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Where did Hollywood get the conviction that audiences demand an ending that lets them off the hook? Foster doesn't let herself off the hook in The Brave One, and we should be as brave as she is.
Not since "The Crying Game" has Jordan crafted as compelling a motion picture.
An intense New York-set thriller that manages to be both commercial and contemplative, kick-ass and quietly, disturbingly insinuating.
The Hollywood Reporter
A vigilante drama boasting a powerful Jodie Foster performance and carefully weighted direction by Neil Jordan.
Foster is electrifying as ego and id clash and the movie fires up with genuine provocation.
If only The Brave One had captured more of the complex nature of the fear and paranoia plaguing society since 9/11. Instead, it is a well-made but predictable take on the revenge fantasy thriller, with a female twist.
Not enough to overcome the proven axiom that although you can make a bad movie from a good script, you can't make a good one from a bad one.
Everything about Foster's ocular intensity is riveting, but little in this hushed vigilante drama makes sense.
Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard are incredibly compelling and hold your attention despite Jordan's deliberately slow pacing.
At the film's inconclusive conclusion, the filmmakers strand Erica and Sean in the moral twilight.
The drama is repetitive rather than resonant, an over-calculated, under-ventilated studio production -- even paranoid thrillers need to breathe -- whose plot machinery grinds grim and coarse.

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