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Much better than Happy Tree Friends
gangstahippie2 July 2007
Rated NR(Contains Strong Sexual Content,Violence and Language) would be Rated R.

A lot of people compare Happy Tree Friends to Retarded Animal Babies.For me I think Retarded Animal Babies is way better than Happy Tree Friends.Happy Tree Friends just has cute animals getting killed each episode.Retarded Animal Babies on the other hand has more storyline,more intelligent humor and is overall a better flash animation series.There are 17 or 18 Retarded Animal Babies flash films in total.Two of which are not on the internet.They are episodes 9 and 16 and you must buy the DVD to watch them.Anyway Retarded Animal Babies is a very funny flash series and I think it is much better than Happy Tree Friends.
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Beyond Perfection
andrewcurtisevans1 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: Spoiler Saying this mature animated cartoon deserves 11 out of 10 is just not enough. It is totally perverted, and totally gut-busting! My personal favorite character would have to be Hamster or Puppy. Puppy has a love for disturbing things and seldom dies (Only in episodes 10 and 14). He is the most foul-mouthed and the most sick-minded of the Animal Babies. His lines are also the most hilarious. For example, one of his lines is as follows. "B is for Balls (drools)!" See what I mean?! Anyways, with Hamster, he is also quite funny from time to time. He also has an unbreakable love for Bruce Willis. Totally addicted, if he were to be a super-hero, he would be Bruce Willis Lad (Yipee-kay-ay, *heavily censored*!) All and all, this is a great animated cartoon and deserves nothing below an A (No A-'s!). I really enjoyed it as well, so I could bet almost anything that you will love this too!
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Terrible rip off to happy tree friends! >:(
hopev30 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The show and Hell ruined class act (a happy tree friends episode). The characters are UGLY. That puppy character scared me with red demonic eyes. The donkey's voice sounds like a toddler he is also a toddler version of lumpy. This series is NOT any happier than HTF. This show deserves more hate reviews. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. THE WORST SHOW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. This show has nothing but toilet jokes, perverted humor, toilet humor, and UN detailed on blood and organs. Also why is there humans on this show? Shouldn't the animals be in a pet shop? This show is a DISGRACE and not godly one bit, and why does the animation so ugly.
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