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Pride doesn't have much surprise, but it's a formula picture of genuine feeling.
Chicago Tribune
Howard, playing an inspirational and resourceful man up against long odds, really is an inspiration.
Charlotte Observer
It's about black athletes, and they swim. It's as reassuringly uplifting as its predecessors, but the African-American and aquatic elements set it pleasantly apart.
Worth seeing, not only because it shows how an ordinary man can do something extraordinary, but because it allows audiences the opportunity to watch an extraordinary actor in a performance that could have been rote, but instead is nuanced and intelligent.
Miami Herald
A measured, magnificently understated and intense performance by Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow, Crash) as Ellis gives Pride its fire and heart.
It's called Pride, and, while it's neither as socially urgent as "Freedom Writers" nor as danceable and soapy as "Stomp the Yard," it's better acted and tougher to resist
That Pride ultimately gets to you is more of a surprise than the outcome because it's not very well-constructed.
If only the screenplay had more going for it than hackneyed homilies and living-in-the-ghetto stereotypes. If only first-time director Sunu Gonera had a surer hand, a knack for something bolder, wilder, goofier.
Yeah, the story is corny and tired. But when you aren't rolling your eyes, you'll probably be wiping them dry.
The Hollywood Reporter
Terrence Howard delivers another solid lead performance and competition swimming is a new arena for such films. Nonetheless, Pride is just plain trite.
Wall Street Journal
Despite Mr. Howard's best efforts in the role, though, the film rarely realizes its subject's potential.

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