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10 Reasons To Hate Anthony Bourdain

Author: ween-3
12 July 2007

1. He's got the gig you always wanted.

2. He won the Lou Reed look-alike contest and you only took second place.

3. Two words: "Free oysters".

4. No one has the right to be in that kinda shape with a 3-pack-a-day habit and a well-documented history of substance abuse...I mean NO ONE!! You eat organic bean sprouts and never bought a carton of Marlboros in your life, and you still look like Sydney Greenstreet anyway.

5. Anyone who can properly pronounce the word "geoduck" probably also knows how to correctly enunciate the word "nuclear" and, as such, deserves your immediate enmity. (NOTE-- If you are currently serving as President of the United States, move this reason to #1 on your list).

6. He gets to say words like f**k and m**herf***er and s**t on national TV and has his mouth washed out with primo vodka, 30-year old single malt scotch and absinthe. Your mom used Lava soap on you.

7. His advance team finds the coolest underground joints in the world while you're Mapquesting the local Applebee's.

8. He gets to do the funniest show on TV and doesn't have to worry about the "Seinfeld curse" since Jason Alexander still has not appeared as a guest on the show.

9. His new movie stinks...Oh..I'm sorry...that's the other "No Reservations".

10. Three words: "More free oysters".

Easily the coolest travel and/or food show you'll ever see. And for all the badass showmanship, the gooey caramel center of "No Reservations" is Bourdain's subliminal message that our world ain't a's a banquet.

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Read His Books too!

Author: hevilift from United States
6 May 2006

Don't get me wrong- I love this series. I loved cooks tour too. The raw talent of Bourdain, the way he reacts, his absolute mantra to be a traveler not a tourist is not just some press B.S.. If you never read another book in your life, read Kitchen confidential-there is no way you'll be disappointed. The language is tough-but- better yet buy the book and get it on CD as well-Bourdain on CD is almost as good as watching "no Reservations" only with out the censors. He does have a potty mouth- but then so does the entire restaurant business.I have the first season of No Reservations on DVD and as usual, Bourdain does not let you down.. Can't wait for the season 2 DVD's to get done.. Enjoy!

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Great Show

Author: darky2600 from United States
23 May 2007

It is interesting and very entertaining. You don't expect some things and the insights about foreign culture are original when compared to other shows. Sure some things are said with sarcasm or hyperbole, but that s how he writes his narrative.

Cool show. Cool guy. The production values are good BTW. Remember, in these types of narrated shows most stuff is intentional.

The show is original and every episode is different. See the episode on Russia if you want to see the show at its best.

Final rating: 10 out of 10 and the best show on the travel channel for all the above reasons.

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A treasured gift to the US.

Author: phiheart1 from Colorado
27 December 2014

Anthony Bourdain does something no one else does. He shows how the regular people live and gives us a glimpse into the real culture and real thoughts of people in other countries. It is a glimpse that is not filtered through the over-simplified American media machine. It provides context through the brief history segments on each show, then goes on to tell it like it is. This is a form of bravery we don't see on our televisions, news, etc. which is largely controlled by corporate interests. It is a breath of fresh air! Through getting to know the real story, and the real people, he is creating understanding, and conditions for peace in the world. Thank you Anthony Bourdain! We just purchased every show you have ever made.

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The most awesome food show on earth

Author: ebiros2 from United States
23 November 2012

I'm sorry to see this series go away, but I'm eternally grateful to Anthony Bourdain, and the Travel Channel for creating this series. This is one of the (if not the) best cultural food program ever created. It's fun and educational at the same time, and certainly as good of a guide for travel destination as any.

Anthony Bourdain brings humor to the story at the expense of his own pride, but is a gracious host to others who appear on his show. He's a good role model on how to be a good host, and a guest at the same time.

The program also showed that there are some food that're worth traveling to eat. If I'm traveling to those countries, I'd definitely would make plans to experience the gastronomic delight featured on some of the episodes.

There aren't any bad episodes in this series, but some episodes had more significant impact from a personal point of view. Needless to say that this series is highly recommended for would be travelers to the featured destinations, but is also highly recommended just for its pure entertainment values.

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Madrid Episode

Author: werwal from south of germany
14 September 2010

Suffice to say, that this is one of the best shows around these days... BUT this episode in particular really qualifies as "food porn" in the most literal sense of the expression. As the producers recently said:it's always a balance between cultural and gastronomical experiences. Focus here is certainly on the gastronomical side and i think it works very well. No other format on TV now pictures the effort people put into their work in a more honest way. The audience feels the love and devotion people put into what they want to do, what they excel at. And at the same time everyone that is shown seems not to have forgotten how to live. There is not one scene where you would not trade a lot to switch places with Anthony Bourdain and "thank you for these 40 minutes of joy" is all you can say.

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Decent and honest food show/travelogue

Author: xylokopos from Singapore
13 April 2011

He certainly is no Ustinov or Michael Palin, but Bourdain is a better travel show host than the legion of other generic hosts at TLC - you know the type, everything is exciting, everything tastes great, all the locals are fantastic, blahblahblah. He has no apparent interest in the history or architecture or archeology of the places he visits, but then again his focus is the food and one could say that he is more than gracious and humble when it comes to local fare. Seriously, some of the stuff he has eaten so as to not offend his hosts, haunt me to this day and would make Bear Grylls start dry heaving. Unwashed warthog anus, anyone? The Romania episode that seems to be attracting a lot of hate, is an instant TV classic of the highest order, if you can't find surreal humour and travel madness in it, you are dead inside. "Entertaining and feeding the tourists" is a racket in every country - you feel the need to protest but you know it's true.

Antony Bourdain gets it. He has a gig where he is getting paid to stuff his face with food and get hammered on the local hooch, the man is a chef and not an ambassador or an Anthropology Ph.D. Not all his insights are hilarious and yes, it is hard to produce decent commentary when you are hungover, but seriously people, some episodes and observations are pure gold.

To better understand where Bourdain is coming from, read "Kitchen Confidential", you will not regret it.

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Unique and beautiful scenery, food, and most importantly, people.

Author: RyoGTO from United States
12 July 2009

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is one of the few reasons why I bother turning on my television. It is one of those shows that just sticks out above the rest. Each episode brings something new to the table; the show is not always perfect, varying in many ways from episode to episode, but that diversity is what makes the show so entertaining to watch and keeps the viewer coming back for more.

In No Reservation's not only does the viewer see the differences between the locals of each culture and area, but it is filmed with the narrative of Tony's unique perspective. We watch as he struggles to grasp the beauty in many things, but grasp it he does. And although he may seem somewhat cynical at times, we see him enjoying many personal experiences with some wonderful people, in beautiful and enchanting places.

So, I had thought that it might be a good idea to clear up the difference between the cynical attitude that he carries and that associated with a pessimist. I must say although he is sometimes very cynical, he does it in humor. If he was a pessimist he would not so thoroughly enjoy his surroundings, and would not find such joy in the the many simple things in which he has a knack for finding. No... Anthony is not a pessimist. If anything, he has the light of an optimist shining through the prism of a realist's troubled mind. Furthermore Anthony, relative to most television personalities and travel hosts, is the complete opposite of what most would think of as a pretentious human being. He does his best not to sugar-coat things or himself. And while it could be argued that we are all pretentious to some extent; he tries, like the show's name implies, to have no reservations about what he will and does encounter. He often thoroughly throws himself into situations and cultures, entertaining new concepts. Bourdain does his best to make himself and his show an open book, and that is one of the spices that make No Reservations so flavorful.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is a show about life, culture, and detail. The show's given a unique flavor with it's no bull-crap host as he shares his curious or comedic insights into situations. But most of all this show is about enjoying each unique culture's beautiful scenery, food, and most importantly it's people.

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Excellent show

Author: cmmcclurg from United States
17 January 2008

With Bourdain's whit and sarcasm this show is never boring. He much like the world's most sarcastic tourist that travels off the beaten path and goes to more rural areas. His interest in the bizare and the more common food of each country he visit is amazing to see. But not only does he take you to see the food sights but also introduces you to the culture and history of that country he is in at the time. His shows funny, entertaining and educational.

He will take you to deep fried snake skins in Vietnam to scramble eggs bushmen style in Nambia and also normal foods like beer and sausages in Germany.

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Interesting and intelligent, have a good niche, now Tony stop selling for credit cards...

Author: MarieGabrielle from United States
20 April 2011

Mr Bourdain: you do have decent loyal,and educated audience ( even in the U.S. which is not an easy thing these days)

After five years of watching your show, which got increasingly better, I was happily surprised. Yes, I like your readings, and caustic takes on the Jersey Shore. (I'd love to see you review Long Island, but not much left there except maybe for "Peter Luger's" steakhouse).

Your show is off the grid, and great. The Jersey Shore episode, The San Francisco Street Food, the dying, old school bistros of Manhattan. The Cambodian episode and where you speak of the actual history there with your guest is provocative, and real. The Indonesian, and Hong Kong episodes are very interesting. Azores, also, makes the audience want to visit the islands. Even the Jamaica episode, where you trek through the bat caves.

I love that you hate "Applebee's" and the sordid buffet heat-lamp food, passing for a meal culture in America. Please, please do continue to pass the word on. It is something that is so very needed today.

A much needed culinary show in a sea of mediocrity, and fast food America which has no clue. 9/10.

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