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One of the Most Totally Underestimated Games.

Author: jamylie from United States
1 December 2005

This game was released to a wide range of mixed reviews stemming from roughly 5/10 to 10/10. Being a huge Sci-fi Action fan I would rate it at 9.3/10. If I were the average gamer I would give it 7.0/10 and I'll tell you why I give both scores.

This game is a sci-fi action movie that you control. The emphasis is on story and character as opposed to overt game play, which is also it's downfall. But that isn't all bad because the story is engaging and powerful with probably the best video game musical score to back it up! (yes better than Halo's. I own both soundtracks). While this game has been argued as a Halo clone (they do share similar circumstances) I feel it's more original and compelling story line set it apart in that respect. Don't get me wrong I love both Halo video games, but Advent's story hits closer to home in which the choices you make(and they are tough choices) affect the game. There are minor glitches that are obvious signs the game was rushed into completion, but most of these can be over looked due the great many good aspects to the cool and stylish game play. The attacks and powers that are at your disposal are simply astounding and they are integrated into the control scheme flawlessly. Many gamers get turned off at the beginning because there isn't much to do and no cool powers to use, but if you stick it out (and you should because the story and characters pull you right in) you are in for a blockbuster of a gaming experience.

It is my hope that the sequels will be made, because as one gamer put it, "it would be like watching the first Star Wars film and never seeing the rest".

Given the time and dedication, the game's creators can make a truly revolutionary game that bridges the gap between film and video game. My only real request for the sequels would be the option to toggle their "flick" auto aim ability on and off. Sometimes ya just wanna shot an alien square in the nuts and see some rag doll physics.

I recommend this game to anyone willing to immerse themselves in a truly unique and engaging gaming experience.

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very good, inexpensive game

Author: bigbadhoss77 from United States
4 February 2007

i just picked up this game yesterday (for only 9 bucks used too!!!) because i saw on IMDb that Orson Scott Card had written it, and hes my absolute faverite writer... and, after about 8 hours of game play, it was everything i hoped it to be, and MORE!!! the powers are SO MUCH FUN to use!!! you don't even need to touch the weapons in the game after you get about 3 or 4 of the 8 total powers. the game play is fun, but the real joy comes with the story line... its like your participating in a sci fi action movie!!! there's also numerous similarities to Cards "Enders Game" books (im not going to tell you, because if you liked this game and haven't read those books, go pick them up!!) the only down side to this game is that it is a bit glitchy. but nothing that inhibits game play... Soooooooooooo, if you are looking for a REALLY GOOD cheap game find, check out Advent Rising... if you cant find it used anywhere, you can get it new online for 20 bucks...

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Author: hotnoob from Canada
20 February 2014

Amazing game with an amazing gameplay, and an EVEN BETTER PLOT! From start to end, it'll have you on the edge of your seat, completely engrossed in the plot, all the way until the end... where you find yourself screaming... NOOOOOOOooooo0o0o0o0!!!!! I WANT MOARRRRRR!! :(

This video game is like The serenity of movies; took for ever for it to get recognized, and hopefully will get a sequel!

This game came out just after halo 2 did, but it's graphics and gameplay, even control systems rival the video games of 2014.

I had the honor of playing the game when it first came out, and the experience was absolutely mind blowing! It's the game that turned me from a casual gamer, into a hardcore gamer! Constantly looking for something to be REMOTELY as good.

Please! We must know how the story ends! Can we get a sequel? :S

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I can see why the sequel was cancelled

Author: draken82 from United States
30 June 2006

I'm glad I waited a year to play this. This game just wasn't that good. I heard in review when it was first released that the plot was good, but there were gameplay issues. Yes that's true at face value, but after playing the game through I digress. Yes the main plot points are pretty cool, but the storytelling is really choppy full of holes. The game is way too short, and the style doesn't really satisfy. I played the game on normal difficulty and there were really only a couple of places that were really difficult to get through and after gaining the powers the enemies were just too easy to beat. As the game progressed I found myself using the weapons less and less, and just hitting the enemies with surge and killing them. And the ending was totally lame, that was the hardest boss? Maybe they should have delayed the game another year, came up with a more cohesive backstory, filled in the gaps, and created a better universe for the game. It really wasn't the kind of story to set a linear third- person shooting game with like what 5 to seven hours of gameplay. The bosses were way too easy, and I found myself wanting to go explore the various worlds I was on a lot more. There just wasn't enough, the story jumped around way too much, and the game itself was full of glitches, and they didn't develop the world well enough to actually capture the interest of players. Not the epic game they tried to make it out to be.

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