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In the cafeteria scene, when Gabriella slips in the spilled milk, her tray is not only shot up, but tilted as well. However, after the camera cuts back to Gabriella, there is a cup of "sauce" yet it doesn't slide or tip off the tray.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

At the end of "Breaking Free", Gabriella sings the lines "You know the world can see us..." however, in the shot you can clearly see she doesn't even move her mouth to sing until "can see us..."
When Gabriella is singing in 'Start of Something New', the words on the karaoke machine are ahead of her singing, compared to on-time with Troy.
When Troy and Gabriella sing "Breaking Free", the music has drumbeats although there are no drums being played.
The music sheets and the notes on blackboard shown while Troy and Gabrielle are exercising the song "Breaking Free" are in another key.
When Troy and Gabriella are singing "What I've Been Looking For" with Kelsi, you can hear Gabriella's voice but her mouth isn't moving.
When Troy and Gabriella are singing at the New Year's Eve party you can hear her voice but when the camera turns to her, her mouth is closed and she is smiling.
In Ms. Darbus's class, when Troy calls Gabriella's cell phone, Gabriella's phone rings before he presses the send button.
In "Breaking Free" when Gabriella gets nervous and doesn't sing, the skyline doesn't come down and the lights stay on, as if the stage crew knew she wasn't going to start singing the first time. When Troy talks to her and gets her to sing, the skyline comes down and the lights go out.
After Sharpay and Ryan's version of "What I've been looking for," Sharpay says something to Ryan while the mic is still by her mouth.
At the end of the movie before the song "We're All In This Together", Chad starts the "Wild Cats" chant. Whenever he says "What Team", a voice can be heard behind him. The result of an off sync voice over.

Character error 

The word "receiving" is spelled wrong when they are broadcasting video through the computer to Gabriella.
In "Stick to the Status Quo," all the jocks are singing to Zeke about baking. When they all point to the basketball at the beginning of their part in the song, if you look in the background directly behind Zeke, Jason points too early and pulls back, knowing he timed the dance move wrong.
During 'Breaking Free', both Troy and especially Gabriella are often waving the microphones all over the place and too far away to be of any use.
In the "Getcha Head in the Game" scene, the song says "coach said to fake right and break left." Troy fakes to his left and breaks to his right.
Quite a few times, Taylor calls Troy "Trey."
During the auditions, a boy and girl do a dramatic performance of slow dancing. Ms Darbus says that there is only one couple signed up when there are actually two couples and their names are not on the sign up sheet.
During the freestyle scene in 'We're All In This Together', the left foot of the girl in the first pair of dancers clearly slips from under her.
When Chad and his team members go try to cheer up Troy, Chad says "we never actually heard you sing". They heard him sing in Getcha Head in the Game so that is wrong.
When Gabriella and Troy are running around the set (specifically the moon) as they are about to finish singing "Breaking Free", a glimpse of Ryan bobbing his head to the beat is seen. Ryan and Sharpay are supposed to be annoyed because Ms. Darbus allowed Gabriella and Troy to continue with their callback audition.
In one scene, Gabriella has drawn a diagram of a chlorophyll molecule; however, the central atom is labeled "M", when it should be "Mg" (magnesium).
On a banner in the background that says "BEAT THE VIKINGS", the word "THE" is misspelled as "THEE".


During "Stick To The Status Quo" Sharpay is on the balcony and says, "Everybody, quiet" when she's done she's heads toward the stairs. The camera then pans down to the dancers then does a wide shot and you see Sharpay back at the center of the balcony. The camera does another shot of the dancers then they show Sharpay half way down the stair case.
After Gabriella tells Troy she doesn't want to sing anymore, when she is avoiding him in the cafeteria, she sets a tray down clearly in front of her. The camera pans out, and when back to her, there is no tray in front of her.
Kelsi is forced to start playing the music for "Breaking Free" from the start because Gabriella is too nervous to sing the first line. However, each time the song is practiced before this/played for the second time in the actual musical, the first line is actually sung by Troy.
During the song "We're all in this Together", Ryan points at the camera as he sings. In the next shot however, his hand is down at his side. The movement is much too quick to have been natural.
When Troy and Gabriella are talking on New Years Eve, she has snow in her hair. The scene changes and she has no snow anywhere on her hair or body. It changes one or two times.
In between shots right at the beginning of "Breaking Free," Troy's shirt goes from unzipped to zipped with no action in between.
When Troy is running away to get to the musical audition, he starts off by wearing black three stripe tennis shoes. Then when he is running outside, he is wearing white tennis shoes. And then, when he is back inside, he is back to wearing the black tennis shoes.
After being in class and Troy is waiting for Gabriella outside the classroom, The class is walking out of the room. First we see Jason (blue shirt and yellow t-shirt) walk out. Then when Gabriella appears, we see him walk out again.
When Gabriella watches Troy on the laptop and the scholastics decathlon team leave, she looks out the window and her tears are on her face. When she turns around and starts singing "When there was me and you", her face is dry and we didn't see her wipe it at all.
When ditching Chad for the auditions, Troy is wearing gray boxers (as seen while running down the stairs). But later (same day) at the auditions, he is wearing white boxers (as seen when he comes out from behind the wall and raises his hand to sing with Gabriella).
Towards the end of "Stick to the Status Quo", Sharpay and Ryan begin walking down the stairs in a close up shot. In the following few wide shots, they are both still in their positions atop the cafeteria. This position switch happens many times.
In "Breaking Free" there is a point where you can see part of Gabriella and her shoulder. It appears that she is wearing her pink shirt that she has on underneath her Decathlon uniform, but she hasn't taken it off yet.
In the beginning with Troy and Gabriella singing "Start of Something New" Gabriella's left sleeve moves up and down as the angle changes.
When the girl sings about Hip-Hop being her passion, during "Stick to the Status Quo," in the close-ups of her table, there is a milk carton beside her with a long straw sticking out of it. In the wide shots, the milk carton has no straw in it.
When Troy tries to ditch Chad to go to the musical audition, he is wearing a belt (as seen when he is going down the school stairs). However, when he makes it to the audition he is no longer wearing a belt.
When Troy gives Kelsi the "play ball" he is wearing his basketball jersey, but as they start dancing, he is in his warm-up gear.
In the homeroom scene, Ms. Darbus says "Mr. Bolton, I see that your phone was involved so I will see you in detention." and we see a close-up of Troy with both of his hands resting on his cell phone, with one hand ready to close the phone. The camera angle zooms out, and, instead, we see one hand resting on his lap and one hand holding the phone.
In the song "Breaking Free", Troy's microphone constantly jumps from one hand to the other as the shot changes.
Near the end of the end of "Breaking Free", Gabriella has the mike in one hand, but in the next shot, it's in the other.
In the musical cafeteria scene, after Zeke confesses that he bakes, there is a brown paper bag (standing up), some food, a water bottle, and a basketball on the table. In the next shot, there is only a basketball and a water bottle. In the next shot, the lunch bag is back, but laying on its side. Later, there is a milk carton with the lunch, and during the middle of the song, there is nothing on the table at all.
In the first homeroom scene when Ms. Darbus is collecting the cell phones, Troy starts to close his cell phone, then when the view changes, he is closing it again.
When Troy's mom tells Troy to get ready for the "young adults party", his dad gives him the ball. After showing his mom's reaction, the camera turns back to Troy, but his dad is still holding the ball.
When Sharpay is printing off the article about Gabriella, the computer clearly shows she is printing an article with a picture on the left. However, the printer prints an article with a picture on the right.
During 'When There Was Me and You', Gabriella turns and starts to go down a flight of stairs yet in the next immediate shot she turns and is walking along the corridor. Although throughout the clip the timings and positions change, as in many musical clips, they do at least follow on smoothly whereas this one changes drastically.
In 'We're all in this Together', after Gabriella does her solo part everyone is jumbled up yet when the camera pans out they're all in perfect order, in what is supposed to be directly continuous shot.
In the last part of 'Stick to the Status Quo', Gabriella and Taylor are supposed to be walking around the tables but in the wide shots they are not seen anywhere.
During 'Start of Something New', Troy's microphone quickly and unnecessarily moves between his hand and the stand.
During "Breaking Free", Gabriella takes off her lab coat during Troy's first solo. It completely disappears from the stage.
At the Scholastic Decathlon, Taylor sends an Internet signal to disrupt the electronics in the sports hall. After she has sent the signal we clearly see her close the laptop. When the film cuts back to her a few seconds later, just before the chemical starts smoking, we see her close the laptop again.
During "Stick to the Status Quo", Gabriella's food stains Sharpay's coat and under shirt. In the next scene Sharpay is in, she is picking out a new shirt and the coat is still stained; however, the undershirt is clean.
Right after the final basket is made, only the Wildcats and cheerleaders are on the court. In the next shot, when Coach Bolton brings out the trophy, he has to fight his way through a crowd of students, all of whom subsequently disappear when Troy is lifted up holding the trophy. The crowd is back when Troy is set on his feet.
After Sharpay signs up for the auditions, she says "Toodles!" to Troy, looks to her right and her hand is up/bent at the elbow. In the next shot, her hand is down and completely straight.
In the lunch room scene, when Gabriella and Troy bump into each other, but are not speaking, we see Gabriella with a lunch tray in her hands. She sits at a table and puts the lunch tray down in front of her. The next time we see her (just a second later) the lunch tray is gone.
In the locker room, the coach's sandwich goes from his hand to the desk to his hand and switches hands a few times. It also appears to get bigger and smaller a few times.
Where Gabriella corrects her teacher's error on the chalkboard, the numbers over Pi change between shots.
When Sharpay and Ryan are talking about the "rules" of the drama club Ryan is about to drink milk out of a carton. In the next shot, the straw is nowhere near his mouth.
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The times on the clocks during the day of the scholastic decathlon and the championship game are inconsistent.
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In the opening scene with Troy and his dad playing basketball, his dad's sweat around his collar keeps disappearing and re-appearing throughout the scene.
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In "We're all in this Together", Sharpay raises her right arm while singing. In the next shot, her arm is at her side and she begins to raise it.
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At the start of 'Breaking Free' the background banner comes down and we see it stop halfway while Troy is singing yet when the shot zooms out the banner is all the way down.
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Crew or equipment visible 

In the end basketball scene there is a camera man visible in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
When the principle asks everyone to exit the gym, a camera crew is clearly visible at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
When Sharpay walks over to the balcony, just before "Stick to the Status Quo" begins, as the camera pans over her, then down to the cafeteria, the camera is reflected in the glass screening of the balcony.
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Errors in geography 

In the shot showing the front of the school where the buses are pulling up, all the cars have orange license plates on the front. In New Mexico, where the story was to have taken place, the license plates are yellow and they are only on the back of cars not the front.
When Troy and Gabriella go to the roof of the school he is in a t-shirt and there are flowers blooming. According to the story it is supposed to be the middle of January. Albuquerque is at an elevation of 5,280 ft above sea level. The temperature is in the low to mid 40s during the day and below freezing at night. There are no green or blooming plants. Also the grass is green in Gabriella's yard and the leaves are on the trees.

Factual errors 

When Troy and Gabriella swap phone numbers after New Years, Troy takes a photo of Gabriella by pointing the back of his phone and clicking. Troy's phone is a Nokia 6260, where the camera lens is located at the side of the phone.
When Gabriella is "winning" the Decathlon, the equations she answers aren't correct.
When Troy and Gabriella swap cellphones to give each other their number, they take a picture and put in a number. Both Troy and Gabriella put in less than six keystrokes, while the US standard for cellphone numbers is seven digits (probably 10 or 11 digits as the number is probably outside the local calling area).
At the end of "Breaking Free" when Ryan pulls the fly system the drop should be moving in, not out as is seen.
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High school basketball championships are usually played at the end of February to the beginning of March. However, this one takes place mid-January.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

During "Getcha head in the game", there is a player with the number 00 on the back. In a traditional basketball game, there is no such number used for a player. However, this scene is something of a fantasy, so this unrealistic element is allowed.

Revealing mistakes 

When Troy is about to say "I'll sing with her" you notice the teacher starts to turn around before he even says anything.
When Sharpay storms into the girls' bathroom to track down Gabriella, she walks past where Gabriella is hiding behind the wall. The camera also shows that there is no adjacent room behind that wall. When Sharpay turns to walk back out, there is no way that Gabriella could not have been seen by Sharpay as she would be in her line of vision.
After the auditions, Kelsi trips over the piano and the music sheets go everywhere. It's obvious that she throws the sheets upwards (to fake a fall), rather than outwards (if she had really fallen).
In 'Stick to the Status Quo', when the skater friend says 'A Saw!', the guy in the blue baseball cap can clearly be seen muttering the same words in anticipation.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


After the credits finish rolling, Sharpay runs into the gym holding a cookie. She asks Zeke to make more cookies for her. She then throws the cookie behind her, but we don't see it hit the floor.

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