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If Eddie Murphy gets an Oscar for "Dreamgirls" later this month, the deciding factor with voters may be his performance in Norbit. It's much more impressive than anything he does in "Dreamgirls."
Philadelphia Inquirer
The question is not whether Murphy can do anything. He can. The question is why he would want to make a movie as squirmingly unfunny as Norbit.
Chicago Tribune
With his brazen gifts for mimicry, Eddie Murphy may now be the Peter Sellers of blockbuster toilet comedy movies.
Miami Herald
Although there's no denying the threadbare nature of the script, watching Murphy riff can be a formidable entertainment on its own.
The only recommendable thing about Norbit is that he's not as bad as every other person in this movie.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Norbit is pretty much a bad-taste sinkhole.
Murphy speaks in a breathy lisp, as if his mouth had been partially buttoned shut, and he doesn't give himself the nerd's traditional redeeming feature of a geeky, slide-rule intellect. Norbit, all frozen gawk, is just a very dim bulb.
New York Daily News
It's hard to know who is the intended audience for this misguided mess.
While there are some scattered laughs, the flimsy and nonsensical script - combined with the sledgehammer direction by Brian Robbins, make the similarly themed "Big Momma's House" look like Noel Coward.
Mean-spirited and depressing, this horror movie in comedy disguise delights in the twin spectacles of morbid obesity and domestic abuse, of which children are often the target.
The Hollywood Reporter
Racially insensitive, politically incorrect and beyond crude.

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