wimp. Even the two studio executives were tired stereotypes that denigrate women. Did the characters really have to be so cynical and negative? With the exception of the two sisters, it didn't seem like any of the characters really liked each other or really wanted to be around the others. I think the excessive drug use and nasty attitude toward sex was annoying. It is interesting to see that both males and females under 45 are rating this film very closely and much higher than both males and females over 45. It's certainly not a movie that we will see again.
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wheres the zero when you need it...
lifelike00125 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
knocked up is the most unfunny waste of film ever. i wanted back the TIME i lost watching it, never mind exchanging money to be intellectually tortured like that.

here ill save you the cash and perform the entire movie for you right now: brainless blonde slut ("BBS"): im so drunk and brainless i cant even tell that this hideous man-ape hasn't got a condom on, but then i wouldn't know if i were being raped by the incredible hulk! hideous man-ape ("HMA"): did you know you can get pregnant from having sex? nope, neither did i!! bbs: OH GOD IM PREGNANT THIS IS THE WORST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO ME... i think ill keep it and make its life as miserable as my own. i wont have an abortion or an STD test, thats a complete waste of time.

hma: wheres my bong and my collection of rare back hairs. oh, right where i left them both. hey every friend i ever had whom i still live with, i got laid! *woof woof woof woof* bbs: im a girl and pregnant so i can behave like an hysterical demented bitch and no one can tell me to shut the hell up or to grow a brain because its my biological right. also i hate you.

hma: i really hate you too. hey lets get married and ruin each others lives, then no doubt we can take it out on this incoming child, potentially turning him into the next jeffrey dahmer! bbs: great idea, lets get married! now to accuse you of all sorts of ridiculous things that you have failed to do, which I've also failed to do but you're not allowed to call me on it, because im in labour and was too stupid to have an epidural when i COULD have had it, and now i want it but its too late. so ill just scream and abuse everyone to give you a little taste of what the rest of your life with me is going to be like.

hma: hey, it seems to be catching! im going to go and treat your family like dirt because its clearly how You've got their respect and love in the past.

rest of bbs' family: oh we love and respect him!! *insert grotesque crowning scene at which point entire audience loses their lunch* THE END.
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knuckled under
pookey568 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was uncomfortable through out this film, having to watch stereotype after stereotype, mean-spirited "jokes" and juvenile toilet humour. Let's look at the good:

Leslie Mann: Her shallow, annoying character was played very well by Ms. Mann; and by the end, she was even somewhat sympathetic. Harold Ramis: His two-minute scene was the ONLY truly likable character in this entire film. I loved him. Paul Rudd: Despite his woe-begone fatalistically brow-beaten character, Rudd was genuinely good. Too bad his character was "resigned" to what looked like a life not worth living.

The Bad:

The jab at a guy like Stephen Hawking. Yeah; this film sinks that low. The stereotype that "pot-heads" are all unemployed, long-haired dopes with prurient life goals; think again... Heigl with Rogen's character? No way. This is a guy who grabbed his BONG during an earthquake without a thought to her safety. I could relate to her exasperation with Ben and his friends...but ending up with him? Sure....

The conversations about Munich were very insensitive; but then, this entire film was, so at least it was consistent. Endorsing De Beers?? The toilet humour..really. The reference to a woman's anatomy using the C-word, more than once, is misogynistic and really dumb. The kids, played by Apatows daughters, were cute; but I felt like they were being exploited. "I googled murder" today? Lovely. That list with the Canadian Beavers, headed by Pamela Anderson, Lolita Davidovich, Natasha Henstridge, and another woman, wasn't funny for me.

Even the second bar scene, where Mann and Heigl, who had previously pushed their way to the front of the line without a thought to "the ugly people" waiting in line, didn't play out as sympathetic at all. We are suppose to laugh at a situation where, they are now barred from line-jumping because Heigl is pregnant and Mann is "too old"? And the 5% quota for certain races? I felt sick.

This film wasn't completely unfunny. Some of the scenes with the Hollywood execs. played quite well by Kristin Wiig and Alan Tudyk, were humorous. "This is Hollywood. We don't like liars here...".

Even the title of this film is offensive to me. I went because I loved The 40-yr Old Virgin, and because it was reviewing very very well across the board. Instead, what I saw was a crass piece of work that has been done many times before, by a director who is capable of much much better. If I were ever trapped with these characters, I would smile feebly and back out of the room asap.

What scares me is how popular this film is. What does that say about us? Maybe, this film isn't that influential in the long run. But it definitely reflects the taste rampant in the throngs of people lining up to see this horrible film, for a SECOND time, and declaring it the funniest "comedy" they've ever seen.

I don't think so.
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