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id get him to cut my grass
josh long20 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
just caught this flick for free from there website. i live in Australia so i tracked this film down and it was worth the watch. perhaps the best zombie short i have seen. it reminded me a lot of Peter Jacksons Bad Taste in the camera movements and the gore. The story line is also very basic which is great in a zombie film. It is a very cheeky little flick. The basic story line is... the world is overrun by zombies and a gardener turned hunter is killing them off one by one. An aspect i liked about this film is that the hero just seems to be doing it for fun. The setting of the desert is also fantastic. The sky and landscape looks brilliant. Although i did watch the film in the smallest size. I would be keen to own this DVD.

What are you doing still reading this get on the site and watch the film.
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Pretty good short film
no-mad2 October 2010
Good minimalist film. Effects were well done. Good undead makeup. Simple story line appropriate for a mini-movie. I stumbled across this movie in my ongoing search for undead movies. Several of my students members of the independent movie club. I like to find movies for them to watch to get ideas about what other indie movie makers are doing.

Whoever found the setting and the actors did a good job. This is worth the 11 or so minutes. It has everything I look for in an undead movie: siege, heroine, hero, undead. Add to the mix a good setting, good script and good music and this is a winner.

The only weakness in the film is the setting. I liked the desert, but I did not understand what the cinder block buildings were or what the people were doing there.
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