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Sports movies have a purity of form. They always end with the big game, in triumph or heartbreak. So does The Heart of the Game, although the lawsuit still hangs over the team after the final free throw.
It captures an authentic feel-good spirit and inspirational message that most Hollywood movies barely approximate.
Chicago Tribune
If you or any kid over the age of 10 has even a half-interest in the definition of the word "teamwork," as well as the words "real-life suspense," this is the movie.
Miami Herald
A rousing and mesmerizing documentary.
New York Post
This distaff "Hoop Dreams" is less of an epic than the earlier movie, and less deep, but it's got more sunshine, too.
Entertainment Weekly
The film is a furious full-court press, its subjects aflame with the kind of passion only youth can furnish.
There's no denying the exuberant energy and emotional force of this movie. It gets to you.
The end result is an interesting documentary that is as unpolished and gutsy as the championship-caliber high school hoop stars at the other end of his camera.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Serrill has shot and edited The Heart of the Game in straightforward documentary style, with a narration by the rapper and actor Ludacris. But the dramas going on here, on and off the court, more than make up for any lack of flash.
The Hollywood Reporter
Making his feature-length debut after forging a career making socially conscious short films, director Ward Serrill never takes his eye off the ball, maintaining a sharp storytelling focus distilled from those seven years worth of footage.
New York Daily News
Genuinely touching and unquestionably sincere, the movie certainly has heart - but it could have used a little more game.

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