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Season 1

19 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.1
The head receptionist at a London hotel has to prove himself to his boss if he wants a promotion.
26 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.2
Unfortunately for him, Rebecca puts him in charge of keeping suicidal guest Mr Machin alive, while concierge Tony has to deal with the repercussions of mistaking a legitimate guest for a hooker. But this is the least of his worries as Rebecca's re-branding of his job has severely rocked his confidence. The staff help an elderly ex-worker celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary, forcing Rebecca to reflect on her own marriage. Meanwhile, shady limousine drive Pete is becoming more demanding as he threatens to divulge whatever it is he knows about Charlie's mysterious ...
2 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.3
Charlie only agrees after Tony reminds him of how much cash they could make from delivery scams at the event, realising it's the one way he can raise the money to bribe Pete out of telling Rebecca about his past. Finding an agreeable suitor is easy enough, but can they convince Natasha's billionaire father Vladimir, and more importantly Rebecca, that the wedding is genuine? The whirlwind of wedding plans catch Rebecca on a personal level, but it's obsessive compulsive guest Mr Daniels who makes her realise that hiding in the hotel isn't going to solve her own ...
9 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.4
When Anna bumps into - literally - wealthy American lawyer Richard, she becomes convinced they're fated to be together. In a delusional whirl, she stops at nothing to get this man (and the lifestyle) that she's after. And if it means breaching the 'strictly no guest/staff relationships' rule, well, Anna's always felt rules were meant to be broken. With General Manager Rebecca on her back, only the quick thinking of fellow receptionist Ben keeps Anna's indiscretions under wraps. Charlie is happy to let beautiful female guest Alice massage his bruised ego after ...
16 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.5
Below stairs, we witness a world the guests never normally get to see - the immigrant labour that really makes the place work. A raid on the hotel by Immigration Officers forces Jackie into a dilemma when she's reminded by the officials about her own immigration status. What can she do to stop them deporting her? Gino has less serious problems - in order to keep the tips from a particularly generous guest flowing, he has to pretend to be gay. Can even Ben help him convince in the role? Meanwhile, Charlie is asked by a guest, Liz Sykes to help cover up an affair she's ...
23 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.6
Already spooked after Tony tells them a grisly tale of murder at a nearby hotel, Anna and Max are further unsettled by the disappearance of security guard Jagdeep. Anna is sent to deliver a bottle of whiskey to a sheik, who is staying at the hotel after buying antique pistols at a Sotheby's auction. On her way back, she becomes convinced that she's heard a guest murder his wife in one of the bedrooms. Charlie refuses to take her seriously, despite having seen the guest, Mr Johnson, arguing with his wife earlier. As the night wears on, Mr Johnson's behaviour - like ...
2 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.7
Riled and suddenly untrusting, she not only interviews all of the staff, but also calls in an auditor - much to the distress of Gino and Jackie, whose stocktake figures are complete fantasy. Meanwhile, Anna is leading a teenage virtuoso violinist into naughtiness. Derek the doorman manages to persuade Rebecca, via Charlie to interview his wayward son for a job at the hotel. The lad is rubbish, though. About to break the bad news to Derek, Charlie realises the awful truth from something the dooorman says - Derek must be the hotel thief. Rebecca must maintain her ...
9 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.8
The surprise arrival of the hotel chain's European Director Adrian unsettles the staff further. Only Rebecca knows he's there for more than purely business reasons - the two of them had a fling a few months before. Adrian proves to be only the start of their worries: a star witness, Mr Wiltshire, is being housed at the hotel during the course of an infamous gangland trial. Tony is nervous about the risk to staff and Charlie has the unenviable task of looking after the guest. Whilst Tony attempts to forment a mutiny amongst the staff, Rebecca finds herself being wooed ...

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