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Amazing,controversial,shocking, you name it...

Author: funderpantsbrian from Ireland
3 April 2006

The outcome of the main event may have changed peoples opinions of Wrestlemania22, but believe me, this show was absolutely amazing. From start to finish, WWE delivered, giving us something we haven't seen in a long while - a lot lot of attitude.

Tag Team Championship Match - Kane&Big Show vs. Carlito&Masters - This was a good opener, the match itself was pretty good and the finish was exciting. Half way through though, the Carlito chants started, and Big Show and Kane actually got booed by a section of the crowd. Now if Big Show and Kane got booed, that was bad news for poor old John Cena.

The next match was the Money In The Bank Match - Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy vs. Lashley vs. Finlay vs. Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin. - Why was this match so low down the card? This was an amazing match, full of highlights and painful moments. RVD and Shelton Benjamin were amazing, Benjamin stole the show again with another amazing trick with a 10 foot ladder. The ECW chants filled the arena, RVD was clearly the fan favourite. Great ending as well. RVD wins and becomes the new Mr. Money In The Bank.

United States Championship - Chris Benoit vs. JBL - This was a pretty good match, Benoit was great. Cheap finish though. I was not expecting JBL to win a at all. JBL rolls up Benoit and holds onto the ropes for the win. New champion.

Hardcore Match - Mick Foley vs. Edge - Oh My God. Joey Styles was brought in to call this one, and rightfully so. This match was just mental. Tumb tacks, steel chairs, you name it, Foley and Edge beat the hell out of each other. This match also possibly had the greatest ending to a Wrestlemania match in years. Foley got a spear through a table from the apron. Oh and that table happened to be on fire. Edge wins this one and keeps his Wrestlemania winning streak. Amazing match.

Booker T&Sharmell vs. The Boogeyman- No match could have followed the Foley-Edge match so I guess it made sense to put this already hopeless match right after it. Very little wrestling in this one, mainly funny moments and Sharmell screaming. Boogeyman wins. Not a bad match overall, just really pointless.

Women's Championship - Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James - Finally! A good women's match at Wrestlemania. This was a great match, and was actually long unlike so many women's matches theses days. Loads of action in this one. Again though, the Chicago booed the supposed fan favourite and chanted for Mickie instead. Now if this wasn't a sign that poor John Cena was going to get booed so bad, I didn't know what was. Great match, Mickie James wins and becomes the new women's champion!

Casket MatchMatch - Undertaker vs. Mark Henry - Alright match, Taker against Mark Henry was never going to be a classic. A few good highlights. Like Undertaker's amazing leap over the top ropes onto Henry on the outside - he hasn't done that in a while. The crowd went nuts when Taker Tombstoned the world's strongest man. Taker wins and buries Henry.

No Holds Barred - Shawn Michaels vs. Vince Mcmahon - Wow. This was really great. Michaels and Vince took it to each other. Shane Mcmahon tried to interfere but ended up getting handcuffed to the ropes on the outside by Michaels. Then Michaels went nuts, and so did the crowd. He nearly killed poor Vince. Great ending - Michaels takes out an extra large ladder, sets Mcmahon down on a table in the middle of the ring and elbow drops him from the ladder through the table. The crowd went crazy. Micheals did a lot of old DX suck it taunts in this match, and the crowd went crazy. A DX reunion? Please say yes. Michaels wins.

Smackdown! Main Event - Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship - Super match. As soon as the bell rang, the action begun. Amazing ending, nobody thought Mysterio could actually do it. Mysterio gives Orton the 619 followed by a Hurricanrana and wins! Mysterio is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Angle couldn't believe it, and either could the crowd.

WWE Championship - John Cena vs. Triple H - This was it, the main event. And Cena got booed, booed badly. It sounded like every single person in attendance was booing Cena. The commentators accepted it, Cena was no longer the fan favourite. Triple H was getting cheered. Triple H amazingly gave the fans a DX suck it taunt, just like Michaels had done. The crowd went nuts again. This was a great main event but it was the Chicago crowd that made this one. Cena was hated on the night. Loads of action and loads of near pins(including Triple H kicking out of the F-U) until Triple H gave up and tapped out to Cena's submission move. The crowd could not believe it. Their reaction was truly priceless. There is no way Cena can be a good guy anymore, no way. Definitely a controversial ending to a super Wrestlemania.

Altogether, Wrestlemania 22 was spectacular. 10/10 without a doubt. Definitely the best Wrestelmania in years. So many amazing matches, and definitely so much more hardcore and attitude in A Wrestlemania that we haven't's seen in years.

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Probably in the Top 5 Wrestle Mania's!

Author: Legend Killer from United Kingdom
4 April 2006

A good show. I've only got 1000 words, so let's get on with it.

Kane & Big Show vs Carlito & The Master Piece - Decent enough opener, served it's purpose as the opening match. The events after the match planted the seeds for a Carlito/Masters feud. 6/10

Monney In The Bank Ladder Match - Stole the show! I think it's safe to say that Shelton Benjamin saved his career and started a whole new chapter in his professional wrestling life. He just might win the big one some day. After being misused for so long, RVD finally gets treated properly by the WWE bookers. 8.5/10

Mene Gene Okerland/Randy Orton/Batista segment - I still believe that the first time that you should see a superstar on a PPV is when their entrance music hits. Basically this segment planted the seeds for a Randy Orton/Batista feud.

Hall Of Fame Segment - Now that Eddie Guerrero takes his rightful place in wrestling history. Hopefully the WWE can stop milking his death and let him rest in peace. By the way, is there any danger of the WWE putting Owen Hart in the Hall Of Fame (he was one of the best in ring performers to grace a WWE ring)?

Chris Benoit vs JBL - Nobody expected this to be a classic. It wasn't anything special, but it was watchable (because Chris Benoit works so hard). An unexpected finish though. 5.5/10

Edge vs Mic Foley - Mic Foley can die a happy man, knowing that he finally has his defining Wrestle Mania moment. Edge didn't let Mic Foley take all of the bumps either, he wrestled his most impressive one on one match up to date. Well done to both men. 8/10

The freak segment - Very funny!

Booker T vs The Boogeyman - Either release Booker T or put him in a match that he deserves to be in. The Boogeyman effectively ended his WWE career & did his best to take Booker T with him. 3/10

Trish Stratus vs Mickie James - Surprisingly good women's wrestling and a hyped crowd, made this match a classic women's match up. It could have stolen the show if Mickie James didn't do a Brock Lesnar (botch the biggest move of the match). It was actually Trish's fault. She didn't supply Mickie James with enough support to elevate onto the top rope. 6.5/10

The Undertaker vs Mark Henry - This was Mark Henry's chance to earn a contract extension. He blew it! The Undertaker saved this match in the last 5 min. Well done Undertaker for realising that it was Wrestle Mania and raising his game. 6/10

HBK vs Vince McMahon - The feud started slow, but ended well. HBK nearly stole the stole for the 4th straight Wrestle Mania. We all loved the DX crotch chop. Vince McMahon's really letting himself go physically, by the way. Good match! 7.5/10

World Heavyweight Championship - HHH nearly ruined Wrestle Mania by pulling rank and having the 'REAL' main event moved to the 3rd to last match on the card. Kurt Angle was superb. Randy Orton did his job, but seemed like he was there to make sure that people bought the PPV, e.g. HBK at Wrestle Mania XX. Rey Misterio deserves some genuine success, not just the novelty success that the WWE usually gives him. Good match, but too short. 8/10

Lingerie Pillow Fight - Next! 2/10 (you get 2 just for getting into the ring)

WWE Championship - Sometimes the crowd makes a match when the wrestling is just ordinary, e.g. Hogan/Andre The Giant WM III, Hogan/Warrior WM VI, Hogan/Rock WM XVIII (basically every Hogan match). Wrestle Mania 22, definitely Cena's defining moment in his career so far. It's evident that Vince is standing his ground and won't stop promoting Cena until we just cheer for him. Triple H must have cheated on Stephanie or something like that. That's the only reason I can think of for Vince making HHH tap out to Cena at Wrestle Mania. 7.5/10

Overall a very good Wrestle Mania. Probably in the top 5 of all time.

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Author: fireman10128 ( from United States
8 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i ordered wrestlemania and it was great on my standards. The whole show was really good except for the pillow fight and the bogeyman match.

onto the matches. the tag match between Kane and show vs carlito and masters was pretty good. like the finish and hate what happened after words when Kane and show lost the titles.

money in the bank match. it was a real good match but in my opinion it was to short they should have got rid of the pillow fight and the bogeyman man match to add 10 extra minutes to it. rvd wins against Finlay,Matt hardy , lashly ,ric flair , Shelton Benjamin.

hardcore match between edge and Mick Foley was a good well fought match with some classic hardcore moments. including Mr socko with barb wire around it. edge comes out the winner after a spear thru the table.

womens title match. Mickie James vs Trish stratus. at last a good wresltemania match including women. pretty OK Mickie wins with the chick kick.or Mick kick in other words.

U.s title match. jbl vs Chris Benoit. A pretty good match nice wrestling on Benoit's part. jbl cheats to win he title.

Casket match. henry vs taker. sort of a predictable match where you knew taker would win because why would you destroy a perfect record on wrestlemania with henry. taker whens by putting them into casket.

pillow fight and Bogey man match's. both crappy no need to explain.

heavyweight title match. mysterio vs Orton vs angle. a good main event could have been longer then 9 minutes in my mind. mysterio wins with a 619.

wwe title. cena vs triple h. nice shocking match i seriously though that triple h was going to win. ends up cena wins by making triple h tap out to the a step over toe lock.

all in all a good ppv. only the 3rd wrestlemania iv seen but still enjoyable so i give it a good 8 out of ten only because I'm comparing it to wrestlemania 17.

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Wrestlemania 22 Review-James R

Author: Jamesrs-1 from New Zealand
8 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was one of the best wrestle-manias ever the whole show was excellent with the exception of a couple of matches.

1)Kane,Show Vs Carlito,Masters:Good solid opener lots of back and forth action 6.5/10.

2)Mitb Rvd vs lushly vs Ric Flair vs Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjiman vs Finlay:Great money in the bank ladder match lots of stunts the highlight was Shelton doing a sen ton onto everyone 8/10.

3)US Title Chris Benoit Vs Jbl:good solid match with Jbl Pulling the win out with a good reversal spot 7/10.

4)Hardcore Match Edge VS Mick Foley:awesome defines this match.Edge makes Mick have arguably the best match of his career. 9.5/10.

5)Boogeyman vs Booker T:press skip on the DVD remote 1/10.

6)Trish Vs Mickie: Great women's match up the crowd just ate this up 8/10.

7)Undertaker Vs Mark Henry: Real average match up but every match is with Mark Henry.5/10.

8)HBK VS Vince No holds barred: I wasn't really looking forward to this and thought it was a complete waste of Shawn but i was pleasantly surprised when Shawn showed why he is the best wrestler ever,making Vince look really good and the second best match on the card awesome ladder spot in the end with a table. 9/10.

9)whc Kurt vs Rey vs Randy:Awesome triple threat match but may have went a little two short and the climax was a little Prue mature but overall a really good match 7.5/10.

10)Torrie vs Candice pillow fight:good eye candy didn't go to long and was good to have a light match in between the two world title match's 6/10.

11)Wwe Title Triple H Vs Cena: Pretty good match the crowd was red hot for this one with a great finish and good story telling.Triple H did a great job carrying Cena 8/10.

Overall I rate wrestle-mania 22:9/10

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Definitely one of the best Mania's ever!!

Author: jameslj-cannon from United Kingdom
22 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The last time I watched a WWE event was nearly two years ago. That event was Judgement Day 2004. I lost my patience with wrestling after that, and I never thought I could have got back into it. However, I told myself to give this Wrestlemania a chance. I tell you what, I'm glad I did, as this was one of the great Mania's. Its definitely up there with 14, X-Seven and XIX. Anyway, lets get on with the matches from this memorable night in Chicago when wrestling went BIGTIME:

Match 1:World Tag Team Championship Match: Kane and The Big Show vs. Carlito and Chris Masters. Not being a big fan of tag team matches, I wasn't expecting much from this one. However I was proved wrong. This was a great opener, with brilliant performances from all four men. Kane and Show won to retain the titles. Winners and still champions: Kane and Show

Match 2:Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Ric Flair vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy vs. Finlay vs. Lashley. WOW. This match was absolutely amazing. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I've never seen a ladder used like Benjamin and RVD use it. Some insane moves in this match, culminating in RVD grabbing the case, and becoming the new Mr Money in the Bank. One question, why was the match so low on the card????? Winner: Rob Van Dam

Match 3:United States Championship Match: Chris Benoit vs. JBL. This was a very dogged match. Nothing pretty, but still very entertaining. Quite low for JBL to taunt the late great Eddie Guerrero as he did. He got a cheap victory by rolling Benoit up and holding on to the ropes. Winner and new champion: JBL

Match 4:Hardcore Match: Mick Foley vs. Edge. I thought nothing could beat the MITB match. Oh how wrong I was. This match was absolutely unreal. There was blood galore in this one, as an all manner of weapons were used, including barbed wire, barbed wire bats, thumb tacks, just to name a few. Even Mr Socko got a barbed wire makeover. Both men bled heavily. The match had the best ending, possibly any match has ever had. Mick got speared by Edge on the apron through a table that was on fire!!! Edge picked up the win in a instant Wrestlemania classic. Winner: Edge

Match 5:Handicap Match: Boogeyman vs. Booker T and Sharmell. Well I suppose nothing could follow that last match up, so we had this. This match wasn't bad by any means, but it was on par as the worst match of the night compared with everything else.Boogeyman picked up the win by pinning the Book. Winner: Boogeyman

Match 6:Women's Championship Match: Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James. Well now I've seen everything. A good tag team match at the start of the show, and now a good women's match. This was a brill match, mainly because of the Chicago crowd, who cheered Mickie instead of usual fan favourite Trish. She even got booed. Mickie won to become new champion. Winner and new champion: Mickie James

Match 7:Casket Match: Undertaker vs. Mark Henry. Another good match. The Undertaker can still put up a good match, even against the very large Mark Henry. At one point I thought Henry would steal it, but The Undertaker pulled off another Wrestlemaina win to make his record 14-0 by burying Henry. Winner: Undertaker

Match 8:No Holds Barred Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Mr McMahon. Another amazing match. This match was very violent, much like the Edge-Foley match before it. Glad to see HBK kick old Vince's arse. The chairman was left a bloody mess after Michaels was through with him. Shane tried to intervene and got handcuffed to the middle rope by HBK. The highlight of this one was Michaels pulling out the biggest ladder I have ever seen, setting Vice up on a table, putting a trash can over the upper half of Vince's body, and hitting him with a huge elbow drop. HBK then finished it with a vile Sweet Chin Music. There were even some crotch chops DX style from HBK in this one, ultimately leading to the DX reunion later in the year. Winner: Shawn Michaels

Match 9:Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton. This match was something else. Back and forth throughout. I was cheering on Angle all the way. Still annoyed that he didn't win. Mysterio shocked the world when he pinned Orton for the win. Winner and new champion: Rey Mysterio

Match 10:Playboy Pillow Fight: Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle. Worst match of the night along with the Boogeyman match. This was pretty bad, even though we had two gorgeous women rolling around in their underwear. Winner: Torrie Wilson

Match 11:WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. Triple H. A great main event, although it will probably be remembered for the very hostile crowd. Cena got the biggest boos I have possibly ever heard for a superstar who isn't playing heel. I personally hate Cena and wished he lost this match. Unfortunately, he didn't. He made the Game submit with his dumb submission move the STF-U. Winner and still champion: John Cena

Well, I'm glad I took a chance and saw this Wrestlemania, its up there with the best Mania's ever. Have I caught the wrestling bug after seeing this.....Hell Yeahh!!!!!!!!!

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The Best Wrestlemania since 2001

Author: Kkarensheart from United States
25 April 2006

This has to be the greatest Wrestlemania since 17... I mean this was just outstanding it focused on more on wrestling and entertainment.This PPV proves that WWE isn't going downhill no my opinion Raw is been better since the draft of 2002... the ratings have been strong and SD sometimes can suck ass but well here the matches.

1)Carlito/Chris Masters vs Kane/Big Show

World Tag Team Titles decent match up...good way to kick things off but a little short 7.5/10

2)Money in the Bank

better than last years and Shelton did another cool stunt...great performance by Finally and Lashely and Matt tried hard and Flair never gave up and RVD was just outstanding and won 10/10

3)Chris Benoit vs JBL

United States Title not a bad match...very decent close of being great but decent 7.0/10

4)Edge vs Mick Foley

Hardcore Match awesome match up Foley still has it and Edge damn cant believe the ending o well at least we know Foley still can fight. 10/10

5)Booker T vs Boogeyman

you call this Wrestlemania Teddy Long? 4/10

6)Mickie Jane vs Trish Stratus

Women's Championship

wow what a womens womens match i seen in years 8/10

7)Undertaker vs Mark Henry

Casket Match decent enough...I really hate Mark henry this could been a lot better if he wasn't Undertaker's opponent why he getting a push he cant fight he too slow. 6/10

8)Shawn Michaels vs Vince McMahan

No Hold's Barred

WOW, WOW, WOW what a match...entertaining and exciting sure Vince barely did anything but nice to see Shawn doing his thing we never seen in a long time....SUCK IT VInce thats what u get for messing wit the showstopper.10/10!!!

9)Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship

awesome match but too short and I hate that Rey is the champion now come on??? is this a joke?? 8.5/10

10)Torrie vs Candice Michelle

Langerine Pillow Fight

what? is? this? after a title match 4/10

11)HHH vs John Cena

WWE Title very shocking from the fans... I mean the fans were into this match like crazy..just like Hogan/Rock... but damn I know there some Cena haters out there but didn't have to chant F** YOU Cena he didn't do anything he works out hes very busy..I'm a Cena fan and I was pulling for Cena in this match.Cuz he my favorite no matter what but no respect to HHH I like HHH i really do but I'm in Cena's chain gang but anyways this was perfect way to end the show....the match and the crowd..great main event hope they fight again soon.10/10!!!

Overall:Tremendious PPV 10/10 I def recommend this for a collection and for a WWE fan cause this was just plain great!!!

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Good Wrestlemania!!!

Author: arsh7777777 from India
5 August 2008

Great Wrestlemania. According to me, these are the ratings:

1) Kane & Big Show vs Carlio & Chris Masters - 5/10 (An okay opening for Wrestlemania) 2) Ladder Match - 8/10 (Good match) 3) Hall of Fame Seg. - 9/10 (R.I.P. Eddie) 4) Benoit vs JBL - 5/10 (So-so match) 5) Edge vs Foley - 6.5/10 (Foley tried his best. That makes it good) 6) Booker vs Boogeyman - 1.5/10 (Sucked and WWE, you can do better than this kind of match.) 7) Trish vs Mickie - 7.5/10 (A very good women's championship match.) 8) Undertaker vs Henry - 10/10 (Taker shows everyone again, what he's made of. Greatest match of the night!!!) 9) HBK vs Vince - 9.5/10 (Awesome match. HBK ended it well.) 10) Angle vs Mysterio vs RKO - 9/10 (Great match. Rey turned out to be the champ. Great Job) 11) Cena vs HHH - 8.5/10 (Great match. Cena retains his championship)

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Wm 22

Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
20 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES - Kane and Big Show (c) vs Carlito and Chris Masters. MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH - Rob Vam Dam vs Finlay vs Ric Flair vs Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy vs Lashley. UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP - Chris Benoit vs JBL. HARDCORE RULES MATCH - Edge vs Mick Foley. CASKET MATCH - The Undertaker vs Mark Henry. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Kurt Angle (c) vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton. STREET FIGHT - Vince McMahon vs Shawn Michaels. The Boogeyman vs Booker T and Sharmell. WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP - Trish Stratus (c) vs Mickie James. WWE CHAMPIONSHIP - John Cena (c) vs Triple H. I loved the triple threat match and how an underdog basically went against the system with Rey becoming a World Heavyweight Champion also that Casket Match with Undertaker was insane and the Triple H entrance reminded me of Conan and i absolutely loved both the entrance and the match.

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A Fun Show With a "Big Time" Feel

Author: Owen Ogletree from United States
11 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was another solid WrestleMania. There is some quality stuff on here for sure, and quite an electric crowd.

Tag Team Championship Match: The Big Show and Kane (c) vs. Carlito and Chris Masters - A decidedly average opener. Nothing too bad, but nothing notable, either. Show and Kane retain the titles after Kane Chokeslammed Carlito. RATING: **1/2

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Ric Flair - Not as good as the first MITB match, but still a lot of fun. There are plenty of crazy spots throughout, and all 6 men had some stand-out moments. Rob Van Dam wins the briefcase. RATING: ***3/4

United States Championship Match: Chris Benoit vs. JBL - It was alright, but it was too slow for my liking. I've seen better from Benoit, but this isn't too bad by JBL's standards. JBL wins the Championship by grabbing the rope. RATING: **3/4

Hardcore Match: Edge vs. Mick Foley - "Hardcore" indeed. This was one crazy, brutal match. These two simply tore each other apart. Edge showed that he belonged in this type of environment. Edge wins by unforgettably spearing Foley through the flaming table. RATING: ****

Booker T vs. The Boogeyman - Garbage. Pure Garbage. All I can say. RATING: DUD

Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry - This match wasn't bad, but it wasn't good, either. This was a typical big man match. Nobody really believed that Mark Henry could end the streak. The Undertaker remains undefeated. RATING: **1/4

No Holds Barred Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon - Nothing special wrestling-wise, but great as pure entertainment. It's so much fun to see Mr. McMahon get what he deserves. Shawn Michaels finishes him off with a Superkick. RATING: ***1/2

Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton - This was a great triple threat match. The action was fast from bell to bell and Rey's title win was memorable. The problem is that it is too short. Rey Mysterio wins the title with a Hurricanerana. RATING: ***3/4

WWE Championship Match: John Cena (c) vs. Triple H - A great main event with an epic feel to it. It may be remembered for the crowd booing the heck out of Cena, but these two managed to put on an exciting wrestling contest. John Cena retains with the STF. RATING: ****

Boogeyman vs. Booker aside, this was a fun show from top to bottom, and well worth checking out.


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A good Wrestlemania with great fans ruined by horrible Main event

Author: avi0107
28 July 2008

Kane & Big Show vs Carlito & The Master Piece - Solid opener, nothing special. Shame to see Kane is such match and guys like Cena in the main event. 6/10

Money In The Bank Ladder Match - As expected it was amazing. Great match with some memorable moments. 9/10

Hall Of Fame - Eddie, we miss you!

Chris Benoit vs JBL - Benoit deserves more than. It wasn't bad, it was rather solid but forgettable. 5.5/10

Edge vs Mick Foley - Foley never stop to amaze and this is no exception. Edge is the future of the WWE (a deserving main eventer compared to the likes of Cena). Brutal encounter with a great finish. + Lita is hot. 8.5/10

Booker T vs The Boogeyman - Boogeyman can't wrestle. Nowadays WWE tend to go for guys with some popular character or commercial attributes instead of real athletes ...that's why WWE has jumped the shark for me...Booker T deserves more. Had its funny moments tho. 2/10 (for the fun)

Trish Stratus vs Mickie James -Good match and Trish was hot as always. Mickie is weird, meaning the girl is doing a good job. 6/10

The Undertaker vs Mark Henry - Not the best Undertaker WM match. Not bad but not great. Taker did his job while Mark Henry was pretty average. Being big and Strong don't necessarily mean you are a good wrestler..WWE has forgot that. Good match by Taker. 6.5/10

HBK vs Vince McMahon - Vince and Shane Mcmahon has always impressed me in matches...this is not exception. Great match with some unforgettable moments. Exactly what i was expecting. 8.5/10

World Heavyweight Championship - Kurt Angle(c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton This not being the main event is literally a screw job! WWE has lost the sense of Main events! 3 great athletes with Angle at his best. It was great to see Angle getting cheered and Rey booed! Finally fans cheering for real athlete, the deserving one. However the match was too short...still great tho. 8/10

Lingerie Pillow Fight - They are all hot. Unrated.

WWE Championship -SHAME!! Complete sell out. The worst thing is that WWE can't stop screwing fans like that and continued to get worst and worst afterward, the main reason I've quit watching. So we get an amazing triple threat before while this is the main event?? You gotta be kidding me. Everybody knew this would never match the triple threat. The ONLY good thing is that Cena was rightfully getting booed. These fans were amazing. The ending was ridiculous...HHH taping out? Give me a break. WWE wants to make an Hogan out of Cena. It got worst afterward..ruined the WWE. I can't believe this main event. We've got Bret hard vs. Michaels, Austin vs. Rock, Austin vs. Michaels, Benoit vs. Austin vs. Michaels and now we got this??????? Even HHH couldn't save it. That was terrible. 1.5/10 (1.5 for the fans booing Cena)

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