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Box Office Democracy: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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Kingsman: The Secret Service was such a breath of fresh air when it came out. It was an action comedy that didn’t decide it could skip out on the action choreography part. Matthew Vaughn made a movie that was all the way both things. It was honestly a bit shocking to experience after so many Austin Powers movies where not giving a damn was basically part of the fabric of the movie. Obviously there’s no element of surprise with Kingsman: The Golden Circle but the formula is still solidly there. This is an action comedy that wants to have it both ways and while it’s perhaps a little worse on both ends there’s a solid movie in here anyway.

While Kingsman: The Secret Service was taking the piss out of the cliche British spy tropes, for Kingsman: The Golden Circle Vaughn decides to invent some American ones to lampoon.
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Big heel turn at WWE TLC, Broken Matt Hardy invades Roh, WWE talent raid begins?

Last night’s Smackdown pay-per-view Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls saw one of the biggest heel turns in professional wrestling history… Aj Styles’ ring attire turned on the WWE Champion by splitting right on his ass.

Here’s the best nicknames for the Champ that Runs the Camp from Reddit:

The rear that rips the gear.

The crack that runs the smack.

And The Champ Who ripped his Pants!

There was another heel turn in TLC’s main event. As Dean Ambrose had the title won, slowly making his way up the ladder towards the belt, James Ellsworth appeared to push the Lunatic Fringe to the outside and through a load of tables.

We’ll probably have to wait months to find out what his motivation wa-wait a second, he’s explaining his actions on Talking Smack immediately following TLC! It’s almost like they thought out this storyline months in advance.
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Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service Is More Entertaining Than Bond

Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service is a sharp, stylish, spectacular spy film that offers more pure entertainment than any Bond film ever made. It's the antithesis of its overly serious contemporaries, a rare combination of action, humor, and character building that left me wanting to immediately see a sequel.

This project is a reunion for Vaughn and comic book writer Mark Millar, who penned both the comic on which this film is based and the comic Kick-Ass, which Vaughn also adapted for the big screen. Though Millar didn't write this screenplay (Vaughn and his longtime collaborator Jane Goldman share that credit), you can feel his influence all over this film: the irreverent humor, the meta-awareness of genre conventions, and the hyper-stylized violence are Millar calling cards. Vaughn excels at breathing life into all of these elements, and he tackles this story with the same fast-paced fun that he
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Movie Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2014.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Starring Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Sofia Boutella, Mark Strong, Sophie Cookson, Michael Caine and Mark Hamill.


A veteran secret agent takes a young upstart under his wing.

In Matthew Vaughn’s second adaptation of a Mark Millar comic, he has once again succeeded in making an ultra-silly, violent and hugely entertaining film. Starting with the death of his father, we see estate teen Eggsy heading on the wrong path in life until he calls on an old favour from a veteran agent (Firth). What ensues are a range of training montages, fight scenes, tons of laughs and a lisping Samuel L Jackson. It is a film nothing short of perfection.

The success of the film is due to the rapport between the cast and the wonderful direction from Vaughn and script from Jane Goldman. It feels as if
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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Red Coat Revealed! [Spoiler] Lives! Another 'A' Unmasked?

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Red Coat Revealed! [Spoiler] Lives! Another 'A' Unmasked?
Tensions were running high in Pretty Little Liars‘ summer finale, as World War ‘A’ kicked into high-gear — and those who were once thought to be dead were suddenly… not. However, the biggest twist of the night came in the form of yet another ‘A’ unmasking — and this one puts the previous reveals of Mona and Toby’s nef’A'rious dealings to shame.

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Freebird Frenzy | ‘A’ immediately makes good on his or her promise to bring down a world of hurt on the Liars should
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