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  • No, it is an original script by Peter Barsocchini.

  • Given his love of dance, choreography, fashion, yoga and musical theater, and his lack of a female romantic partner, many viewers have speculated about Ryan's sexuality. In the stage show of High School Musical, he has pinups of men in his locker and swoons a little when Troy walks by. In the third film, he can briefly be seen apparently ogling a male dancer.http://www.afterelton.com/movies/2008/10/ryanevansstillcodedgay

    It has been stated that Lucas Grabeel wanted very much to have Ryan written as gay, however, because of the target audience being so young, parents were appalled at the idea, and so Disney respected their wishes and made him straight. This is believed to be the reason for his sudden, out-of-the-blue attraction to Kelsi in the third movie.


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