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Dar Gaya Na...

Author: Thanigai Vaasan from Chennai, India
5 May 2006

Wanna get scared? OK. Let me try. Now? Now? Now? Scary yet? No? Really? How about now? No? Oh! You are beginning to laugh! OK. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.


Thats the formula Ram Gopal Varma has come up with, for his audience, in this mercilessly shocking movie.

0. Boo...

A never-scared, self-satisfied, endlessly-laughing man, watches Darna Mana Hai in an empty theatre, hates it to the core and takes a shortcut through a graveyard, against his mother's advice. There...

1. The Professor

A Biotech student visits his professor at his house to clear his doubts before examination. The meeting turns into an annoyance when the professor behaves troubled with something. The student prepares to leave. Then...

2. One Call Please

A man, whose car breaks down, knocks the door of an unusual couple for help. As he gets more comfortable with them and as they display their new unusual hobby, they discover that their meeting was not just a coincidence.

3. Life is Risky

An ambitious Insurance Policy man approaches a middle-class family to impress them with his "Life is Risky" tactics. While he is constantly shown only the door, he even goes a step further in completing his target.

4. The Director

A romantic-movie director wants to make a horror movie. On the way to his out-of-city bungalow, where he decides to write the climax, he gives lift to a stranded girl in his car. As she narrates her story, his job becomes easier than he had imagined.

5. Ma...

A young man who saves a girl from running over by his car on a rainy night, wakes up to find himself in a lock-up, accused for a crime which he has never committed. As a stranger visits him in the station, the truth that unfolds then, seems stranger than fiction.

6. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Six brave children, misusing their school picnic freedom, hike in a forest and arrive at a haunted house where they meet an old lady who lives alone without fear. As they get friendly with each other, she challenges to scare them by narrating six frightening stories. While she stops after the fifth, the bravest kid asks her, "Where is the sixth one, Dadi Ma?". He will be told.

It would take too long to review each story. Therefore, I'd like to put it in a brief way. Each story has its own theme and its own shock value, though, a few similarities can be felt between The Couple and The Director (in both one tries to fool another with a scare) and also between The Director and Ma (the car, dark road, rain). Nevertheless, the rest are unique among them.

"Life is Risky" devastates a common man's sense of self-security. It jolts but doesn't scare. Rajpal Yadav is greaaaatttt as the Insurance man. Sunil and Sonali just fit in the role. "The Director" is beautifully made. When Mallika narrates her story in dark, it somehow reminded me of the song "Ye Sard" from RGV's Bhoot. I expected more but unfortunately it ended too soon and made me feel "Is that all?". Anil Kapoor and Mallika have done whats necessary. Nothing more. "The Couple" is slow, sensuous, playful, scary and predictable. You just cant forget that smile! Makrand shines in his role. Arjun and Bipasha have done a good job. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is the movie's central story. Ava Mukherji is, in one word, scary! The children have dutifully performed as they have been instructed.

Now the three best episodes. "Ma..." is a brilliant tale. Randeep is wow! Zakir is unbelievably superb. Rasika excels in her role. Are you going to Poona? In car? In the night? In rain? Beware! "Boo..." is the Prologue. Manoj Pahwa. Man! What a carelessly cool actor! His mother is a good diversion. She has done well too. Sorry. I wont say anything more than this.

Of all the seven stories, "The Professor" steals the show. Amitabh! The icon of Bollywood gives one more earth shattering performance! How many more styles does he have! This episode stops you, shocks you and gives you shivers, cos you don't know whats in it and whats gonna come next. Ritesh has rendered a befitting performance. He seems more scared of Amitabh's acting skills than the scenario he is in. Cos the old man rules!

This movie on the whole has more fear and shock value than Darna Mana Hai, although I should accept that except for "The Professor", DMH had much better story plots. In my opinion, the most shocking of all the 14 stories in both DMH and DZH is "The Professor" and the scariest of all is "The Teacher" from Darna Mana Hai. Overall, DMH didn't scare as much as DZH, but it made us squirm and feel creepy cos of the reality which the stories reflected. It left a long lasting impression in us. On the other hand, the shocks that DZH has in store, will hit you hard and cruel with sudden force, only when you naively think that its time to relax. Thats merciless! It shocks you. It keeps you excited. It makes you giggle with fear. And its fun. Its a different experience on the whole. Feel sorry for yourself, if you miss this great movie. And feel more sorry while watching it...

Hey! Look who is behind you!

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Though not as polished as it could have been, Darna Zaroori Hai is still a stunning accomplishment

Author: psychoticabdullah from -
27 June 2006

Darna Zaroori Hai is one of the few Indian Movies that are made in this genre -that is horror-and considering that alone, I think we all ought to give it some credit for this venture. Prod/Dir Ram Gopal Verma proves once again that he can not only pick up unusual stories but also portray them well.

Based on the same format as its predecessor, Darna Mana Hai, Darna Zaroori Hai Has got six stories-one in the beginning (not related to the plot) and five others which an old hag narrates to five unlucky children which are caught inside the woman's mansion due to heavy rain and storm. And then there's one main story; that of the old woman and the five kids which binds the movie together.

All the stories have there own charm. Some are good, others are even better. Apart from sticking to the creepy theme, they portray their individual meaning.

There have been several improvements in the sequel technically as well. The film has been shot most beautifully, the direction being pretty good. The special effects put now and then into the scenes are also surprisingly slick for an Indian film and completely enhance the ghostly setting. There is also quite a huge star cast in the film with most actors acting very well. The Audio effects remain typical for a horror flick and help you immerse deeper into the feel of the movie.

All good said, I would want to add that although Darna Zaroori hai is still a stunning accomplishment with what it does do, there are many finer points in the film that remain half baked deteriorating what could have been a most thrilling horror film. The main story has no depth and is absolutely typical in its very root. The short stories are all good but in one or two cases you may have wanted the ending to be more climactic then what happens eventually, even though the setting for the climax has in all cases been done most proficiently. The pace is quite astonishingly managed in the first half of the film but begins to twitch severely in the latter half. All this leaves you thinking that if only this could have happened like this, it would have been perfect.

In the end, let may say it comparatively: that although not as polished as Ram Gopal's excellent horror thriller "Bhoot", Darna Zaroori hai still makes on my "good-movie" list. It is definitely better then its prequel.

I give it a 6/10 (Good).

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no difference in the second one...

Author: rakssharma4321 from India
28 April 2006

Darna Zaroori Hai proves to be the same as Darna Mana Hai...even the suspense in the stories is more thing is that the movie appears to be a little old as most of the child actors have grown up now..we see Shweta Prasad who also played a major role in Iqbal recently..the child actors from Koi Mil Gaya and Raju Chacha are also seems Ram Gopal Varma put the discarded stories of Darna Mana Hai in this one...still the movie is worth a watch. watch out for the Amitabh Bacchan story as its a real shocker..overall good acting performances by all actors even though their roles were minuscule. lets hope we see more movies of this type in the future.

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one of the best work of Ram gopal verma

Author: amit_sinha62 from India
30 April 2006

Its one of the best work of Ram gopal verma and must watch for ramu's fans. The film is out of box thinking though very simple message is attached to it. Its good that he has broken the typical horror movie of Ramsay Bros. trend. Don't miss the first 15 minutes of the movie ! If you miss it, You don't deserve to watch this movie. Though having six different stories , they all are blended very well. I must say that though Ramu haven't given hits like DDLJ or KKHH , but he is the most intelligent director and far ahead with his contemporaries. This is one of his successful experiment. Amitabh is at his usual best and have given excellent facial expressions. The characters seem to perfectly fit.

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Film Factory deteriorates

Author: Avinash Patalay from Middle Earth
20 July 2006

Film Factory deteriorates

Picture this – there was this small time thela who used to sell pav-bhaji's and its taste was second to none. Due to popularity business expanded and now its an restaurant. You still go there but sadly the taste is clearly missing. That's the analogy of RGV and Film Factory.

The prequel 6-segment Darna Zaroori Hain was an unexplored area, no film-maker dared to risk, which should be lauded. Not exceptionally well, but it had its moments. Darna Zaroori Hain takes one level up – six different directors, one for each segment (Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez can do we, should we be left behind?). Well intended thought – however the result falls flat.

Segment One: Manoj Pahwa's shouts and overacts. Clearly the segment director is a rookie. Probably the most irritating segment. And why reference to Darna Mana Hain?

Segment Two: "THE" most anticipated for obvious reasons. Clearly Ramu is not committed…. "and...." he doesn't care! Big B is wasted. At the bare minimum, a better plot could have been chosen.

Segment Three: Proper utilisation of resources - Arjun Rampal, Makrand & Bipasha. Well executed but bears resemblance a segment from the prequel.

Segment Four: The insurance agent segment is the number one… from bottom though. The talent of all the actors are washed down the drain. For starter - the basic premise is flawed

Segment Five: The Anil Kapoor and Mallika segment is done well – though gives away the suspense in between. Nevertheless, it is good. And Karan Johar/ Aditya Chopra leaves a bad taste.

Segment Six: Cleverly the pudding is saved for the last. The best of all the segments and whoever the director is – had spent sleepless nights, brainstorming over the plot and its execution. Its does carry RGV style. Randeep Hooda and Zakir Hussain are simply superb. Watch out for the scene where Zakir Hussain imitates the killer – awesome.

The last segment which binds all the stories together is similar to the prequel except that its replaced with kids. The kids surely must be watching a lot of horror TV shows/ movies – for their act very well. And all the granny's are not goody-goody, beware Little Red Riding Hood.

The segment directors have not done workshops together. There is loss of continuity between the segments, clearly the common vision is missing (which wasn't the case in the prequel owing to a single director).

On a final note, we respect Ramu's penchant for horror flicks... time and he again he has refused to beaten off in horror genre, though not as successful as his core competence - underworld.

Watch only when aired on the telly.

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Well done!

Author: Karthik Abhiram from India
30 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just got back from watching this movie at Sathyam Cinemas (Chennai). It was very well executed, and technically, I'd say it was better than "Darna Mana Hai".

The stories themselves are similar to the ones in the first film. This movie again features six stories, wrapped up in a framing story (six kids enter a dark and scary house and old grandma tells them stories that are guaranteed to scare!).

(Minor spoilers follow)

A man goes to see Ram Gopal Varma's "Darna Mana Hai" at a theatre, but has to take a shortcut through a graveyard...

A student visits his professor for a late-night tutorial before an examination, but the professor is scared of something...

A man's car breaks down and he enters a house to make a phone call..

A life insurance salesman takes things too far...

A successful director picks up a beautiful hitchhiker on his way to Khandala...

A young man finds himself imprisoned for murder that he doesn't remember committing...

(End spoilers)

Very well made movie, this -- a lot of the impact comes simply through creative camera-work or sound effects. The movie has a great cast as well.

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Renamed "Why did i rent it" in some countries.

Author: lazrer from United Arab Emirates/UK
19 August 2006

I am disappointed with this movie. Darna mana hai was new in its own way and had some good stories. Darna zaroori hai reflects bollywood's (creatively failed)efforts to cash in on DMH.

If you show me Fight Club once i will be amazed and in love with it, but if you show me "Jhagda Dhaaba" with same plot and twists like FC then i would ask for my money back.

If u think DMH was nice then really don't watch this movie. Its a complete disappointment and has one story almost the same(some one scares som1 who is already a ghost).

To be honest if u have seen DMH u would need to have an IQ of 50 to like this movie.

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Good Stories spread on a Bad Layout !

Author: Asphyxiod from India
25 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, I would like to say that, its Slightly better than Darna Mana Hai. Darna Zaroori Hai is fresh & a good attempt for its Off-beat style. These kind of Movies are mandatorily required for Indian Cinema which in turn is lacking differentiation from conventional filmy plots also carrying on & on the same old theme with a hero & a heroine running from opposite sides until they bang on the center of the screen with green mountains on its background, making the director feel a nirvanian satisfaction.

Nevertheless, Had this film shown to group of sensible audience, the film makers could have come out with many over-directed removable scenes.

The fatal flaw of the Movie was their background score of a nursery rhyme. Every time this score buzzes, our brain starts flowing currents of Pathetism. This score was horrible & absolutely mediocre.

Starting with the first story, directed by Sajid Khan, was simply a Crap. The second one by RGV & performed by Amitabh Bachchan was too short to believe. The Stories after that are good enough to hold our attention on to the screen. The Story of Arjun Rampal-Bips-Makarand was good & gripping. The one with Anil Kapoor - Mailika Sherawat was also good enough.

Watching all the clips, we understand that those direction / script flaws were actually saved by good acting. All of them did a great Job.

Finally, the best act of the Film, was from the Story of Rajpal Yadav playing an Insurance Agent who breaks in Sunil Shetty's house. Yadav's performance was Top-notch.

Just when, you could see the last Story of Randeep Hooda ends, its advised, to get your ass off the seat ! The Grandma story was absolutely unbearable......and again... the Nursery Rhyme Score....It sucked like hell !

Overall I rate 5/10 just for 3 good stories & great acting by all of them.

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Don't bother..

Author: folkpoet80 from USA
4 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, this may contain spoilers. I'll start with the start. The first episode was pretty witty, where the guy dies by looking at the poster of the movie itself. Pretty witty, but nothing scary.

Amitabh episode left me pretty baffled. My copy ended when the student looks at the "image" in the mirror. Did something else happen after that or was my copy complete?

Arjun Rampal episode was a complete REPEAT of the Nana Patekar episode from Darna Mana Hai. I had an impression that Arjun would be the dead guy. Nothing special in the episode.

Rajpal Yadav/Suneel Shetty episode was the WORST. I have no clue what the message was unless I miss something. I can't believe after so many years, Suneel still speaks such pathetic Hindi. His dialog delivery was horrible. Rajpal Yadav is a brilliant actor (Main Meri Patni Aur Woh! YES!!), but here his role didn't do any justice. So he dies at the end. What's scary in that???

Anil Kapoor/Mallika Sehrawat episode was funny, not scary, and probably the best in terms of acting. Poor guy dies thinking that she was a spook. Witty again!

Randeep Hooda episode was a cheap B-Grade Story. A soul acquires a body, and kills her killers.

Overall, Darna Mana Hai was a great movie and really had good direction and mature acting, even from unknown faces. This movie, although much anticipated, was a waste of time. I'm sorry, but so many directors, a hoard of actors, still couldn't save the poor screenplay. 3/10

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Darna Option Hai

Author: SelvarajanK from India
10 May 2006

Darna Zaroori Hai the sequel to Darna Mana Hai starts off with a brilliance and ends in not so brilliant way. The theme is the same as before, so one can easily come to a conclusion how it will end even before getting the ticket to the film, So no complaint the way it ended. If Manoj Pahwa's was brilliant in portraying horror, Amithab's episode touched the peak with the background-score, if Arjun Rampal's was do with beautiful horror, then Rajpal yadav's was to do with fear, if Anil Kapoor's was to do with bluffing, then Randeep Hooda's was on revenge. So we had all the flavors of POSSIBLE horror in the film with excellent performance from all most all the people in the lead. The Maturity of each actors helps the film to reach at least half-way where it was heading. Did it deliver that good at the right content, well that of course depends on how much you were horrified. After the film i started counting at how many instance i felt a Shock/Tremor/Horror. When i finished counting it wasn't even two digit number but it wasn't zero either. The film does at least triggers a small shake in your body, for me it was with the episode with Amithab Bachan, the others where tilted towards the comic side but the lesson in those stories to learn was don't play too much with others when you don't know how much they can handle. As far this film goes except few scenes you can handle most of them. You cant expect every frame with blood on it to say its a horror film, this film will horrify you provided you see the film without expecting when will you be horrified meaning concentrate on the drink and pop-corn rather on the story and at the end count the pop-corn on the floor that's the number of time you where horrified.

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