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Willie Nelson and Bono Team for Miraculous Movie

Willie Nelson and Bono Team for Miraculous Movie
Willie Nelson's "Luck, Texas" — the Old West film set that sits on a corner of his sprawling Hill Country ranch — is opening its saloon doors to Hollywood once again. Waiting for the Miracle to Come, a fantasy adventure flick starring the country icon in one of its lead roles, will be filmed in the same Lone Star spot built for 1986's Red Headed Stranger, with production set to begin in March.

Written and directed by Australian filmmaker Lian Lunson, Waiting for the Miracle to Come is about a young girl,
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'Sound of My Voice' Movie Review (2012)

Last year the subject of cults was brought up in Sean Durkin's Martha Marcy May Marlene, this year director and co-writer Zal Batmanglij brings us Sound of My Voice an eerie exploration of "what do you believe?" as a Los Angeles couple attempt to infiltrate a cult to expose its leader as a fraud. The film ultimately begins asking questions about how far would you be willing to go and then takes it a little further beyond that. Trust plays a big part and even if it gets a little sloppy and convenient at times, I found it still to be quite interesting in the end.

Without any build-up, explanation or lead-in, we are introduced to Peter (Christopher Denham) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius). Their idea is to create a documentary and capture their experience on camera. The whole thing is Peter's idea, but Lorna is going along with it,
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Now, Who Would Harass This Man?

Now, Who Would Harass This Man?
A U.S. court has convicted Leonard Cohen's former manager for harassing the Canadian singer-songwriting legend.

On Thursday, a Los Angeles County court found Kelley Lynch, 55, guilty of violating restraining orders to prevent her from contacting Cohen, making harassing phone calls and sending thousands of harassing emails to him.

She had initially entered a plea of not guilty to five counts of violating protective orders and two counts of repeatedly contacting Cohen with the intent to annoy or harass.

Nikhil A. Ramnaney, Lynch's lawyer, had argued that her missives were "cries for help, not criminal conduct."

Lynch faces up to five years in jail and is expected to appear at a sentencing hearing next week.

Cohen's testimony

The 77-year-old troubadour testified against Lynch and said she began a campaign of harassing, expletive-strewn and hostile telephone calls, voice and email messages after he dismissed her in 2004.

Cohen acknowledged that he
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Walken Heads For Boom Boom Room

Walken Heads For Boom Boom Room
Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine the pleasure of hearing Christopher Walken say the words, "Boom boom room". Imagine the different permutations: the dark whisper; the clipped, shouted exclamation; the weirdly emphasised enunciation. And be happy in the knowledge that all this may soon come to pass, since The Boom Boom Room has cast Walken, along with Shirley MacLaine, Twilight star Ashley Greene, and Adam Beach.There are few details so far, but the sales pitch has it as a magical tale set in the New Mexico desert, featuring a young woman's quest to unravel a secret in her family's past. It's not too much of a stretch to infer that Greene is the young woman then, and that Walken and MacLaine will be the two retired Vaudeville stars she encounters on her life-changing journey.Lian Lunson (Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man) will direct from his own screenplay, and
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‘Sound Of My Voice’ – Why Brit Marling Will Be a Name To Remember [Sundance Review]

‘Sound Of My Voice’ – Why Brit Marling Will Be a Name To Remember [Sundance Review]
[1] At the beginning of the week, everyone was talking about Elizabeth Olsen, the Other Olsen sister, who had been unofficially crowned the "it" girl of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. She's a new young talent  that had her public coming out, appearing in two films at this year's fest, both of which sold early in the week -- Martha Marcy May Marlene and Silent House. And Elizabeth is a talent we should watch out for in years to come, but the star power extruding from her family's name seems to be blinding people to the real story, the real "it" girl of this year's festival -- Brit Marling. If you ask me, she is a new force in the independent film scene. Not only did she star in two of the more highly acclaimed films of this year's Sundance, but she also co-wrote and produced both features. Both movies have a sci-fi component,
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'Sons of Anarchy': Charlie Hunnam hopes season 3 brings Jax 'a little peace.' Good luck with that!

'Sons of Anarchy': Charlie Hunnam hopes season 3 brings Jax 'a little peace.' Good luck with that!
Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam (Jax) is making news this week with his screenplay for Vlad, the story of the real-life prince who inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula. Read our Q&A about the film and who he'd like to see cast as The Impaler here. But since we're still talking about last week's bloody season 2 finale (which just hit Hulu today), we snuck in a few questions about that as well. Spoiler Alert: Was he frustrated that Adam Arkin's Zobelle escaped the club's clutches? No, but it wasn't what he expected. " Kurt Sutter created a situation there
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Oh, Canada - Kicking Off the 9 Days of Tiff

The Toronto International Film Festival is definitely starting off with a bang this year. First,we learned that Tiff was ignoring the tradition of opening the fest with a Canadian film when Jon Amiel's Creation was selected to kick things off. (Even though there are a few free screenings earlier on Thursday's Day One, plus Lone Scherfig's An Education, which is starting a half hour before Creation around the corner from the opening-night Elgin Theatre.) But at least, while not official, the first Tiff film is actually a screening of Lian Lunson's Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man, so some Can-Con informally starts things off.

But this twist was only step one. Next came the protests.

See, the festival is starting a new program this year called City to City, which showcases a group of films that are focused on a particular locale. The inaugural location: Tel Aviv.
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Trailer Trash: Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

[/link] - Lionsgate Films Check out the trailer here. All Tingly, In A Sad Way: There’s something about Lenny’s music--nay, his voice, that just grabs you from behind like a 2$ hooker on some bad ecstasy. But what else can you expect from the man whose Greatest Hits album was voted the most depressing album of all time? “Talk Hard. Steal The Air”: Immediate memories when hearing the first few notes of ‘Everybody Knows’? Anyone? That's right, it was the first time I was beaten within an inch of my life by the school bully ‘cuz I had had enough already and proceeded to pull his shorts down in front of the entire Phys Ed class. In retrospect, not the brightest idea. And why they were playing that song on the school P.A. system is still somewhat of a
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Lions Gate takes 'Descent' to AFM

Lions Gate takes 'Descent' to AFM
Lions Gate International has picked up international rights to the snowboarding documentary First Descent, which Universal Pictures will release domestically. Lions Gate, which acquired the rights from MD Films, will introduce Descent at the upcoming 2005 American Film Market, where it will premiere. The film joins several documentaries on Lions Gate's AFM slate, including The U.S. vs. John Lennon, Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man and Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man. Descent chronicles the rise of snowboarding as seen through the eyes of several extreme athletes. Spanning four decades, the film follows the sport's evolution from a fringe hobby to an Olympic event.

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