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Best game this year? Definitely
mark_gd_hall20 September 2005
I've just completed the game and i think it is absolutely amazing. the story is brilliant and the voice acting is class. I'm a big fan of the Shenmue series so i loved the QTE's with the analog stick. I couldn't stop playing this game it just sucked me in. The tension, the sex, the twists everything. definitely best game of the year and definitely ranking as one of the best games I've played. I'm sure everyone who's played it by now thinks the same. If you haven't got this game read all the comments on it because you must play this game. its that good. if anyone who has got it and doesn't like it you've got no say on the matter.
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one of the best games
Ali M8 October 2005
i have played many games in my life and this game i found a bit different from other games. because in this game the movie is being played in the game and it seems that Ur completing the movie of this game.No doubt its very exceptional and logical game.strategy is also needed. the graphics are fine and most of all I'm inspired with the story line and the way it is being told step by step as u move on. this game seems to be addicted to me and i cant pass a day if i don't play this game.this game has everything mystery,horror, love,emotions,investigation,thriller, sex and action.

this game has some key features which makes it an interesting game. it has a strong story line ,flawless vocal performances and music.u have to be totally involve in this game.

i have reached 23 chapters so far and the story is turning to be more interesting.if u haven't played this game then go and play this game i highly recommend it.
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seriously-226 October 2005
Never in my gaming life have I _ever_ played such an intense game. I didn't took the first interviews and previews about Fahrenheit very serious. Another game-developer that claims to have created the ultimate game where _you_ control the story, etc. 'it plays like a movie', sure, we've heard that before!

But seriously, this movie plays like a game! Uhh.. this game plays like a movie! See, I'm getting all confused here! This game literally takes you of the edge of your seat and beyond...

The story is original, the controls are a bit weird some times, the plot twists and turns are great and the game-play is almost flawless... You can actually choose your way through the game. Some choices are good, others lead you thwarts a painful death.

I'm not going to spoil the story here, not even if I wanted it, because it's to complex. But I can tell you it will never be boring! And when it will get boring, "Get Ready!" suddenly appears, and it just stopped being boring... Don't know where the ... I'm talking about? Just play the game then!

The best feature, for me, is the way you play all the main characters in the game and _you_ decide when you switch characters. This way, you know certain things and it is you who decides how fast the story unfolds... It is you who commits the crime, it is you who solves it. And even if you know who did what and why, the characters don't, but it is up to you too lead them into the right direction.

The longer you play the game the more sympathy you get for both the criminal and the law. The longer you play the game the more sympathy you get for the people who made this game. A game with a story so intense it could only be made in the dark basements of Hollywood, and yet it feels a bit Japanese because of the high X-files factor in the game.

I can't convince you more without spoiling some things, a must-play, is my conclusion.

*And I was not supposed to like this genre...*
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Enjoyable, thoroughly engrossing, but falls short.
Koncorde9 August 2006
INTRO: I first played this game on a friends PS2, 3 of us sat on the couch watching and taking part - deciding actions and movements, taking the challenges in turn depending upon who we felt was best suited (for some reason I ended up with the love and action sequences, it must be my good looks, charm and abundant athleticism). Despite the fact we took it in turns, not one of us left our seat when someone else took over. Indeed in 7 hours one night we left our seats only for bathroom and coffee breaks (and even then we shouted back and forth to each other the goings on).

Unfortunately I went on holiday so didn't get to play the final 'third' of the game. In response I purchased the game on Ebay in order to complete the game to my satisfaction. My only grumble? The final 'third' turned out to be 10 minutes game-play.

THE GAME: Fahrenheit follows on the heels of games such as the "Broken Sword" Trilogy, but incorporates elements of the "Blade Runner" VG (in particular the conversation routes, insertion of action sequences and more immersive sound and visuals) and also the detective/crime noir of Max Payne (from the setting, to the winter to the dark humour). Character depth is well founded, at least on par with those you would find in your average fugitive vs police TV show, and you feel you have a good grasp of your character very quickly through the use of some unintrusive monologues.

The action is dealt with well, or at least in a novel fashion. I hankered for a more open ended action sequence at times, but found it all challenging enough without. Criticism can (and should) be made that the action sequences are little more than 'obstacles' to prevent the progress of the story - but all (bar one) really add to the story without causing considerable delay. The controls are occasionally a bit fiddly (the ability to 'backpedal' slowly rather than 'turn around' would have been handy for the occasions you overran something - due to the models requiring a few feet either side of them to make a turn).

PC Users may find that the game, whilst playing flawlessly on the highest graphic setting, has 'timing' bugs with regards to these action sequences. Normally dropping the graphic settings down to minimum will aid in the completion of what may otherwise be a frustrating sequence. Sometimes the Simon Says colours can be harder to see on high graphic settings also due to the additional vibrancy of the background sequence.

Graphically the game is solid, if unspectacular. The skins and models are very well done, as are facial expressions, lip synch, and physical movements (thanks to motion capture). Everything else is simplistic, but effective (with occasional nice touches). Regardless it doesn't detract from the game in any way. Special effects are especially good, with emotive use of simple visual tricks.

Sound wise the game is also very solid, with good crisp voice acting from established voice actors and a steady score and licensed tracks from established artists.

STORY: The plot is excellent, until the final section. I'm sure I'm not the only person who felt that what was building up as an extremely interesting psychological thriller with supernatural edge was somewhat undercut by the final run in. But don't let that put you off from what is otherwise an extremely entertaining romp.

The game really warranted more time dedicating to it. I get the feeling the writer had more planned but couldn't include it all, it would be nice to see a Fahrenheit "Directors Cut" including the many sequences they didn't include due to time constraints.

OVERALL: I enjoyed this game, it installs fluidly, it plays extremely well, and it maintains a heady pace right the way through with some extremely satisfying action sequences. The story, the characters, the art and architecture through to the humour and adult orientated romance, all make this game unique in depth as it truly is the first playable movie since the haphazard attempts on the old Sega MegaCD. Try the game out and look how far we've come, and how much further a concept like this could go.


SIMILAR GAMES TO LOOK FOR: Blade Runner (Westwood Studios). Broken Sword 1, 2 and 3. Max Payne 1+2 (Action Shooter, but also crime noir rp)
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Rudimir Bombardinovic19 March 2007

Perhaps you have heard of Fahrenheit (known also as Indigo Child), perhaps not. In video game world it is considered to be true and unique masterpiece, something that will be remembered for a very long time. So what's so special? Everything.

Base of Fahrenheit is detective plot considering three main characters you'll get to know: Lucas, Carla and Tyler. Lucas, ordinary guy murders man in diners. The problem is he wasn't aware of anything considering murder, he didn't really do it, but who's going to believe him? Carla and Tyler are detectives and they have a feeling that there's something very strange and bizarre about this case. Very soon they all find out that „things are never as quite as they seem".

Fahrenheit basically belongs to adventure genre but it's unique; your actions and decisions determine course of the game. Except solving murder you'll live „normal" life of your characters (you'll be able to control all of them) – eating, sleeping , watching TV, chatting with your friends, working out in a gym, playing basketball... Sounds weird and boring? It's everything but that.

Fahrenheit isn't type of game made just for game veterans (controls on PS2 are very natural and easy to get used to) so it's suitable for those who play occasionally or rarely. Also, puzzles aren't very hard so there aren't any obstacles that could hold you from enjoying this beautiful game.

Very important message for all movie lovers: you definitely have to play this. Why? Fahrenheit is interactive game in full meaning of this word: it's movie you play (saw it successfully done only in few games, e.g. Hideo Kojima's MGS trilogy).

Does it have any flaws? Sure it has and those who play a bit longer will probably notice them (e.g. some camera views), but they are small and compared with everything game has to offer insignificant.

Also, something that has to be mentioned is a story. Story and atmosphere are just amazing! Fahrenheit has one of the best game and movie stories I have ever seen!

You'll probably notice many references both to legendary movies and games but I'll let you discover them by yourselves. Fahrenheit takes elements from those games and movies and packs it into it's own world, but keeps being original and unique. That's what makes it so special.

After playing Fahrenheit you'll have the same beautiful feeling like when you leave theater with smile on your face knowing you've just seen something beautiful that you're going to remember for a long time. Do you need better recommendation than that?

True pearl 10/10.
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BlackHawk84731 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This game is the reason why many people around the world play video games. For experiences like playing Indigo Prophecy which is a superb game in many different ways.

Story: Unlike in many games, Indigo Prophecy has a brilliant story about an ordinary guy Lucas Kane who kills a man in a bathroom located in a restaurant. The thing is Lucas doesn't even know the man and had no control over killing him. This opens many layers as you can alter the choices you make affecting the story. For example in the beginning the restaurant waitress won't recognize you say you pay a tip, but if you forget she will remember your face and the cops will have a better chance of tracking you down. That is just a small sample of how innovative this game is. The story in the end isn't as simple as it sounds. You'll have cops chasing you, run from demons, and even at the end of the game or towards the end will fight using the unique analog control system. The only con about the story is the end may leave some going "What the ****!" Still not a terrible ending that ruins the story, but if there is any complaint that would have to be it.

Gameplay: This game may seem at first like any normal game, but what you quickly realize after beating it is the fact you felt like you were controlling a movie. The control system is very hard to describe in words, but you use two analog sticks and have to time everyone to do the sequence you're supposed to do in the scene. The way you play as a criminal then switch to the police officers is a good twist in a game of this nature. It makes you feel weird because you don't know who to root for as you keep switching back and forth. The characters in the game big or small are great and some you interact with provide some fun addictive mini games. Lastly the game is pretty average sized only 8 to 12 hours, but the way you can change the story is enough to play through it over and over again.

Overall: 5/5
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half hour in and this is one of the best games ever
The_Horror_Within23 September 2005
only 30 Min's in the game and it's so exciting, the graphics, and story are both top notch. The voice acting for the characters is so good, it makes you wonder if you are really playing a game and not watching a movie. Being able to ask plenty of questions to other characters is another fine point as well as interacting with different things around your surrounding. There is just so many things to do. throughout the game you can find bonus points which you can use to unlock pictures, video clips and music from the soundtrack.

this is the best game i have ever played, the storyline is gripping and iv'e only played the first 30 minutes. I can only wonder what will happen as i progress.
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An instant Classic on most levels.
Tom Harrison10 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The adventure game has seen a major decline over the past few years, gone are the glory days of Monkey Island and other Lucasarts titles, replaced by endless average shooters. Fahrenheit, however, changes that.

I bought Fahrenheit a fairly long time after it was released because I thought the plot and interaction system looked interesting. I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The graphics leave a little to be desired, but are pretty good considering this is a 6th generation title, the characters are well rounded and not too gung-ho (Each character has a noticeable weakness that will be played upon as the game progresses) and the plot is strong.

Now, a lot of people claim that the plot loses much of it's integrity towards the end of the game, whilst it is hard to deny that the last section of the game is not as gripping as the first parts I found the plot to only be as strange as that of some major Hollywood motion pictures, and considering that the series was originally supposed to be episodic and they had to rush it out it is easy to understand why the plot somewhat "Loses" it.

Voice Acting is superb, especially the leads (David Gasman and Sharon Mann as Lucas Kane and Carla Valenti), and is for the most part extremely convincing. The only real complaint I have with this game is several of the Stealth sections were mildly frustrating.

In conclusion, this game is a little unorthodox, and the plot much get a little strange towards the end, but it is a must play for those who want to try something that isn't about men with large guns grunting at one another.
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A true adventure...AWESOME!
dude-marko16 April 2006
First, I must say that I wasn't not at all in for adventure games. But thanks to this little crown-jewel, I am now. I "devoured" it in two days, because it is purely addictive, you can't stop playing. The way the story is told is truly unique, and no game before this one managed to achieve such a perfect way to exploit a story(the story itself is pretty thin and predictable, but the way it is told makes all the difference). You play with three characters, two detectives and the criminal, who isn't exactly a criminal...I let you find out why. The sound is another strong-point of the game. The music and the voice acting are almost perfect, making the game more credible. Being a console-game, the graphics is "consoleish", but it looks damn good. For some, the weak spot is are the controls, which are a little weird. But that only for a short period, because you get used to them fast, and if you use a keyboard. If you are the owner of a game-pad, you won't have problems. After that, it will be a piece of cake to move, reply fast or react quick. I won't explain, once again, I let you find out.

Towards the end, the story becomes ridiculous, but that doesn't really matter, thanks to the way it is transmitted to us.

Play this game and be amazed!
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A great game despite its flaws
taktsbar28 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When I installed the game I was very excited, a lot of friends had told me it was top notch, and I couldn't wait to try it out and see it for myself. The first scene (sounds like its a movie, though I think you'll understand) is fantastic, I love the idea of letting the player decide what to at the crime scene, sweep up blood, hide the body etc.

And when I passed that policeman I truly thought this was one of the coolest game ever, but I was wrong. From this point the game becomes bad. The plot who at first seemed wonderful and mysterious becomes boring and usual. However this game truly has some highlights (even though the bad parts of it disturbed me more) for instance; I like idea of you controlling different characters throughout the game, awesome! but some parts of this game just seems unfinished and hasty put together.

However, I truly begin the game makers got something going on here, with some improvement the next game released by this company could be a HUUGE hit. I liked this game, and I will despite my criticism buy the next one as well. But if that game dosen't meet my expectations I won't repeat the purchase in the future.
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Pure excellence, just not enough of it.
korahn6 November 2005
I rented Indigo Prophecy for the PS2 from Rogers yesterday and, man, what an awesome game.

It plays as a movie where a possessed man kills someone, then you take control of the killer (Lucas Kane). Your first task is to get out of the diner without being arrested. Then you take control of the detectives who are after Lucas.

The game plays as a movie, with each scene having you use the analog sticks to perform action sequences, ask certain questions and move, and the L1 and R1 buttons to do strenuous activities. The whole game ends up being you playing cat and mouse with yourself.

All the choices you make in the game affect everything else in the story. Like, if you are playing the detectives and DON'T look for the murder weapon, then you won't have prints to bring your "murderer" in, etc.

The story unfolds to some REALLY sweet action scenes and a pretty involving storyline. I won't give any of that away.

My only gripe is that, even though there is a re-playability factor (different choices lead to different angles and endings) I finished the game in about 6 or 7 hours on Normal difficulty.

Although quite fun to play, especially the action sequences, the short time deems this as a rental.
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High expectations, a bit of a disappointment
mats_carcass26 September 2005
I'll cut to the chase - this game is very flawed. I was lead to believe that my actions would be crucial to the progression of the story - and while each scene can be completed in a variety of ways - the net result remains the same. You are given the illusion of freedom.

3/4 of the way through the wheels fall off the plot, and it spirals into a contrived mess. What started of gripping and grounded, became tedious and dull due to the many "borrowed" plot elements.

Camera is a bit wiley, and some may find difficulty in getting accustomed to the control scheme, but for someone versed with Grim Fandago or Broken Sword 3, they should pick it up no worries.

it is worth playing through once or twice, due to the fresh take it has on the standard adventure game, however upon trying it gauge you final decision t purchase or not.

Hopefully a follow up is well under way.
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Rent and return; it's worth watching but not owning
enkephalin0727 March 2008
This title has intensely compelling story, tight voice acting, brilliant shot rhythm and action pacing. No doubt it's the work of a genius director, and I see so much talent here that it's a shame the game-play is so miserable.

Movement and world exploration are smooth enough, and do keep the player immersed in the environment. But in any plot situation, the interface presented is non-intuitive, tedious, and feels wholly unnatural for character movement. Simon-says could never be associated with good action, even if you ramp up the pace to tweak reflexes, and overlaying a perfectly good scene with bright button-mashing instructions breaks immersion, distracts from the story and visual, and alienates the player.

This really shows a talented director who is far too arrogant to believe that game design isn't one of his talents, even in spite of the obviously limited exposure he's had to them. Cage couldn't seem to give control up to the player (another sign of director arrogance,) nor provide movement interface that a player could be trusted to handle action sequences themselves. This is fine for a movie that we pay and agree to sit passively for the storytelling, but it's a serious stumbling block for interactivity, or any medium that runs longer than two hours.

There are critics who say this game should be made into a movie, and others who reply that the game is the movie. I believe if this would've been far more pleasurably memorable if it were made a movie in the first place. It's definitely a story worth watching by an excellent storyteller and director, but it's not much as a game.
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silver phoenix13 February 2007
i really like the game. of course the ending can only be so different because it needs to be at least slightly relevant. but your actions throughout the game do determine what happened and the end but more to the point whether you even reach the end. if you play the game badly you will just loose is your bar drops to zero. Anyway i thought this game was amazing, very interactive and brilliant believable characters. i also thought that it was a fun game to play with some bits being easy at the beginning and others being extremely hard, especially with no continues at the end. you mess up there then the ending just changes. The characters were also very believable as you really do believe that they are just normal people trying to live there normal lifes.
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There are no words to describe...
unrealpatriot12 December 2006
In the industry of Video Games There might be like a million of games out there, but there's always one that changes the essence, the world, the entire concept of video game; Its hard and almost impossible to make and to find a game that suits in that description, well, THIS is that Game, Fahrenheit is Unique, special, Sceptional, is a true piece of art that artist like DA Vinci would make, but this time the creator is not Da Vinci is David Cage.

Im sure that it will take long to make a game like this, truly a gem in the industry, a gold dust, it may not be the great game in graphics but everything else beginning with the story and ending with music, its Incredible. Thanks to all for being possible the making of Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy).

Its not a comparison between Da Vinci and David Cage, its only for you to know the quality and the originality that this game has.
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Great Game
hibbis2 October 2005
Builds on other great games such as Shenmue and Eternal Darkness. The method for choosing and advancing dialogue is the best I've seen so far in interactive entertainment. The story starts out good and then goes off the rails near the end and plummets into inanity, but it didn't ruin the overall experience. The score is terrific, and some of the soundtrack is good (I like the song that plays in Carla's place). Another brilliant touch is the splitscreen effect, which gives you the value of a cinematic experience without taking you out of the game and making you watch a cutscene. Great idea, well executed. Voice acting is up there with the best games have to offer. David Cage seems like a megalomaniac (digitizing himself into the game for the tutorial?!?), but at least he's passionate about his project.
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