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The fun of 21 is the way that this sharp, hyperaware star in the making, his face as readable as a mood ring, pours us into an adrenalized cocktail of fear, desire, and mental buzz.
21 drags itself to a climax that puts credulity in splints. So what? In a multiplex of dumb-luck hits, it's a kick to watch Spacey and a gifted young cast use smarts to deal audiences a winning hand.
21 makes for some slick escapist fantasy. Even if, and because, the fantasy has its roots in something real.
The Hollywood Reporter
Escapist moviegoers happy to live out a flashy fantasy get a brief comeuppance and still walk away from the table with a little something in their pockets.
A predictable moral tale enacted by blandly pretty young things who bear little resemblance to the average brainiac.
A movie with an irresistible premise that ultimately collapses around the whole issue of motivation. Until it does, this is a thoroughly entertaining picture.
While not exactly a zero, 21 lags and fails to measure up dramatically.
Very little adds up in 21.
The early scenes are flashy fun, and Sturgess (handsome Jude in "Across the Universe") makes a convincing math geek. But the requisite romance and Hollywood-style ending feel as fake as the air allegedly pumped into casinos to revive flagging players
Chicago Tribune
21 isn't pretentious, exactly, but it's damn close, and in trying to whip up a melodramatic morality tale the film becomes an increasingly flabby slog.
Miami Herald
Except for Spacey's talent, elements don't add up.

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