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Season One was a winner

Author: Watch_some_SciFi from United States
30 July 2006

Season One = Thumbs UP with Richard and his gang Season Two = Thumbs Down with who??????

A&E had a great show and screwed things up. Richard can flip the houses and I'll flip the channels to find his new show.

I'm a stick in the mud for keeping things the same when it works, just because something is new doesn't mean its better. I REFUSE to watch the new cast, its just a ripoff of the real show.

For you viewers that watch the new season take note - Find somebody that copied the first season and watch it, you will see why the original show was such a hit and the new cast is getting nothing but bad mouthed.

Trademark Properties has a professional human touch that made the business interesting and entertaining at the same time. No scripting, no high jinks, no crap. The original crew had the ingredients that make a good show- GREAT.

A&E dropped the ball when they made the change. If I was an A&E Chairman, I would first apologize to all the viewers for such a grave mistake. Then I would fire all the producers and anyone associated with changing the show. I would then rehire all the old people back and beg Richard and his crew to grace the A&E channel again with their real life antics and business wise challenges!

Ohio Viewer Husband & Wife

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Don't replace trademark

Author: anteloperun from United States
25 July 2006

Just watched the show with the Texas crew, I will not watch this show if trademark properties isn't on it, the new crew seems like shysters, too much of an attempt to 'Hollywood' themselves, bullying the subcontractors on price, not honest negotiations, they really couldn't care less about the previous owner like they tried to show to his daughter. what is wrong with the producers, they try to change something that was working just fine. If Trademark is still going to be on the show, then let us know, if not, i hope another network will take them and create a new show. A and E TV has some good shows, I think they could have come up with a new show with this new crew and not tried to sneak them in using the existing shows name, Being sneaky just shouldn't have a place in the business, but heck, it is Hollywood.

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Where or Where is Trademark Properties?????

Author: kemwwdme from United States
28 July 2006

The originally Flip This House, with Trademark Properties was so much better then the new one. I looked forward to show. Richard, Kevin and Ginger made the show. I enjoyed watching then take an awful piece of property and turning into something absolutely beautiful.

I can't understand when a show is doing so well and is so well received why producers or owners of the show would want to change it.

I have only watched the new show once and it was awful. These new people seem to take advantage of the sellers and talk behind their backs. That doesn't set well with me. I never heard or saw any of Trademark Properties personnel do anything like that.

Please bring Trademark Properties back.

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Trademark Properties & Fllip this House - GREAT SHOW!!!

Author: Bo Buchanan ( from Chicago Burbs
29 July 2006

Flip this house was an awesome show! I was really impressed with Richard, Ginger and the team as they bought these houses and rehabbed them. I'm in the real estate biz - and it can be even more cut throat than Hollywood. But one of the draws the show had was the family type atmosphere they seemed to do business with. Sure - they had their knock down drag out fights - but that's family ;) Of course, it doesn't hurt that Ginger is so cute ;) Then there was the extra mile they would go - to rehab a house and sell it back to the guy, to invite the previous owners over to see what they did. A&E has ruined the essence of the show by changing teams. I thought flip this house was trademark properties and I was disappointed to see another company this season. If Trademark shows up somewhere else - I'll be sure to watch that show! Especially if Ginger is there ;)

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Like the original This Old House

Author: maxhauser from United States
24 September 2005

Richard Davis is the head of Trademark Properties in Charleston, South Carolina. He buys houses that are "fixer-uppers" and turns them into attractive homes very quickly. This type of quick buy and sell is referred to in the real estate business as "flipping a house", where the show gets its name.

The show does a nice job of showing what is often involved in buying and selling properties: inspections, getting owner to sell, permit issues, neighborhood thieves, etc. The first couple seasons of "This Old House" with Bob Villa was WGBH buying a house, fixing it up, and re-selling it while trying to make a profit. Same concept here, but the producers feel they need to add some reality show basics as well: watching co-workers skeet shoot, some kind of verbal conflict every show, but every one is happy at the end. The conference meetings are also a bit much. These are the parts of the show that look staged.

The producers were also smart to include two of Richard's female assistants in all of the episodes. Ginger is a young woman that helps with finding properties and closing the deals on purchases. She appears to be Richard's protégé. Dawn is a little older and in the middle of a pregnancy as the show starts. She is the project leader that makes sure all the construction on properties goes smoothly. A no-nonsense kind of person that is perfect as a team leader.

I hope A&E picks this up for more seasons. The show puts a "realistic" face to all the HGTV and PBS fluff that shows how to turn a closet into a beautiful home in 30 minutes. "This Old House" used to do this but not for a long time. Buying and selling a home is a big deal and there is a lot of work that goes into working on a house. I am sure that there are many more people that make Trademark Properties what it is today. Hopefully, we can see more of these folks.

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Flip This House/Trademark Properties

Author: chriskelsay from United States
27 July 2006

This "reality" series had it all. I recorded every episode and couldn't wait to watch them. I saved them for the "best" TV viewing. All the shows were so very, very good: Trademark Properties from CEO down to the clean-up guys were fun: Fascinating real people, real emotions, real "looks" (not Hollywood's version of what people look or act like), funny even when angry, showing friendships and family relations, employee/employer relations, just an extremely interesting and informative, perfect TV, in my opinion. I HATE the new cast and won't watch it ever again. They are Hollywood version of reality - ugh! What in the world were the producers thinking to change something so good to something so phony and usual and bland? Awful!

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Flip This House 2005

Author: sah-15 from United States
29 July 2006

The show was excellent as well as all of the "crew". They were down to earth honest, funny, REAL people. Richard Davis apparently is wealthy, but he certainly doesn't act like many wealthy people do. He shares & gives back to his community. I love the rest of the cast too. It was like a "family" & interesting to watch from week to week. I even fell "in love" with Ginger's dog, Jack. He is suppose to get a sister & I am looking forward to seeing her too. I never missed a show the whole season. My DVR was automatically set for the show, so sometimes I watched more than once. One of the best, true to life shows I have ever had the privilege to watch. I am looking forward to future episodes. This is an "add on". I can't believe another crew is on TRADEMARK PROPIERTIES' FLIP THIS HOUSE. Richard created this show. I doubt if A&E would ever be lucky enough to get him back. He has too much integrity to associate with a company that would steal another man's show!

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Good luck Richard

Author: tyauger3 from United States
29 July 2006

I will miss your show. I loved the concept of your show. It was real and fresh. I never saw a Hollywood style scripted change coming. I thought you had it all and you had it raw. I WILL MISS YOU !!! and your crew. I will not watch the new series with a fake crew and if A&E doesn't want you remember we do and we will look forward to seeing you in a new show on a new channel. we look forward to seeing what mess your crew can get you into and what steps you will take to get out of it. And the ability to make some serious cash along the way keeps us all wishing we could have the guts to step out on that limb and jump in with both feet first and ask questions second. You are a real inspiration to all the people who have ever taken a chance on anything. OH and don't ever give up Ginger...she is HOT! and a smart piece of eye candy...uncommon in the real world. Good luck with your lawsuit and new series

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the new show is a no no!!

Author: rocky_long from United States
29 July 2006

i have seen the new show, no way is this real real! it seem to be actors trying to do this show, its bad! i was only able to watch 5 min of the new show. i want ginger and the guys back or i don't have a great show to watch!!!what was so bad with the old show? every one i told about the show loved it. it was real people doing real job's in real life. the new show seemed to be written, and the lines were not good. or maybe it just was the actors that were not good. what ever it is, it is not the show we have come to love. i hope this does some good in a small way because i miss the show! it's like cop's why change it! when it;s right it's right! so who ever see'e this think hard about, why let some other network get a great show like this! after all who does not like to watch real life? so please do us all the right thing, bring them all back to the show.

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Trademark cannot be replaced

Author: debra12862 from Fishers, Indiana
30 July 2006

Kudos to Richard Davis for filing a lawsuit against A&E. As we have all seen, Richard is a highly respected businessman who also has a heart - not a combination found abundantly these days. If A&E wanted to use a different "cast", then they should have cast a different show title. I hope A&E loses their butts on this one. They have literally stolen this away from Richard, and this cannot be allowed to happen now or ever again. They have also deceived their viewers into thinking that a show of the same name would be seen with the same company, Trademark. I was very disappointed to tune in thinking I was seeing a new Trademark episode, only to find a family that looks like the new mafia. Stay with it Richard, and good luck to you and yours!

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