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8 Jan. 2007
When Orel learns that most "pleasures" in life comes from the devil, he starts avoiding anything that makes him happy.
15 Jan. 2007
The Lord's Prayer
Orel falls in love...but is she too different?
21 Jan. 2007
Holy Visage
The image of our savior miraculously appears on a Jewish doctor.
29 Jan. 2007
Be Fruitful and Multiply
Orel finally gets Stephanie, the town atheist, to go to church.
30 Apr. 2007
The pressure in on when Orel needs to win this years Praying Bee.
7 May 2007
Cheating on his wife with Nurse Bendy, Principal Fakey has trouble with this most fundamental of Protestant practices.
20 May 2007
Turn the Other Cheek
Orel teaches the school bully that the best defense is no defense.
27 May 2007
The town teaches the concept of Creationism to Orel's new friend, The Missing Link.
27 May 2007
Doughy learns a very valuable lesson from his teacher, Miss Sculptham: how to gold dig.
11 Jun. 2007
School Pageant
Orel has his heart set on getting the lead role in the school pageant: a musical version of the life of Jesus.
25 Jun. 2007
Presents for God
With no sinners left in Moralton for Reverend Putty to save, Orel imports a few lost souls from the neighboring town.
2 Jul. 2007
Orel's Movie Premiere
Orel holds a premiere of his new stop-motion animated film in his backyard for several of Moralton's authority figures.
9 Jul. 2007
PART 1: Orel and Clay take a father and son hunting trip.
16 Jul. 2007
Nature: Part 2
PART 2: Orel and Clay take a father and son hunting trip.

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