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Not a great film but still funny & entertaining
springsunnywinter14 August 2008
The Bollywood remake of Bruce Almighty isn't as bad as I thought it would be and isn't better or worse than the original. The story is basically the same about a man who complains to God a lot about the bad things that happens in his life and God gives him his powers for a limited time to teach him a lesson. The movie had a lot more jokes and humorous situations than Bruce Almighty so it was entertaining but Salman Khan overacted a lot and it was quite difficult not to compare him with Jim Carry but Sohail Khan & Priyanka Chopra did a decent job and Amitabh Bachchan is simply the No 1 in Bollywood, he was the best throughout the whole film and he never fails to impress. I couldn't think of any other actor that can play God.

The film also reminded me of many other Salman Khan's films including Hello Brother (Amitabh Bachchan played the voice of God) and Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (Salman & Sohail were fighting for one girl). The music is OK and is best listened to while watching the movie but the songs are great to the eyes. Overall it was a good film but not great because it was pretty predictable throughout.
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salilgoyal18 August 2008
When a writer turns director plans to make a movie. What do you expect? At least an original story if not a perfect direction. But Mr. Rumi Jaffery shamelessly copies Bruce Almighty, adds some idiotic sequences of his own, throws few songs and here's what we get- a horrible copy of Bruce almighty. To add to the shame quotient, director denies it being a copy.

If the director had blindly copied the almighty, the movie could have been at least watchable. The modified script has easily made this one of the worst flicks of this year. Less said about the star-cast, the better. Throw money on us, we'll do any crap you say. Come on Mr. Khan and Mr. Bachhan, You've achieved a lot in your career. At least pay attention to the scripts you choose.

If India had Razzie, this one would have been a sure winner.
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Almost Entertaining
athar-8715 August 2008
God Tussi Great Ho.. the moment the movie was announced everyone knew that it was going to be a ripoff of Bruce Almighty. Bruce Almighty itself was no classic but just a light entertainer with a stunning performance by Jim Carrey. So, in this Hindi remake, the makers retain the concept and a few scenes from the original and then add the Indian touch to it ( with the typical ma-pitaji, behna and all those stuff) Let me tell you that most of the movie falls flat. But then there is one bright spot in the movie. And that is none other than our very own SALMAN KHAN. Sallu bhai is in terrific form in this movie and he is the only reason why you care to watch the movie even though you know that it will be taking the typical Bollywood route with songs coming out of nowhere and supporting characters trying hard to make you laugh. The music was actually a big letdown in this movie. You normally expect Salman movies to have good songs but then apart from "Tujhe Aksa Beach", no song really makes an impact. I just wish the director had put more humor and spent more on the Fx. this movie would have been a joy ride for one and all.

My final opinion is that if you are a Salman Khan fan, then go for this, else you are better off skipping this one.
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A simple & sober film but again inspired!
bobbysing17 August 2008
As you may have guessed the movie is inspired from Jim Carrey's "Bruce Almighty". But keeping that fact aside, the movie is a simple, sober and clean flick which also has a sweet message to give. In other words its a well adapted movie which is not great, but still good for a family evening. "Bruce Almighty" sticks to its comedy theme throughout but "GTGH" shifts its emphasis from comedy to social issues too. Therefore it cannot be called as a complete comic entertainer.

The film starts slowly and takes too much time to settle down. The director should have come to the main theme of "God" much earlier, but instead he introduces this plot just before the interval. The movie could be more enjoyable if the script was based on this single plot with some more comedy sequences.

The story revolves around a plot in which God gives Salman the powers to run the world for ten days. And then Salman does what he thinks will be good for all, but messes it up. The first half of the movie is all predictable with repeated scenes seen many times before. The novel theme comes too late which is the major drawback of the movie. After "The God's" entry, it picks up and that makes the second half much better than the first.

Performance wise Salman Khan plays his part convincingly. But Priyanka is just there in the film as the leading lady. Though they both look good together in their scenes and songs. The chemistry between Sohail & Salman was quite similar to "Hello Brother" and it entertains in some scenes. Amitabh Bachhan as "The God" looks very descent and elegant. In fact no other actor comes to your mind who can play "The God" dressed in white suits, other than Amitabh. All the comic actors in the movie (like Rajpal Yadav) have very few funny lines to offer which makes you feel asking for more. It can be said that everyone has acted his part well but the script is too simple to give any one an opportunity to stand out.

Music department only comes with one good song, "Aa Chalti Kya" and all other songs are below average. Songs in the second half were not needed at all as they slow down the pace of the movie. Special Effects are also OK and don't go over the board. But it was a little strange to see that "The God" chooses to meet Salman, through the unexisting floor of a five star hotel.

The direction is very simple and the director keeps shifting between the comedy and social track in the second half. It could have been executed in a far better way. The best part of the movie comes in the last 40 minutes where the narration is inspired from Hrishikesh Mukherjee kind of cinema. Interestingly it made me remember one old Hrishikesh Mukherjee film "Naukri" starring Rajesh Khanna, where he meets an angle, who shows him the real world (which was also an inspired one).

Another impressive part of the movie is the message it gives in the last minutes. That makes you feel good about what you have in life and teaches you to be contented always with whatever you get from your life & "God".

So, its not a great movie and gets only average marks. But it is a cute, clean, family movie which can be enjoyed in the festive weekends. It lacks the content of becoming a hit or blockbuster.
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Bruce Almighty ring any bells?
Angelus223 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is a rip off of Bruce Almighty which is ten times more funnier; Salman Khan cannot act he is always screaming and making stupid faces while Priyanka Chopra is just as bad as Salman...Amitabh Bachan is okay taking over Morgan Freeman's role but the film is a complete copy of Bruce Almighthy and is very very bad....

This makes me wonder as Bollywood have excessive amounts of money in their grasps...why continue to make crap movies which are complete remakes and then deny the very fact that it is a remake.

The Director should be banned as well as the producers...Can Bollywood not make any good films anymore?
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This was superb
aaronbir21 July 2017
This movie was so totally entertaining and entertaining I enjoyed watching it too Cool fantasy comedy film Storyline good screenplay good editing good direction good background music good Songs are really good Salman khan is superb priyanka is superb Amitabh is superb sohail khan is superb 7/10
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Don't Let Negative Reviews Influence You
Gypsi Bates31 March 2017
In this romantic-comedy/fantasy, AP (Salman Khan) is in a rut of bad luck, and he loudly blames God. God decides to let AP be God for 10 days, but it doesn't turn out as AP expected.

God Tussi Great Ho is a delightful movie, full of humor and charm, with an inspiring message as the final result. The musical numbers were not impressive, but the script was cute, and Khan's performance spot-on as usual. Don't let the negative reviews influence you; this one is worth watching.
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One word : Horrible.
Retreat27 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is horrible. A really bad version of "Bruce Almighty".

Salman is not a good actor. Maybe ten years ago he seemed somewhat appealing. But in every comedic role he plays now, he just seems to suck even more.

Priyanka Chopra was never meant to be an actress. She's beautiful, but a big mistake was committed when someone out there thought that models could act. I think she should have just stayed a model. In every movie I have seen that stars her, I'm always disappointed.

Sohail Khan? I didn't even know he was an actor until I saw this movie. He's even worse than his brother.

I just don't understand why Amitabh Bachchan signs up to play these horrible roles in cheap movies. He's so spectacular. Why doesn't anyone give him a good role in a good movie?

The soundtrack wasn't even nice. Rumi Jaffery, I think he didn't know what he was doing. Did he think that this movie was going to be good? I don't even know what kind of audience he aimed for.

Just not one of my favorite movies.
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An Interesting and an Entertaining Concept.
Pratik Jasani19 August 2008
There's a saying "what god makes, men (humans) destroy" and this is what the message contains in this movie. The message in this movie is basically simple: we blame god for all our troubles.

At the end of the worse day of his life, Arun Prajapati, a simple man, who hosts TV shows but is not successful, looses his job even after a female colleague, who is very popular guarantees the boss that a new concept for a show hosted by Arun will not fail, is sacked. He blames god for all his troubles and god responds by giving him his powers.

Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Dalip Tahil, Sohail Khan, while Satish Kasuhik makes a special appearance, the film is directed and written by Rumi Jaffery .

Salman Khan does go over the top at times and one gets the feeling that he is trying to copy Jim Carey in attempting to use facial expressions in some of the scenes and this just does not suit him. While Rajpal Yadav and Anupam Kher do go on to provide some good comedy side to it while Priyanka Chopra looks stunning as usual but she could have done a bit better. Lastly, what can be said about Amitabh? His performance is always good as it is in this one.

This is a good comedy with a good storyline which has been copied from the 2003 Hollywood movie, "Bruce Almighty". But never the less, the message that the film makers have tried to pass on to the audience is very clear – peace, love, unity, no killings of each other and not to destroy what god has created. What is also mentioned in this movie is pollution, which is destroying the world we live in.

Conclusion: A good movie to watch and one that can be watched with family and kids and one where one doesn't have to think whether this movie is senseless or not.
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Don't show this to anyone unfamiliar with Indian films, as they'll incorrectly assume they all suck!
MartinHafer30 January 2015
Most Americans don't watch Indian films. Fortunately, in recent years, however, more and more Indian films are becoming available here and the market is slowly growing. I have really enjoyed many Indian films and recommend them to my friends. That being said, I would sure hate for anyone not familiar with these films to accidentally start off by watching "God Tussi Great Ho" simply because they would incorrectly assume that Indian films are terrible. Why this rotten film is being released on DVD in the States is beyond me, as it's among the worst films I've seen from this great movie making nation.

So why did I hate the film so much? Well the director (if there really was one) showed absolutely no deftness at all and the actors often mug and act like they've never been in movies. Too much broad acting and silliness make this not only a bad movie but one that is actually painful to watch. If this wasn't bad enough, the jerks responsible for this (and I don't normally use the word 'jerks' but it is deserved) claimed initially that the film was NOT a remake of "Bruce Almighty" but a film they wrote and thought up themselves!! No. It's a case of stealing the plot of a Hollywood film and then pretending have no idea that the two films are similar!

Overall, a painfully bad film--and it's a shame because you could so easily do better.
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Bad Remake of Bruce Almighty
superindrajit3 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Salman Khan is the Numero Uno of Bollywood riding high from Dabangg till Dabangg 2 but there was a time when his career was in a rough phase. Not only did he give flops but disasters like Yuvraaj. God Tussi Great Ho has him play Jim Carey's role from Bruce Almighty. Yes, this film is an official remake of Bruce Almighty but this one is awfully put together. Sadly, even the legendary Amitabh Bachchan couldn't save this crap from being labeled a flop at the box office.

The film has the same story the original had, with some Bollywood nonsense added in off course. Salman Khan plays the troubled hero who works in a TV channel company, he blames god for all his problems. His mom prays to god everyday hoping for his success one day and his dad despises him. His sister also has a tough time as no guy wants to marry her. Plus, he cannot say I Love You to Priyanka Chopra, the girl he loves. Sohail Khan is the Casanova type lover who makes Salman's life miserable and even gets him fired from his job. Now, it is God who Salman meets and guess what, Salman is still badmouthing him. God gives Salman all his powers for 10 days so Salman can prove god that a human like him can run the world better than God, played by Amitabh Bachchan. Will Salman prove he is better than god? Will he get his job and Priyanka back? Will he get Sohail out of the way? Find out by watching God Tussi Great Ho.

The film is one of the biggest craps in Salman's career after 2000. Rumi Jaffrey handles the film so awfully, she makes the film look like a David Dhawan rip off. After all, she scripts most of his films and now when she turns director, she fails to make even an average movie. There is a proper start, middle, and end but the tempo of the film isn't well maintained. Yes, the film does evoke laughter at parts but some of the jokes are bad and the gags don't work as planned. It sucks how the ending is just too sudden. To make matters worse, the second half has forced songs as well.

Music is average, the only decent track would be Let's Party and the Aksa Beach one would be a funny track. The rest are all fillers but the title song is hummable.

Salman Khan is not at his best here, off course Tere Naam was his best film compared to any other films he acted in his career since 1989. However in his other films, he entertains and is hardly cringe worthy. Here he hams while doing comedy, hams while shouting, and completely hams when crying. Sohail Khan is worse, this actor was never the hero but managed to impress me with the good but racist I Proud to Be Indian, he gave a couple of decent performances as the side actor in films like Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. However, in this film, he fails miserably doing comedy and flirting. Priyanka Chopra is wasted as the heroine, this damsel was so much better in other films like Don or even Fashion. Sanjay Mishra is getting typecast being the comic relief. He was much better in All The Best. Amitabh Bachchan is the saving grace as God, but he doesn't have much to do. Thankfully, he doesn't overact like he did in some of his other comedy films.

On the whole, God Tussi Great Ho is a bad remake of Bruce Almighty. The film could've been an average remake if the story was better handled. The only positive thing about this film would be the songs and the Amitabh-Salman confrontations.
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Great movie
Player20093 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
this was a very good movie and the director deserves a pat on the back for giving this movie different story. When i was going to the theatre i wasn't expecting a lot from the movie to tell you the truth. I just thought it was going to be the same as bruce almighty, but i was wrong. This movie made me laugh out loud on so many stages. Sohail Khan did a very good job playing the funny guy who tries to take priyanka away from salman. But the funniest person in the movie has to be hand out anupum kher he played a very funny and horrible dad at the same time (watch the movie you'll know what i mean). Salman and priyanka also did a very good job as well playing there parts. This movie could have been better but it's still worth your time to watch. Also just looking Salman in the song Tujhe Dekha should be worth it.

Overall check the movie out if you want to watch a movie which will make you laugh and have a good story.

Can't wait for salman's movie VEER looks better than ghajini!!
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Bruce Almighty done wrong.
S A6 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If you are going to steal ideas, at least give credit to the original. Also, if you are going to copy, take your time and try to improve upon the original. Both, I guess, are too much to expect from typical Bollywood productions.

As some of the other folks have already mentioned. This is a REMAKE of Bruce Almighty with the typical Bollywood masala. Overacting (come on, we are talking about Salman), weak script, weaker directing. Just to give you an example, I usually like Jaspal Yadav in movies. No matter how small his role is, he manages to make it funny. Not in this one. In an attempt in increase the running time of the movie, the director/script-writer added several additional characters which truly haven't added anything to this poor movie.

Thank god for Priyanka though. God, tussi seriously great ho.

Final verdict, if you love Bollywood movies no matter how bad they are, you will probably enjoy it. But, if you have any TASTE or care for quality, save your money and TIME.
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