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For all its dazzling computer-generated sequences, "Museum'' wouldn't be nearly the delight it is without the talents of some of the best comedians in the business.
Stuffed with smart performers doing graciously silly work, and all Levy has to do is manage traffic.
Miami Herald
Wonderfully energetic.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A fantastic holiday toy that, amazingly enough, doesn't require batteries.
After a slow start, this feel-good family film is a nice postcard from the Big Apple that may benefit New York and the Museum of Natural History as much as it does 20th Century Fox.
Entertainment Weekly
What a dull, nice movie, wrenched from a wild premise and battered into docility.
Though the premise is clever -- everything comes to life at night in New York City's Natural History Museum -- this movie doesn't make the best comic use of the concept.
Philadelphia Inquirer
If the filmmakers had a script half as good as their special effects, Night at the Museum would be a must-see.
New York Daily News
Night at the Museum takes a can't-miss comedy premise and misses by a country mile.
New York Post
Strands several generations of performers in a highly derivative script and hackneyed direction.
The bulk of the movie is a series of sight gags and set pieces that wreak much havoc but little else.
The Hollywood Reporter
Director Levy struggles to find a uniform pitch that would agreeably blend together the gags, the visual effects and the obligatory heart moments. In its absence, there's a stop-and-start hollowness that confuses noise and chaos for comic energy.

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