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  • Mario and his pregnant girlfriend Clara are trying to find in a short period a new apartment to live since they have sold their apartment and they need to move in fifteen days. When Mario finds an attractive advertisement in his mailbox, he convinces Clara to visit the place with him. He drives to a far area in the periphery and meets the real estate agent in front of an old building in an abandoned neighborhood. When the couple sees the apartment, they do not like it but they are forced to stay.


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  • Carolina and Tony are driving through the torrential rain that has been falling all day. They are going to see a flat yet another flat. They have seen dozens already. Ever since they have been expecting a baby, they have been looking for something a little bigger, but the agent has told them that this flat is something a little special.

    First impressions are not exactly good. Like all of the properties in the area, the flat seems to have been abandoned and is totally empty and what about all the random limbs of old shop mannequins scattered across the floor, the stairs and the landings

    The estate agent re-assures them. The council is apparently refurbishing the whole area. In just a few months they are going to be sitting on a gold mine. And whats more, two new families have also just moved in. On the mezzanine and the second floor.

    They go up to the third floor and enter the flat. Which is something they should never have done... Their flat, the whole building in fact, is a trap. Watched over by a diabolical landlady

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