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Todd Beamer: Come on, guys, what are we waiting for? Let's roll. Come on, let's go already.

[last title cards]

Title card: Of the four aircraft hijacked that day, United 93 was the only one that did not reach its target. It crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03am. No one survived.

Title card: Military commanders were not notified that United 93 had been hijacked until four minutes after it had crashed. The nearest fighter jets were 100 miles away.

Title card: At 10:18am, the President authorized the military to engage hijacked aircraft. Fearing an accidental shoot down, military commanders chose not to pass the order to pilots in the air.

Title card: By 12:06pm every civilian airliner over America had been forced to land. Amidst an unprecedented military mobilization, US airspace was closed until further notice.

Title card: Dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

[last lines]

Donald Freeman Greene: I can't pull! I can't!

Sandra Bradshaw: [crying to husband Phil over the plane's Airfone] But, baby, I promise you, if I get out of this, I'm quitting tomorrow. I'll quit tomorrow. I promise, I'll quit tomorrow.

Mohammed Atta: We have some planes.

First Officer LeRoy Homer: [looking at message on display screen] "Beware cockpit intrusion."

Captain Jason Dahl: "Two aircraft hit the World Trade Center." But we just left Newark. The weather was beautiful.

First Officer LeRoy Homer: That's gotta be student pilots.

Honor Elizabeth Wainio: Hi, Mom, it's me. I'm on the plane that's been hijacked. I'm just calling to tell you that I love you, and goodbye. This really kind woman handed me the phone and she said to call you.

Ziad Jarrah: [message Flashes: "Beware cockpit intrusion. Two aircraft have hit the world Trade Center] The brothers have hit both targets!

Saeed Al Ghamdi: Shall I go and tell them?

Ziad Jarrah: Yes.

Ziad Jarrah: [Saeed runs out of the cockpit] Tell them our time has come! Our time has come!

Ziad Jarrah: [in Arabic, after Al-Nami has sat down next to him] What are you doing here?

Ahmed Al Nami: Why are we waiting?

Ziad Jarrah: It's not the right time. Sit and I will give you the sign.

Ahmed Al Nami: When?

Ziad Jarrah: Go and sit down.

Ahmed Al Nami: We have to do it now.

Deborah Welsh: [interrupting; to Jarrah] Would you like anything to drink?

Ziad Jarrah: [in English] No. I'm fine, thank you.

Deborah Welsh: Sure?

Ziad Jarrah: Yes.

[first lines]

Ahmed Al Haznawi: [subtitled Arabic] Ziad. It's time.

Ziad Jarrah: Open the door. Open the door and nobody will be hurt.

Thomas E. Burnett, Jr.: Hey, this is a suicide mission. We have to do something. They are not gonna land this plane.

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