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Pleasant ride
springsunnywinter9 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
An amazing film that shows the consequence of fate according to the choices made in life. John Abraham & Nana were both terrific in their own place, John's acting and films are getting better & better. The best thing about the film is that you don't know whom to support because they are both being bad to each other for their own mistakes. It is slightly similar to the German film Lola Rennt which is one of my most favourite films in Lola Rennt, Lola has to get to her boyfriend in time and in Taxi No: 9211 John has to go to court in time and in both films they show that if you do something bad then something bad will happen to you or good if you be good. The best scene in the film is when John's wheel broke in the middle of the highway and he jumped out before a lorry hit it.
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greaky24 February 2006
It heartens me to see such movies coming out of bollywood. The movie runs for about 2 hours and never is a drag. I would not want to delve into the story too far... I think this is one of those movies which must be seen.

The movie is all about a day when John hires Nana's taxi and the things start going wrong ... The movie is to the point and does not have any unnecessary songs/scenes (masala). The comedy is superb and the movie itself is quite a thriller.

All characters have played their roles well.. Nana delivers another great performance. Milan luthra shines as the director.

We need more of these kind of movies from Bollywood.
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Sippy presents a very innovative comedy!
AishFan10 March 2006
Taxi No. 9211 is a fresh breather in Bollywood with a very unique screenplay after watching all the movies with "inspired" stories. This light entertainer takes place in the time-span of just one day. There's no long-drawn plot, no melodrama, no serious issues--just pure fun. John Abraham, a thoroughly spoilt brat, and Nana Patekar, a struggling, insecure cab driver become a significant factor in each other's lives. Although resting on opposite ends of the social hierarchy, they have one thing strongly in common--their ego. They embark on their journey in a taxi not knowing that their destinations are themselves. Filled with witty and clever dialogues, Taxi No. 9211 is a fun entertainer that gives us a little reminder to be honest and embracing. Direction is excellent! Everyone gave a fantastic performance. Vishal-Shekhar's compositions are as innovative as this movie! "Meter Down" is a catchy song with a really cool video.
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Nice movie made better by some great performances .
pojha21 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is the story of two absolute losers from totally different walks of life. Their paths cross each other, wreaking havoc in their already messed up life. The story is pretty much really on the edge and most times movies with such stories end up being full of overacting, cheap jokes and loud music. But "Taxi Number 9211" is different thanks to two some great directing and excellent performances by the two lead actors.

OK ... Nana Patekar is not really great in this movie. That's only because of some scenes in which he relapses into his regular madman over-acting mode. But for most parts , he is just as good as he used to be in his earlier days before he started doing the same madman routine for any role that came his way. In "Taxi ..." , he's good for 75% of his screen time and that's saying a lot for most actors these days.

However , John Abraham varies from good to absolutely GREAT almost in all his scenes . Yes , this is the same John Abraham who has only looked like a two dimensional suiting model in all his earlier films! In "Taxi ..." he gives a refreshingly good performance . And its really amazing , for in Bollywood , male leads only start giving some sorta good performances around the age of 40 or beyond ! So , two great performances from the lead almost guarantees an enjoyable movie , but WAIT ...the supporting cast are even better than Nana Patekar! Sonali Kulkarni gave me another clue as to why "Dil Chahta Hai" was such a great movie. For whatever small roles she gets, she gives it her all. Its a pity she doesn't come in bigger roles because she's way ahead of the starlets who are in the movies 'coz of their Mamas and Papas.

There are also great performances by most of the other sideys like the little Hawaldar with his happy smirk when he gets Nana Patekar to the Police-station. Even the police Inspector does his job well. And then there's Mr. Batliwala , whatever the name of that actor. He does it so well , its difficult to imagine him having any other name in real life! There's also the Mr. Bajaj in a little role that he handles very professionally.

All in all a collection of good performances .

Add to that , a great storyline when a whole lot of movies are being made "based on" or "inspired by" or "accidently similar" to some Hollywood movies , this one seems refreshingly original , although I might be wrong.

"Taxi Number 9211" seems to be made with tender care and with an intent to make a good movie. There is attention to detail without being a hindrance to the flow of the movie.

However , I give the movie two negative points for some little things here and there. There's Sanjay Dutt's "Vaat lag gayi" narration in the background. His Bambaiyya accent is definitely over-rated and he does overdo it. A better idea would've been to chose someone with a real accent for lesser money. For some time after the interval the movie is direction-less and threatens to go the way of most Hindi movies that start well. That's another negative point.

However , the movie's end (almost unrelated to the story) is just AWESOME . A Kishore Kumar classic is used in all its full glory without the regular loud computerized trashy music remixed with it. Just vanilla Kishore Kumar ... just blew me away . And so did Priyanka Chopra :) A definite bonus point to make it 9 out of 10 for "Taxi Number 9211".
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A good film, but difficult to place in a single genre.
nomanali7724 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Contrary to recent popular beliefs, "Taxi 9211" is not a rip-off of either Collateral or Changing Lanes. I watch most Hollywood movies as well, and unless I've missed some good movie, I would say that this Bollywood movie is an original. And not a bad one at that. Aside from some parts and characters that add useless frames to an already short movie, this flick impresses for the most part.

The plot: Our story has 2 main characters, Raghu (Nana Patekar)and Jai (John Abraham). Raghu is a frustrated, aggressive cab driver who has changed 23 jobs in 15 years. Presently he is lying to his wife (played well by Sonali Kulkarni) about his job. She thinks he is an insurance salesman. Anyways, he is submerged in debt and needs fast money to pay it all off. Jai, on the other hand is the son of a millionaire. his father has just passed away, and has left him with nothing, signing off all his 300 crore wealth to his best friend. Jai claims that he has a will stored in a vault which his father signed, that gives him all the wealth. On the day of the hearing when he needs to get to that vault to fetch the will, he decides to take a cab ride (because he met with an accident in his car the night before) and happens to get in Raghu's cab. In a sudden turn of events, Raghu crashes his car into another, gets blamed for the accident and gets arrested. Jai, avoiding any delay, escapes but leaves his vault key behind. This is where the fun starts. I won't tell you the rest.

The movie displays good performances by Nana Patekar, Sonali Kulkarni and, surprisingly, John Abraham. Sameera Reddy is a waste and only adds confusion to the script. Her character is completely worthless to the movie. They could've just brought her in for the "Meter Down" as a guest appearance and it wouldn't have made a difference.

Even though the movie is short, it could've been made better by being even shorter as some scenes and songs in the middle just break the pace a little. All in all, good entertainment.
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Indian finest remake
jani-truelove8 June 2006
Copy of changing lanes with Indian masala to it. Great movie keeps u in suspense and is unpredictable. Unfortunately average Indian audience will not see it since it does not have the romantic yash raj touch to it. John and Nana give the best performance of there career. Great music. Sameera is to die for. Milan's great director. Deewar was another brilliant film but unfortunately his films always get unrecognized.

Here is the story A party player(John abraham) in a rush to make a court appointment to take original will involving a multi-million dollar trust gets the ride of his life when he sits in the cab of an alcoholic taxi driver(Samuel Jackson), who thinks he is always right and the whole world is wrong. John leaves the scene of the accident and strands the taxi driver, causing him to runaway from the cops. During the process of the post-crash discussion, John accidentally drops the key to the locker for his dad's will he needs to present in court. The judge gives him until tomorrow to present the papers and thus begins a cat and mouse game between the proponents. A few questionable actions later on both parties' part, they finally start questioning their actions and their lives. In the end, both come to new understanding of what is important and appear to be set in new ethical and moral directions.
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Good but not up to the expectations
deepak mohapatra25 February 2006
Taxi Number 9211 is a story of one day revolving between a taxi driver named Raghav Shastri and his passenger named Jai Mittal.The two are the exact opposites with strikingly similar problems in their personal lives.

I watched Taxi Number 9211 today and to be honest it did not quite go well to my expectations.It's not a bad movie or anything but in the end it would be known as a film which promised more but delivered less.But nonetheless a good watchable movie overall.

I think the film was a bit rushed on to the floor without much work on the screenplay and scripting.The concept was a quite unique and different one from the Indian movie format though.The performances by the lead actors is good.The film is very good till the interval with lots of comic punches but tends to bore you as it progresses after the interval.And at one point the ending becomes very predictable and is very much like any traditional Indian movie ending(everyone lives happily ever after stuff).
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whatever happens , happens for good
adityak8621 May 2006
A businessman and a taxi-driver go crazy plotting against each other. They play a game where they both loose and loose all that they had. However, the end was very touching and the best part was that the movie has some message to convey.The screenplay and the direction was good.I felt that the taxi driver's role couldn't have been performed better . Nana Patekar,as always , was brilliant. The director managed to maintain the tempo ensuring that his audience will not get uninterested at any point of the movie. John Abraham was best suited for the role of an adamant young man( no offense intended).I would like to conclude saying that " A lot can happen in a man's life in just one single day". This movie is a must-watch.
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Bravo Bollywood...!!
Amrit Singh9 March 2006
They remade Hollywood hits, copying it frame to frame, then they started to somehow make a remake that's better than original, and now the Bollywood has come of age and unleashing the latent talent with some original stuff. Taxi No. 9211 is a case in the point. From a refreshing concept, to superb acting, to pacy direction to some good music... everything turns out to be just in place to make it one of the most enjoyable films of recent times.

It's a day's journey of two typical characters who do it all, from running after each other's life to blowing the birthday candles together, from getting in some of the biggest troubles of their lives to coming out of most of the troubles they were nurturing all through, all in one single day.

Nana Patekar is as natural as ever and John is showing great improvement in every film. Milin Lutharia is also meeting the promise he showed in his previous directorial ventures (Kachche Dhaage and Deewar)

I am unable to find even a single reason why you should not watch this one. Go and have some good time.
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Funny comedy
arundathi14 August 2006
John Abraham's and Nana Patekar's chemistry is great on screen. Maybe John and Nana should think about working together again sometimes. I confess, sometimes John Abraham scares me when he gets mad. They did a very good job acting as bad guys and balancing the movie. It was a fast movie and really keeps you at the edge of your seat. But, sometimes, I felt that some parts were too draggy like the ending. There are lots of twists and turns and sprinkled with comedy. Expect the unexpected. The songs are okay. I was disappointed a little. Other than that, I think the director did a really good job. The Dialogue was funny and well done. Enjoy it. Worth a watch even you don't like either of them.
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A Good Package
Karan Singh25 February 2006
Actors - Nana Patekar is the best, although John Abraham and Sameera Reddy have also started to learn. Nana's dialogue delivery is superb. John Abraham has been, finally, given a role he would match. Sameera Reddy, Kurush Deboo, and Shivaji Satam have strong roles.

Story - The story is well written, but the screenplay could have been better. For those who haven't seen the film, go take a look, and expect a few twists in the storyline.

Music - The music is pretty good. Look out for Bappi Lahiri's Song Bambayi Nagariya, Adnan Sami's Meter Down, and Aazmaale Aazmaale, probably from K.K.. Don't miss the music video of Meter Down.
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Enjoyable, but tends to drag a bit ....
kammaz17 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see Taxi Number 9211 after seeing the trailer. It seemed an enjoyable movie ... something different from the usual fare. I wasn't too wrong in my initial assessment. However, there are certain flaws too ... ones which detract somewhat from the entertainment value in the long-run.

The movie is really one of a kind, with a unique storyline. The women who feature as part of the plot, are almost redundant since the story is essentially about the clash of the super-inflated ego of the taxi-driver (Patekar)versus that of the heir to a vast fortune (John Abraham).

The dialogue is enjoyable and funny, though both Abraham and Patekar are at their offensive best! Their hot-headed exchanges are a dream for someone who wants to be rude and obnoxious! The movie starts out with a lot of promise. Somehow, things peter out somewhere along the way. For one, the action and intended violence seems somewhat unwarranted. Patekar trying to kill Abraham because he (Patekar), will not part with the key to the locker that Abraham has unwittingly left behind on the seat of the taxi cab. Okay, he doesn't want to let Abraham get his way ... but attempted murder??!!! What if the man had gone and got himself killed? Wouldn't have been too funny, would it? And, I mean ... trying to kill a person just because your taxi cab has been smashed up and you've been peremptorily thrust into the police lock-up as a result of this man's whims .... A bit far-fetched!! Somehow, I got the feeling that the producers of "Taxi Number 9211" needed the movie to run for the full duration of a feature film and were being forced to conjure up situations unnecessarily. They could easily have done with a little less action. After all, the basic storyline would not have been affected by the omission of a few scenes of brawling and abusing. Everyone, without exception, seems to be ultra-hyper, in this film ... The film would still have had it's appeal as a movie with a difference with a little less palpable tension.

The sea-change (almost) that comes over both the main characters, as a result of their interaction with each other, is effective as a denouement. Both of them simultaneously realise the fact that they had been attaching too much importance to issues that were actually very insignificant in themselves. Their mercurial disposition takes a beating, thanks primarily to each other. If that was meant to be the moral of the story, the film has succeeded.

The ultimate song ... shown during the credits ... is very enjoyable. Unfortunately, a lot of people, I found, had already started vacating the theatre-hall, before the song started. Perhaps the timing could have been better ... if the audience is expected to watch "Meter Down".

Though enjoyable, I wouldn't recommend this film to people who, like the characters in the film ... have a dearth of patience!
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It's hard to feel very sorry for either of these jerks!
MartinHafer16 March 2017
This Indian film is a remake of the American film "Changing Lanes". I cannot compare the two as I've never seen the original movie. Remaking American films in India, by the way, is extremely common.

The film begins with the narrator introducing the two main characters--and showing how although the two are from totally different classes in society, they both are big jerks. Raghav is a poor working guy who's had 23 jobs...all because he is so angry and disagreeable. He drives a cab...and hasn't told his wife he's lost his other job. Jai is a spoiled brat from a rich family. After his father's death, control of his financial empire did NOT pass on to Jai, however, and Jai is in court trying to prove his father had another will...and it's in his safety deposit box. But he's also a huge jerk and oversleeps on the day of his court hearing! And, to get there on time he incessantly badgers the cab driver, Raghav, to drive faster and faster and faster. Not surprisingly, there is an accident and Jai simply gets out of the cab and runs off...leaving Raghav to face the wrath of the police!! Raghav is screwed...except for one thing. Jai left behind his key for the deposit box...and Raghav has it and won't even consider giving it to him! What's next is a nasty little cat and mouse game where a desperate Jai chases Raghav about Mumbai trying to get that key. Both are angry and neither one seems willing to give an what's next?

I liked the film very much. It had a really good story. But I must knock off a point or so since the story is not original AND because the ending was a bit far-fetched. Still, well worth seeing.

By the way, if you aren't very familiar with Indian films, the notion of the police being corrupt is very common! So, when the cop talks about taking bribes, this is pretty much what you normally see in films involving the police. And, the exceptions are the good cops who are above this sort of thing! And, from the folks I've spoken with, this is the perception of the police in general in India.
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IMDb ratings are useless
Dev Alok5 September 2016
High rating of this movies is a proof that IMDb rating system can be rigged fairly easily. This is especially true for ratings of non-English movies like Hindi. This movie came out in 2006 and was a copy of Hollywood movies. Stars in this movie are good actors but they were over-acting in this movie. This movie had poor dialogues, poor copied story line and poor music. I can only surmise that this movie is rated so highly because the reviews are written by professionally paid writes on behalf of producers. You can also see this happening for quite a few other Hindi movies where new movies are rated very highly even though they do very poorly on box office as well as big duds artistically. IMDb rating system is gamed over here. Unfortunately there is no easy way to stop this exploitation of volunteer system.
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CriticGirl9126 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, Sanjay Dutt's voice is surely irritating. He speaks in a jarring voice that is filled with forced mannerisms of a 'bhai'. Very off-putting. The first half of the film drags endlessly. Even when it did come to the point in the second half, it was as boring as the first.

The character sketches are very poor. We John, who goes from ruthless to teary eyed in a flash when Nana meets his son. He also suddenly realizes who are his well wishers and how horrible he has been. Very unconvincing. Nana's character lacks detail. Sameera herself seems to be unsure of what she exactly wants till the end.

For the performances, Nana is as overthetop and annoying as ever. Sonali does not put any effort into playing her part of a poor woman of a chawl. John fails to give any decent expression and Sameera is there just for the heck of it.

As for the story, yes, it did have great potential of a rich man crossing the path of a poor guy. Some scenes could have flown like the one where Nana really cares for his son, and where John and Nana ask each other how much loss each has suffered. But the scene dies within a second, without any impact. To add to it, there is a constant shrieking voice after every 15 minutes that really made me want to turn off the film for good. But I put myself through the torture, and in the climax saw a very unnecessary Priyanka Chopra. The songs are good but poorly timed, and ineffective as the ones acting them out seem absolutely uninterested.

All in all, this movie comes across as a bad attempt in forging out a good script. Disappointing.
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Changing Lanes
silvan-desouza30 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After BLUFFMASTER Rohan Sippy returned with Nana Patekar and John Abraham The film is based on Changing Lanes(2002) with a difference The film was directed by Milan Luthria The film starts off well, establishing the characters of Jai Mithal and Raghav Shastri. Their scenes with their respective partners is well handled. One aspect of the film is that its straight out of life many times, like the manner in which Sameera Reddy leaves John cos he has no money left, Also the relationship between Nana and Shonali. The taxi ride between John and Nana and the scenes that follow are well handled and humorous especially the jail scene. The second half too is well handled though at times things do get filmy like the scene when John tries to kill Nana, though the scene in John's flat is well handled, the birthday scene too is superb, The climax too is good

Direction by Milan Luthria is good Music is good too, Bambai Nagaria is well sung by Bhappi Lahiri, songs are mostly kept to the background, Meter Down was the mandatory item song those days, while Aazmale is well placed

Nana Patekar is simply flawless as Raghav Shastri, his expressions, dialogue delivery everything is spt on, some people may feel he is repetitive but then certain roles require certain traits John Abraham tries hard and does well in his role though he does get repetitive and at times tries a bit too hard, but yet one of his good performances Shonali Kulkarni is amazing in her role which was her comeback, Sameera Reddy is awful as always Kurush Deboo, Ganesh Yadav all leave a mark, Shivaji Satham too is flawless in his role, Ajay Jadhav as the hawaldar is simply brilliant, Smita Jaykar and others are good
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This one should be in your film collection
satori951201111 January 2011
This film opened my eyes to Bollywood films, it is simply superb especially Nana Patekar an unknown actor to me up till this point, who suddenly entered my top five list of male actors. The original: Changing Lanes is not a poor film either compared to what usually get out of Hollywood, but this Bollywood adaptation of the story runs rings around it with ease. Thanks to superb acting and some subtle changes to the manuscript of the original story Taxi 9211 becomes a more intense and engaging film. It should perhaps be told that it is, perhaps somewhat unusual for a Bollywood film for though there is a brief song and dance routine at the very beginning of the film as in most Bollywood films the director has gone out of his way to hide it and integrate it into the film so that it blends in without being disruptive and without it leaving the stamp of Bollywood on it, the film itself has more in common with French cinema than Indian.
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Finally a good movie
sandip-nallani14 May 2006
I really liked the NanaPatekar and John Abrahim pair up in this movie and both roles were in the best possible context i.e. Nana Patekar for his High BP dialogs and John..the stud that he is..

Nicely pulled off script by Patekar I must say.. he brings magic to the screen the same kinda snazzy crude humor that only guys like Sanjju baba can pull off. Sanjay dutt in whatever small commentary he did .. created great interest and I wonder whether they had to make him even a script :P

This movie has great comic timing and thank god its neither like Gram Masala or any of the Priya Darshnini movies.. thank good for not making a soup in the end...

Now go watch and fun
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Very Nicely adapted.
Rj De16 April 2006
I really liked the movie, great acting by Nana, John has improved. The only thing I did not like about the movie is that it was copied or maybe adapted from "Chaging Lanes (2002)" *ing Samuel Jackson and Ben Aflec. IF the director really cares, he should have gave credit to Changin Lanes. Nana Pateker's acting has been great. He has morphed himself into "Raghu" and he makes us believe the character. Otherwise its a heart warming film.

Good music and songs by Adnan Sami. Music director Vishal & Shekher gave a remarkable score, a very unique combination of their talents with Dav Kohli's lyrics.

Photography is excellent by newcomer Kartik Vijay. Overall it was done nicely.
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plot is copied from an Hollywood movie
getmesibi27 March 2006
sad again that the plot was similar to the movie ' changing lanes' starring Ben Afflek and Samuel l on Bollywood -get an original script..OK they did change the structure a little bit...also i have to agree that the acting of Nana Patekar was excellent ..he i a brilliant actor..and at last John Abraham did a little bit of acting but i have to say they climax was useless when JA banged his car again and love **** thing happening..come on man this *****...give me a break...however on the overall the movie was OK and i would recommend it to be seen once but not twice unless you want to see the wise cracks of brother Nana .
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Off the beaten track!
officialtidings27 February 2006
For someone used to watching regular Bollywood stuff, this one comes across as strikingly different. For starters, it's got quite an intriguing plot (dunno if it's a rip-off), interesting characterizations (not the stereotypes, mind you!), engaging acting and some witty dialogues!

The story unfolds when two individuals from totally different lifestyles bump into each other and prove to be each other's nemeses! Nana Patekar does a class act and it seems that the role was tailor-made for him. John Abraham is really beginning to get his act together and does a decent job. The chemistry between the two lead actors is what makes the movie worth your while. Truly, the casting has come up trumps!

Yes, it's got its pitfalls - the script isn't flawless, tends to be patchy at times and the overall work could surely have been better. One only wishes that more effort and time would have been invested to make this film a really delectable experience.

Again, the film makers have to be commended for not yielding to any song and dance routine (except for the introductory song) which keeps the film racing and bracing!

Rating : 7 on 10
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Copy of Changing Lanes
denn_200310 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
You know what, I'll give this movie a 4 for making it an interesting copy of Changing Lanes; which was, by the way, only accomplished by Nana's acting. But lets not forget that Nana didn't do anything surprisingly different from what he usually does, he played the same character he has played before is few of his movies. I don't know what the user SignoreTabasco is talking about, but plot of this movie was a complete rip off of Changing Lanes. Nana Patekar's character was almost a complete copy of that of Samuel L. Jackson's. If you're saying that this director Milan Luthria came up with the plot and story by himself, and you have seen Changing Lanes, then you are blind and deaf and stupid.

***Spoilers*** Nana has very similar issues with his family to what Jackson did. There is a scene in the movie where nana is following John, comes right next to John and shows him the nuts of John's tire, and a cross shaped tire bolt opener. That scene is copied from changing lanes as it is. In changing lanes Ben Afflec is going to the court cuz he's a lawyer, and Jackson is also going to the court. In Taxi, John is sitting in a Taxi that Nana is driving but is also going to the court for his father's fortune case. There are things that are completely different from Changing Lanes, but still, its plagiarism.

I agree with what jani-trulove said, this movie is a copy of changing lanes with Indian masala. But more than that, I enjoyed reading sandhirflora's review about the movie. There are definitely directional flaws in the movie and that is due to the fact that the movie was filmed in 45 days or something. Thats what I learned from watching the special features of the movie. I agree that film-makers have a social and moral responsibility, but I think in India it is very common to not care about such responsibilities among film-makers.

One thing that I have come to realize is that it must be a very praised and respectful thing to copy scripts in Bollywood. I have seen numerous Bollywood movies with copied plots, scripts, and stories from Hollywood. I am sure people in India know that these movies are copied because I read reviews from people in India all the time. However, most of the people are very energetic and happy about the fact that the movie is copied. I've read some people even say that the copied version is better than the original. I guess this sort of thinking comes from the way you're brought up. Its not people's fault if they are not properly brought up to tell the difference between right and wrong when it comes to plagiarism and one's original work. Bollywood film makers take the saying "reinventing the wheel" in an absolute opposite way.

What I find funny is that when I rent these Indian movies they have an FBI warning in the beginning saying that pirating this rented version is illegal, and yet they fail to give credits to the Hollywood movies from which they copy these Indian movies. I find that very ironic.
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Another refreshing one from bollywood
Naresh Kanyal3 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First things first - so now, we know John Abhraham can act a bit (careful - don't set your expectations too high). Next, apart from the happy ending and goodly/moral stuff in the climax, movie ain't so predictable - thats something for good.

Two utterly different guys have quite a few things in common - big mouth, can't keep their calm, want to do the things way they think is right and top of it are facing strikingly similar personal problems - both at the verge of a financial disaster.

Chance encounter leads the two to their worst nightmares, with one waging for others blood. However, the timely self-realization by both turns it into a fruitful encounter and eases out the life - supposedly, living happily ever after :-).

Direction is above average, plot intriguing, character portrayal good, cinematography also good (lures you to visit the real mumbai), above all a nice cameo by Priyanka Chopra in the end. Nana is pretty good - does his archetypal role, talks a lot, but thank God he doesn't shout that much.

In all its worth a one time watch.
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Movie is highly flawed and with to many plot holes but short and sweet.
kooleshwar1 March 2006
I went into this movie expecting a comedy, and even though it is difficult to classify this movie it can definitely not be called a comedy, quirky maybe but

Despite that this movie seems to hold your attention because of its length and curiosity factor. You get through the initial part due the curiosity factor and get through the rest because just when you are about to get frustrated you sense the ending and the movie is over.

The movie is not a original its copied from changing lanes which i haven't seen but I'm sure is again a very over the top movie.

The songs are not good and the video of the song is as misleading as the title.

The acting is top class although i constantly felt pity for johns character and extreme hatred for nanas character.

Also the ending is high on hope and has a lovely cameo.

Normally i would have given it a 4.5 but the ending and length give it a five. Watch the rerun on TV or the cheap matinée show.
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play by the rules
sandhirflora22 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Only good thing about the film is its plot which is quite conveniently lifted from foreign film-changing lanes. Even that is shoddily done with so many holes that see the result yourself.The film is a textbook on direction flaws as well as logical blunders. Here are few examples- 1. Nana Patekar is shown to be in a financial mess as he did not even have money to pay for electricity bill/ ration/ his son's school fees yet he manages to keep one cell phone and one land line phone. 2. Nana Patekar's taxi seized by the police and they obviously had taken away his license too. Later in the film, after a short time lapse he is shown driving another taxi. How can anybody lend him another taxi to drive without checking his license? 3. When Policemen frisk Nana Patekar for locker keys why can't they find currency notes given to him by John when same notes Nana takes out at the time of paying school fees of his son. 4. John's girlfriend send goons to beat up Nana in order to take away locker keys but can't she think off sending same goons to locker's office and get the locker broken down to get the papers which are root of all the evil. 5. Just because someone told Nana's wife, his real occupation by default which isn't so rosy doesn't mean it will make Nana or anybody else angry to such an extent that he even try to kill the same man. 6. so many times both the protagonists covers the long distance of mumbai roads from one end to the other end in a single day and that too in just a couple of hours. 6. Not even once in film, there is any concern shown towards rise in the number of accidents in the city due to speeding vehicles as a cause of huge ambitions and anxiety on the part of drivers as well as the travelers. I wish film makers had some social and moral responsibility as it is a well known fact that many from the audience just blindly ape their respective screen idols. But leave aside just film makers , who else cares by the way?
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